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    Cinematic Mode?

    Yo sup! I figured it out the 'cinematic mode'. alt + enter. ENJOY!
  2. Weather Effects in Combat e.g. Rain allows a chance for some guns to fail and not fire. e.g. Storms push ships more and result in greater keel and even capsize depending on amount of sail used (Full/Battle/Slow). e.g. Very hot days with bad wind e.g. 8-10kn result in greater chance for fire on ships. e.g. Very hot days or very cold days make crew reload slower. e.g. Very rare Lightning can break top masts e.g. Very rare monster waves can de-crew ships in battle This will make the use of other upgrades e.g. ballast and buckets more useful. Max wind speed is not constant.
  3. Random Alliances (every 2 months). Alliances are formed against the strongest nation. Should balance ports on the map and make play more dynamic. e.g. If Netherlands holds the most ports, all nations at war with Netherlands and players cannot attack allied nations for the 2 months. Alliances can look like this: GBxES | FRxSVxUS | RUxDN > vs. NE. Players can attack non-allied nations, and the nation who controls the most ports. e.g. GB vs FR e.g. SVxFR vs. ES At the end of every 2 months the powers in Europe make new alliances and players are forced to work with other
  4. Today I observed an incident regarding one of our privateer fleets. After some reports by various Swedish players I was able to document the event. In fact, It took a Swedish player to tag the enemy within the engagement circle before the fleet was pulled by the tag. The fleet did not pursue the enemy player's leopard once it had left battle with a player's snow. I was able to record this with screenshots because the fleet did not alter course to intercept. As you can see in the first screenshot the enemy player sailed straight in this direction (outlined in red) and even before
  5. Hi Devs, Please be advised I have found a texture glitch with the paint DLC. This appears to be new as it wasn't like this a day or two ago. To my knowledge so far - there is one DLC paint with this issue. There may be others. It can also be seen from the preview paint selection window. The L'Ocean Royal paint scheme is missing textures:
  6. Andrei

    Cinematic Mode?

    Hi Devs and fellow captains, Earlier today I had my hands leaning over my keyboard in the number pad area. I'm not entirely sure what I pressed but all attempts to replicate the visual effect did not work. Please see the attached screenshot of my game: (Please note, this isn't so much a bug as it is more of a novelty feature, but I'm having trouble getting it to work again). Notice the black lines above and below the screen? These were somehow toggled and it made the ship's details a little blurry as if the screen had FOV and added a lot more glow to my sails. (Note: I w
  7. I think the issue lies here. Maybe we could implement a switch? - Allowing the ships to be locked or not? Or perhaps the preparation required for disengaging is too high? Realistically, two vessels which are grappled together should stay together. Perhaps the switch on the boarding screen could say cut hooks? I agree with this. To address comments made by others. We did join their battle, and they joined ours beforehand. There was no objection on either side - and even if there was - there is nothing preventing other pve players from pursuing the tagged ship. This co
  8. Hi Devs. I'm going to keep this short. Facts: 1. Llolarry11 and I (andrew maldovard) (English) engaged an elite Santisima last night with Spanish players valheres & Maulwurf112. 2. Together we worked on the Santisima and then Llolarry11 boarded the vessel & was engaged in boarding procedures. 3. The Santisima's crew was down to 293, and then 120 when the incident took place. [Note: llollarry11's comment. Also note valheres ship to the right of mine, and the position of llollarry's vessel - with sails tied down.] 4. Player valheres positione
  9. I've lost two ships because of this bug. It's a major game-breaking bug. The two ships that were deleted by the AI were: Hercules from the Final Exam - deleted approx. 30/01/19. Purple Endymion purchased from another player - deleted yesterday. Both instances occurred when I tried to sell lesser ships. I captured traders and tried to sell them on the Navy screen. I clicked sell trader and the computer responded by listing the name and sale price of the trader and then asked to confirm. I clicked ok. When I looked at my fleet again the computer had sold my main ship,
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