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  1. Potemkin

    Muskets, the new golden marines?

    Honestly cant imagine why they decided to add these mods as they currently are. Last i checked, mid/late 18th century model muskets weren't too accurate fired from a listing ship in a cloud of gunsmoke. Give it a few days for more people to get abused, lose ships, and get to the forums. Imho the devs should make some changes asap.
  2. Potemkin

    USS Bonhomme Richard wreck found

    Great post! Ty for sharing!
  3. Potemkin

    Never give up French!

    The forums are entertainment for me. This specific instance is me calling you out for acting like your shit doesnt stink as you try to preach to everyone else. Nothing new there. You're one of the biggest try-hards out there, the key difference being you tend to fail epicly no matter where you end up yet you still act like you're the shit. You wont find a single post on this forum by me, of me trying to wave my own banner, and ill be the first to admit theres not much for me to brag about. Its just too easy and entertaining to bash the swollen egos. Dont ever change bud i need you, 12hr shifts get boring when theres sub par football on
  4. Potemkin

    Never give up French!

    Lul says the guy with alts in every nation and probably 5k + hours deep and more initiated tribunals than anyone else. If only we could all be as pragmatic and enlightened as chris.
  5. Potemkin

    Never give up French!

    Toxic nationalism, despite what you make of it in real life made this game fun/amusing as hell. With clans (with current playerbase) its devolved into a circlejerk between the most populous nations and particularly the shot callers of those nations. That being said, more players in time will probably right the ship.
  6. Potemkin

    Patrol Zone RoE

    The small battle challenge was 100 times more fun than pvp zones. On top of that it was player created. Bring it back!!!
  7. Potemkin

    If you've just been killed, what's your status?

    Remove it. Its useless. If you dont wanna get chain ganked tp to outpost and go somewhere else. If someone wants to farm an alt, no cooldown just makes it easier to spot in combat news.
  8. Potemkin

    Dear Spain

    Damn, well i tried
  9. Potemkin

    Dear Spain

    Sorry just trying to keep shit spicy, hope the butthurt isnt too bad
  10. Potemkin

    Dear Spain

    To think you got your head so far up your own ass and still had room for the rest of vco up there is truly remarkable. Bravo my dude, bravo
  11. Potemkin

    My port, my monopoly.

    The game needs players period. Alot of current issues would manageable if the game retained people and attracted more fresh bodies.
  12. Potemkin

    My port, my monopoly.

    Imho alts should never have been a viable option during the testing phase of this game. Its impossible to really test any of the mechanics that intersect econ and rvr accurately. The results are mechanics that might work in theory, but in practice are mostly rendered redundant by alt accounts with regard to high demand resources being controlled by another nation. Not to mention all of the possible options that cant ever work now due to possible exploits. Food for thought with NA2 :).The cats out of the bag now though, and i understand the need for funding. I also agree for the most part with OP, though how you could implement it without alienating solo players idk. Trollish alt contracts are cancer.
  13. Potemkin

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    If it was late and you planned on going to bed why would you sail a L'Ocean into dutch waters and taunt them?
  14. Potemkin

    War of the lovers revisited

    I mean this what y'all are dealing with here. This is what these dirtballs are after. Enjoi:)