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  1. Make them all single use (beginning at release) and priced at like $3. Agreed with OP, if we do get alot of new players there will be many who will want to move for a whole host of reasons we've all seen for the last few years, but dont wanna pay for the dlc right after paying for the game itself. One freebie would go a long way in terms of player retention.
  2. Christendom twisting people's words and flat out making stuff up? Nothing new there. Wipe everything. If the game gets an influx of new players no one should care about not having their books...unless they suck without them, in which case the salt will be hilarious. If we don't get the influx it probably wont matter anyway.
  3. He literally made a video on YouTube telling people to report the game to steam as a scam. I hope for his sake he changed his name in-game. I mean honestly, how can you be that much of an entitled shithead to actually demand your money back after multiple years and thousands of hours, and not only that but actually attempt to torpedo the game. These videos are nothing less than infantile vindictiveness. People who negatively affect sales through mass media utilizing falsified or twisted facts should be permanently banned from the game itself not just the forum.
  4. Is there a unified discord for NA? Only really ever used discord for hoi4 and eu4 Sorry for off-topic btw
  5. Noooooo, pls we have ignore and like 3 other tabs, if you don't like what's being said in global just bring up help chat or nation or something. Besides the trolls usually end up getting trolled out themselves anyway.
  6. I'd love to see a list of people who are constantly on the forum spouting their "awesome, game-saving ideas", who still put in heavy hours, and bitch about not having more players....who left a negative review or changed theirs to negative out of spite and butthurt over not being listened to. The reviews are probably the single most important thing for prospective buyers with the price of the game being what it is, and the lack of players has a lot to do with the frustration over mechanics designed for a more populated game. It's like 90% of the veteran playerbase just flipped a switch and became armchair game developers right around 2 years ago.
  7. i get the realism angle but the fires being unstoppable in common situations as well as prone to explosion during said fires is a pain in the ass for brawling ships of the line
  8. All I know is if you see ram dinark sailing a Niagara in the PZ, pop smoke and haul ass in the other direction.
  9. A for the eco guys, but B until release to allow easier access for more pew pew which in turn leads to more people fighting which leads to more feedback which (hopefully) leads to a better game. Post release A for sure. I'm pretty sure everyone knows how to craft, stockpile, and set absurd prices for them by now, and with reals about to be wiped, no one wants to waste them by selling for reals. No doubt we will lose some testers until release because of the wipes. Make it so those who do stay can spend their time fighting or checking out the new additions and not gathering res, crafting, and shipping reps all over the map like we've been doing for ages now.
  10. I'm kind of curious as well, though this is PG compared to the garbage that's been coming out of vanguard's empty head in global chat as well as his original post here
  11. No one cares vanguard. Go beat off into your anime pillow and cry yourself back to sleep.
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