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  1. Telling brand new players to demast/board the ai probably isnt the best idea either. It may seem trivial to the people who have been playing for years but for a brand new player it probably causes more problems.
  2. Im at work atm for 2 more hours but i could have sworn i saw a .4 for the "aiming" book when i looted it. Ill double check when i get back.
  3. I dont really dig into any of this but in the game's descriptions 5% would be .05 and 50% would be .5, or am i mistaken? The percentage being based off of a set original value, so seeing a 1 (1.0) would be a 100% bonus which would double whatever the original value was, kind of like the old shooting book and old versions of marines. Just looking for clarification on this not trying to argue dev motivations.
  4. I could be wrong, i didnt give it more than a passing glance, but i think they buffed aiming. Before, if i remember correctly it was a 10% buff and now its .4 so 40%? Once again im not positive but if it is 40% thats huge. If its actually .04 then i agree idk why you'd nerf that. Edit: im referring to the aiming book knowledge disregard if not relevant to the discussion.
  5. Doesnt take much skill or organization to sit and solo farm "elite" ai all day, or to buy a ratty.
  6. Its only really reprehensible if its @Licinio Chiavari in a requin doing the clubbing, everyone else gets a free pass
  7. Oh, my bad, im just an "apologist" eating my shit sandwich, dont mind me 😆
  8. Do you really think they are unaware of 90% of what you guys say they are? Honestly i agree with some of your critiques but the volume at which they are posted and verbal delivery of them on the forum clouds alot of the messages you try to get across.
  9. Not everyone likens playing this game to eating a shit sandwich. The game isn't perfect, there's stuff id like to see added or removed, but at the end of the day constant bitching, accusations, and finger pointing wont get anything done. Spamming your opinions and "critiques" non stop on the forums and then accusing other people of trying to suppress your own opinion when they tell you to stfu doesn't mean your opinions are worth more or less than anyone else's, it just means you are annoying as hell. We get it, you're disgruntled and you think things should have been handled differently, just don't pretend like you're under attack all the time when you essentially shit on a product that many people still enjoy.
  10. Make me a moderator so i can crush my enemies with unwarranted bans, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of their fanboys.
  11. Lmao i forgot, you probably wouldn't know what a meaningful PB is. I miss a ton of PBs because i cant always be online, and sure ive had shitty battles but im not nearly as inexperienced as you are when fighting competition that actually shoots back lol. You say your not here to measure "epeens" yet you're telling people they have no right to an opinion because of your (self assumed) superiority in experience. You're a world class ego maniac dude. Do yourself and everyone else on this forum (except your clan mates that have to bump the like button when you say dumb shit) a favor and recognize you aren't gods gift to Naval Action. Im ok with getting called a nobody in this game. You're just another nobody that plays when everyone sleeps and acts like a lord vicious without the skill on the forums.
  12. You said that guy isn't qualified to comment on changes to the game because you haven't seen him in a PB or on the leaderboard, was just wondering what qualifies you to tell someone something like that? I dont think ive ever seen you on the leaderboard, or in a meaningful PB in years. Your ego is writing checks your deeds in-game cant afford.
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