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  1. Just a suggestion, not the end of the world if it doesn't happen. Plus your argument applies to rates from all PZs, why not have one for 5th rates especially when we have 2 shallow with the same ships, and 2 4th rate capped zones? There will always be a meta for each.
  2. Just throwing a suggestion out there to either add or change an existing patrol zone to cap ship rate at deep water 5th rate so there would be a zone where the classics like belle-poule, essex, trinc, etc. could be relevant. In my experience battles with these ships are exceedingly fun. When you throw them into a zone with the modded out 4th rates they become useless BR sponges (most of the time). This would also help out newer players as it would add another patrol zone that is easily accessible for them to participate in after completing the tutorial.
  3. I give it 50/50 odds this whole thread is just rediii shitposting Edit: 60/40
  4. Im sure your next issue of Willemstad Der Sturmer will straighten all of this out truthfully and accurately.
  5. I vote we raise all BR limits on all ports to 25k simply because greg made this thread.
  6. Well in that case id say 300k is a little extreme. If i had to guess id say its a bug but hey, you never know these days.
  7. Was about to suggest this. Would be the easiest way to do it.
  8. Would be interesting to see a crew experience system similar to ultimate general civil war where the unit gains experience through combat but replacing losses can lower overall experience level and remove bonuses that come with higher levels of veterancy. If you surrender you should lose the ship, period. Individual ship's crew with veterancy bonuses would change the situational dynamics of choosing whether or not to surrender.
  9. There is one patrol zone location per day, and they are on a set daily rotation. You can see where it is on any given day by looking at your map for a large circle with a smaller circle inside. The frigate patrol zones are southwest of la mona and north of nippes. In these two you can only bring ships rated 7th to 4th. The Shroud Cay and Deadmans cay patrol zones are restricted 7th rates up to certain 5th rates and are in shallow waters (light blue water on map), the only usable frigates in the two shallow water pzs (5th rates) are surprises, rennomees, hercules and (not sure if 5th rate or 6th) pandora. If you tag someone in these zones with a ship that is not rated for that patrol zone, the battle will be a regular ow battle and dmg will not count toward pz reward. You can bring frigates to the tumbado, aves, and la tortue patrol zones but you will most likely encounter much larger ships of the line as there are no rate restrictions in those. The wording of your question is a little confusing so idk if this helps.
  10. How far will they chase you if they "lock on"?
  11. Im not gonna lie i laughed my ass off at this one too, it really is a hilarious format.
  12. Yesssss, looks amazing, can't wait to sail it!
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