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  1. All i ever see certain players do is just pull up, tank broadsides and dismast using pen mods. Once the second mast falls thats gg. Honestly i dont blame people for saying hello kitty that and trying to find an actual fun engagement. "you should try your best at the start" basically just means get close enough to me so i can demast you and then its too late, free kill/ship for you. The other fun one is to wait for the other player to pop hull rep then do what i just described, and its 100% possible because you can just mindlessly eat dmg while pressing spacebar and the person thats better at pressing spacebar brings home the bacon. Duelist gameplay is lame as hello kitty. In larger battles you dont need to mind names because people usually dont have time to pull gamey shit like that.
  2. This happens every time changes are announced. Im surprised its only 9 pages so far.
  3. I only log on for pz, everything else is roleplay nowadays
  4. The game favors dedicated organizers. Most of them have burnt out and left over the years. Apparently all thats left opposing russia are the impotent whine asses who are either ok with squabbling amonst each other, whining on the forum, collaborating, or all 3.
  5. Do yourself a favor and take a break from video games you hello kittyin wierdo
  6. Remember when sweden allied the whole server against russia way before release, took over half the map, caused most russian players to take a break or quit, then quit themselves knowing they had hugboxed everyone but russia and ushered in a year long rvr dark age? Paybacks a bitch huh
  7. Peace deals are one of the most toxic elements of naval action ironically.
  8. Free port campers that tag, run, then report deserve no less. Ill take whatever punitive action is deemed necessary, it was worth it.
  9. With what ive seen 3 nations would mean 2 of them hugbox, destroy the third, go inactive, then bitch on the forums.
  10. Good point. The player community really let me down on that one, i didnt think it would get to that point. Besides, Sekiro only got one fire so those probably weren't ai capped.
  11. This is why i tell people not to sail ai capped. This is why i made fun of the hysterical idiots who said being able to cap AI 1st rates would break the game.
  12. The biggest question i have is whether they were ai capped, impressive feat either way well done.
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