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  1. Apparently you didn't read any further down and totally missed where i admitted to trolling and making that up. In case you hadn't read the title of this thread or the contents of it thus far, there isn't much seriousness here. This is becoming too easy.
  2. In case you haven't noticed, i bust balls and talk shit here. Of course when swedes use it you're cowards and when we use it, its a tactical option. That being said, thank you for admitting to using timers to dodge. Cowards.
  3. Asking admin to fix a petty issue like this will result in a solution no one likes.
  4. Well maybe if you bitch loud enough and long enough, whoever thought it was a good idea to put em there will change them. Maybe its mimicking your decision to use night timers to mitigate multi flips, who knows.
  5. Yeah ik lol, im done. That doesn't mean anything i said before wasn't true though. Tbh i dont hello kittying care at this point, ive been deemed a worker in an essential industrial supply chain so i get paid double time essentially until i get the covid. Shits gettin real in NY.
  6. MRGA is a known swedish alt clan controlled by havoc. Plus no one in russia defends troll night timers.
  7. My point was WO broke up and all the poison pills scattered, and it wasn't just WO that did that shit. Come to think of it, werent you in WO shrouded??? Now most are in sweden doing the same old shit. No matter what you say none can deny you had your own server (twice actually lmfao) and killed it both times through sheer toxicity and pussies crowding to one nation that ended up with no one to fight. After both of these failures you went to the EU server and trolled with timers citing your "sizeable" population of pacific islanders and west coast dudes who only like to play at 10pm west coast time on weeknights. You then demanded all the EU players not only accomodate bs timers but you actually coined the term lunch flips because you thought eu players playing at eu primetime on the eu server was unfair. People dont forget Its been clear for months now that US players in sweden are capable if not enthusiastic about playing earlier in the eu primetime so any argument defending the validity of 1-6 timers is as big of a joke as this thread.
  8. Well its no secret US clans like WO have trolled with timers, used them to purposely avoid fights, and have gone as far as stating explicitly both on the forum and in global that their intention was to break the game and get as many people to quit as possible. These are the same guys that went to sweden and voila we saw the timer games pop up again. People dont forget scumbaggery of that magnitude The chinese are welcome to whatever timers they like because they dont have a history of ruining the game for others like bitter petulant children.
  9. It SHOULD read: Portuguese workers arrive from Lisbon yadda yadda new Portuguese nation yey.
  10. Weekday multi-flips are kinda lame tbf. That being said, you guys shouldn't have multi-flipped with the Spanish.
  11. "wE dOnT HaVe eNoUgH pLaYeRs" -liq in jest, global chat, circa 2 weeks ago
  12. Im just instigating bud, have a beer, relax and enjoy the moment.
  13. Woo i got some traction with that one
  14. too bad the swedes all chose to hide behind timers, exploit, and abuse alts this could have been a fun war 😎
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