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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Devs, Please be advised I have found a texture glitch with the paint DLC. This appears to be new as it wasn't like this a day or two ago. To my knowledge so far - there is one DLC paint with this issue. There may be others. It can also be seen from the preview paint selection window. The L'Ocean Royal paint scheme is missing textures:
  2. Since we're getting more and more paints into our hands and soon everyone will receive 5 paints from testbed multiplied by the number of alts too, I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to start a forum topic where players can offer paint exchanges or sell/buy offers. I will try to keep the main post up to date if it will be looking good and possible. Have you gotten Cerberus Carota? Santisima Pink Royale? These sound like not your dream paints... but fear no more, write here a post and try to find someone who loves them! Current Available Paints Offers on the market: St. Pavel: Pavel Pink Royale (can exchange for other paints, Connie, Bellona (not the gift paint), Santisima, Bucentaure, Renomee, Belle Poule preferred) - @Banished Privateer Bellona: Classic White (for any Niagara paint or any other Bellona paints) - @Baptiste Gallouédec Constitution: Swiss Guard (can exchange for other paints, Connie, Bellona (not the gift paint), Santisima, Bucentaure, Renomee, Belle Poule preferred) - @Banished Privateer
  3. Hi All, Reading through the forums, you can see a lot of questions or request for ship paints / skins. Thinking a little bit about it an idea popped into my head. Please let me know what you think. Ship paints/skins availability in region capitals if: Mechanics on how painting system will work. whole region is owned by one nation (or clan) - region specific paint you can paint your ship only if you are on this ship or ship is in the fleet (not as an item that you can carry to another port) you have to leave your ship in this port until server maintenance (optional) Clan owning port has to invest an X amount of gold to build shipyard in region capital to benefit from below Cost of applying paint Nation (or clan) owning region - 25% of the cost Any other nation or clan - 100% of the cost Income from paints is taxed and relevant amount of it goes to the clan owning regional port Pros More ships customization available (satisfying a lot of people requesting paints) More incentive to own ports: Additional Income for clan owning Paints available for everyone More traffic Making paints available only in specific port for set ship meaning lot of people trying to get to this port if they want to look cool Groups of people forming to decrease a risk of being intercepted More RVR as the whole region is required to unlock paints Modification is available for all despite in which nation you are, or what you do (PVP, PVE, Trading, Crafting) - although will incur additional cost and effort. Cons Not sure on those, but I am sure that discussion will highlight some Please do so or add in your suggestions to above solution. Regards Cr33D
  4. When will ship paints be back? It's the only means of visually customizing your ship, can we please have it back? Preferably for PvP marks and a serious amount of gold to slow down inflation?
  5. I would like to know when paintjobs will be back and how they will be acquired. Also i would like to know if the paints that are marked with "*new*" in this thread are actually finished / being worked on or are scratched/shelved? I'm really missing the only bit of customization the paints offered... I would suggest them being available for a ridiculous amount of gold ( maybe 50-500k depending on ship and rate ) as a gold sink to fight the inflation of the gold currency. There could be other means of earning it at the same time...
  6. Is it not possible to send paints to clan warehouse? I've collected quite a few by now, taking up almost a whole warehouse, so i made my own little clan just to have a clan warehouse to store them, but apparently you can't do that. Can anyone confirm?
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