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Found 40 results

  1. Have been replaying those missions that relies heavily on the use of torpedoes. Noticed one thing. If you hand over the control of your fleet to AI or group sevral ships up as a flotilla it usually works pretty decent for gunnery-focused warships in regards of maneuver and positioning, I'll give it that. That's much less the case for torpedo-focus warship types though, such as TB, DD or CL. They still try to behave as a gunship and rush to the face of the enemy regardless of their current torpedo tube reload status. Also they just sail in small circles near the enemy around themselves after dropping off their torpedo payload, which looks pretty stupid. Is it possible to have an adaptive AI system that, depending on the how important torpedoes are on the current ship type, uses different behavior and methods of approach against enemy fleet? For example, when facing enemy capital ship in a flotilla, if total torpedo weight is above x% of the displacement, after dropping all torpedoes in one broadside, the flagships automatically turns back to the last place of the flotilla(like how flagship behaves after taking substantial damage), and when (control given to AI) all of the ships in the flotilla had their (single broadside) torpedoes dropped, the entire flotilla tries to disengage, wait for torpedo reload, then reengage in the same manner. In my opinion this is a more reasonable manner of behavior for those screen ships which feature torpedo as their main armament.
  2. Please consider voting on how you think Aggressive Ai should work. I believe I have created every situation; if not please choose "Other" and comment. The first 9 questions deal with areas of Friendly Nation. The next 3 are all areas of OW. The next 9 deal with areas of Enemy Nations. The next ones are obvious.
  3. I've lost two ships because of this bug. It's a major game-breaking bug. The two ships that were deleted by the AI were: Hercules from the Final Exam - deleted approx. 30/01/19. Purple Endymion purchased from another player - deleted yesterday. Both instances occurred when I tried to sell lesser ships. I captured traders and tried to sell them on the Navy screen. I clicked sell trader and the computer responded by listing the name and sale price of the trader and then asked to confirm. I clicked ok. When I looked at my fleet again the computer had sold my main ship, and the trader was still in my fleet. Normally, this is not supposed to happen, because the AI will prompt you to remove all guns, upgrades and items from the hold. In both cases, the ships were filled with guns, upgrades and items in their hold. I even tried to replicate the bug by selling one ship instead of my main, however it didn't work. On the Hercules I lost the clock from the final battle, upgrades, repairs, rum and doubloons. The same issue happened on my Endymion. All guns and repairs were sold as well as upgrades, and doubloons captured from other vessels. ... I've attached photos of my trader's vessel directly after the main ship was sold. As you can see the guns were transferred to the warehouse and the ship is empty. After my main ship was deleted by the AI, another ship was replaced as my main ship - an LGV. This is the second time this has happened; and on both instances, I filed a bug report but I still have not heard back or received compensation. Profile: Andrew Maldovard - PVE server - Revision: 45664.CleanOWProd.x64
  4. I know that cannon loadout, mods, and build quality (color) are not reflected in your AI fleet ships' combat capabilities but what about wood choice and regional trim?
  5. AI fleet members are necessary for trading, but have limited utility in combat. I have two ideas regarding more versatile commands. 1. A command for AI fleet members to loot Since a major source of permanent upgrades (and the only source for some) is looting ships, it would be a fantastic addition to command AI fleet members to loot wrecks. Implementation could be simple, as in you tell an AI to loot a specific wreck, and he's programmed to approach and then some mechanic exists for looting. 2. A general "move to here" set of commands. There's lots of situations where you'd like an AI to perform an action, but have a preference of the route he takes to do so. As in you can tell him to flee, but he just automatically goes to his fastest point of sail, even if that's straight into a group of AI. We should be able to set waypoints that end on the desired action. Combining with my first suggestion, tell him to move to point x before moving to loot a wreck at point y.
  6. Are there any plans to make ai on pve server more active or, at least less passive? I don't know another game with ai,enemy completely ignoring player.
  7. I am a new player on the PvE server and am attempting to buy a resource in a port that produces it. It is identified on the shop screen under "Allows production" but none currently appears. My understanding is that the production port will fill a contract immediately for 4 times the production value of 1 quantity of the resource. My question. Where do I find the production value? I've looked at at the trader tool on the map and it is not clear to me how this applies.
  8. So I went out for a quick mission in my Santisma today unknowing it would be my last. I was doing my normal 1st rate mission Santi vs Santi. Everything was going as planned and he boarded me. After three rounds winning against him, something went horribly wrong. My timer said there were 10 seconds left, then it immediately went to 2 seconds left. Thus, I could not properly coordinate my attack rounds and lost 150 of my crew. Then the next round came and it was even worse. If I remember correctly, it went from 10 seconds to 3 then back to 5. I was doing all I could to select the appropriate defense moves, but I could not work against the clock this time. While I could just very well be bad at boarding action, I know not to counter-attack into an attack, but nothing like this has happened to me before. I have no idea whether this will happen again or how to correct it, as the issue makes sailing too dangerous to try. Needless to say, this is a large loss to my fleet and I and others experiencing the issue find it hard to sail out of port again in fear of this issue happening again. Thank you for any ideas and help!
  9. seanjo

    AI Reporter

    Just a thought, if AI ships/fleets could report sightings of players to their respective Nations, in an "AI Reporter" a similar chat box to Combat News. So say a Spanish AI is sailing along and a French player is within its sight, the AI reports something like, "French ship 20 k's SE of Turneffe" to the Spanish Nation. This would open up a whole new way to play and add to content in my opinion. Thoughts?
  10. The AI is fully predictable in its behavior, hence having any on either friendly or enemy team forms a hazard and imbalance. You can for example kite them into sailing around the capture circle. Or push them outside of the battle circle. I think it is best to remove AI completely from any PvP scenarios. AI is best left for PvE scenarios.
  11. Why we get back ship capture from NPCs? It was one of the best changes of 10.0 beside removal of TP, tow and introduction of 1 dura. 10.0 was under the banner of promoting OW gameplay. What was and is in my opinion a great succes. Now we are going back to the singleplayer i dont have to care state?
  12. So i ve been leveling my avatar with combat missions (as it is common) and i managed to get to 5th rates. I know basic and some advanced tactics in battle but when it comes to balance of the missions, AI gets a stupid amount of "help" in order to fight back the human. I had cases of me haveing a snow (6th rate) and a triple (3) armada of snows apear in battle as within the level of my mission guessed i could take em head on... well that was not the case. other time had my Cerberus (5th rate) and a frigate fully armed with carronades and stuff got my hull breached like a swiss cheese. Even with a pal i found to help me we totaly got owned (he had a cerberus too). i find this extremely hard for a new or even a somewhat experienced player to deal with such early firepower and hull to get through.. Dont get me wrong the first levels are easy but when i went to second and first lieutenent i had really bad spawns (i dont know if they are fixed or random spanws but thats what i had to fight) anyway hope you guys get what i mean, good luck and keep up the good work!
  13. The AI seems to have learned a new trick where it reverse onto the land then falls over so you can no longer shot its sides makes it really hard to kill
  14. Its not the first time I encountered that problem. When chasing a ship AI seems to get into a tunnel vision and starts to do stupid stuff. They start to sail zickzackways and cross other ships bow and they start turning to get a shot on target without looking for other ships. Even the other ships didnt changed course for a while. It seems to me AI is missing the ability to predict where a ship will be when its not an enemy. The following video is an example for such an AI behavior.
  15. Ok, so now it appears AI is shooting double ball and double charge. Not only that, they are shooting them through CARRONADES! I want that hack! I F11'd it but thought I'd post it here too. This was regular AI, from an OW fleet, not a player's AI. So...bug, or feature (read that as "AI's hacks")?
  16. Greetings, Closer to case - we have fast and heartless AI wich need 0 seconds to aim and 0 seconds to count the angle/speed/distance/waves/penetration. Moreover ai is incredibly overpowered on 200+ m distance. Even though AI is bad at a close range - it is good at shooting on a big one. Thread is not about sailing or tactics, cuz tactics against AI is always the same atm. Get as close as you can, dodge and shoot. We should make ai less accurate. Cuz 23 hits out of 23 on 200 m. are too many. Very good aim. Add some time to aim(bot aim is 0 secs atm) at least 2 secs or more. Good day there, <3 may the Northern seas bless you. Harsh Winter
  17. Is there any relation between what AI traders are carrying and the ports they are near? If not, @admin, there should be. AI traders seem to mainly be making short hauls. It would make sense if they were carrying goods consumed or produced at the nearby ports. I apologize if this is already in game and I just haven't noticed it.
  18. With all due respect to Darth for the amazing game, I must say that the AI's weapon scaling is implemented badly and ruins immersion. With a high enough recon stat, you can see that : All of the AI's infantry will share the same the same gun, all of the AI's artillery will share the same gun, all of the AI's skirmishers will share the same gun , and all of the AI's cavalry share the same gun. This is very unhistorical and unrealistic : units were issued different weapons throughout the war, on both sides--especially the Confederate side. Confederate units in the Army of Northern Virginia used everything from smoothbore muskets to stolen Springfields to imported Enfields. So, when playing as Union, facing an army of Confederate brigades equipped with M1855s and ONLY M1855s is extremely instantly breaks immersion. Likewise, when playing as Confederates, it is unsettling to face a Union army with 108,000 M1861s and not a single other type of rifle. Historically, Union brigades were outfitted with everything from Sharps rifles, to M1861s, to Enfields and Spencers) This is also very evident with artillery batteries : an AI army will only have ONE TYPE of cannon. So, when I played as Confederates at Chancellorsville, I had to face 311 10pd ordnance rifles from the Union. That's ridiculous from a historical standpoint : a Union army would have multiple rifles issued to its brigades and multiple types of cannons issued to its artillery. Proposed solution : I am not a game designer, so I do not know how difficult it would be to implement weapon variation, but here's my idea : Ideally, the weapons scaling system averages the "quality" of your army's rifles and then formulaically (taking into account unit "eliteness", historical availability and prevalence) generates/assigns guns to your opponents' army's brigades, keeping a lower/similar/higher average weapon "quality" depending on difficulty.
  19. I'd like to see attrition of the AI "player" somehow built into the game. I think it's a bit inaccurate for the AI "player" to come back healthy and well armed after suffering defeat after defeat. You (the human player) can only rebuild depleted units so much. Why not make this the case for the AI?
  20. Hi there, Would it be possible to create a mechanic by which AI ships (particularly traders) choose to surrender to a vastly overmatching foe rather than fight? Parameters could be how many times greater the enemy is in size/weight of broadside/crew, proximity, and speed. Merchant sailors weren't keen on getting slaughtered to no end in hopeless fights in the 18th century; creating an AI surrender mechanism would be vastly more realistic than having to force a small merchantman up into the wind to be boarded and its crew cut to pieces in a single round. Thanks--
  21. If you issue the Demast command to your AI fleet, is he chaining the sails or going in close trying to kill the mast with ball shot?
  22. well the thing is i see no use for is AI-driven Battleships in OW (there are already epic events) the cargo fleet can stay reason : *they are always to big to attack (and even do not attack you as an enemy) *they are in the way at PB (tagged in, and counted as well) *they are to big for a single ship to attack (ai 3000 br vs player 120br ) *they are everywhere they can be, for example: in the vicinity of a ow fort or tower what makes no sense (the fort is not attacking in ow) and the ai fleet is even not attacking other enemys it just makes no sense *because i HATE AI driven things ( @i love them in missions btw) *they have no use as a escorte ,they are to slow moving and also stear the other way ,so no use for that to. * if you see an enemy fleet it always looks like this : 6 victorys 6 pavel 6 bellona 6 santismo 6 nukes or whatever,, you get my point.!! REMOVE THEM PLEASE......... ps:...The cargo AI vessel can stay ... greetings.
  23. A couple days ago I set fire to an AI ship in two separate battles. In the first battle the AI ship blew up. This is the first time I've been able to blow up an AI ship with fire in probably 6 months. Usually they almost always put out the fire, even if I set it on fire multiple times. In the second battle the ship was on fire and sinking. As it was going down the fire spread up the masts to be burning at the top of the ship. I have never seen that before in 11 months playing. These two things lead me to believe the devs have changed the fire mechanics significantly in the last week or two in a patch. Does anyone else know if this is true, or have any similar recent experiences? Or did I miss a patch description or writeup about this?
  24. I have followed Nick's work since Total War and have put a decent amount of time into UG:G. As soon as I saw UG:CW, I had to pick it up. Even in Early Access, it's a fantastic game, with tons of replay-ability. However, I have seen some issues that I thought warranted a post. 1) The auto-shifting and alignment of brigades. Sometimes the brigades just move, or charge or don't shoot. No explanation, no warning. I'll set my lines and shift to another part of the battlefield, only to come back with a unit routing because it charged into the open or decided to move laterally down the line. This was a problem and UG:G that I think needs to be fixed here. The same goes for how the brigades rotate. 2) RETREATING This one is so incredibly frustrating. My units retreat behind their lines or vice-versa. This becomes "game-breaking" in the larger battles when you're literally stretched paper thin on every front. You rout a brigade and it retreats to YOUR rear. Another problem from UG:G that needs to be readdressed. 3) "Mob Firing" I think the reason that point 1 happens is because of units not wanting to fire through their own or enemy units. Therefore, someone needs to move. However, sometimes I have units fire from behind other units and other times I do not. Sometimes they just charge instead of firing. The computer seems to have none of these problems though. At Antietam, thousands of Yanks occupied the same field and fired continuously, without shifting or charging or rotating awkwardly. 4) MELEE! Melee is fine for the most part. The frustrating part lies in what happens after they've won. Sometimes they fallback well, sometimes they get tangled and stay in melee perpetually, and sometimes they just follow the retreating units back until they are obliterated by it's friends. I want to end on a high note, so... Game-Labs, you have brought me a piece of my childhood back, and for that I will support your work always. The Sid Meiers and Sierra Games were favorites of mine, and you have made them so much more enjoyable 20 years later. Cheers!
  25. Hey all I think there's too many AI battle fleets.. The size of them are utterly unrealistic and the volume more or less prevents PvP - something that's being aggravated by the forts addition (which are cool btw - so just loose the AI fleets)..
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