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  1. Well by all means continue shitting on the nation that draws the most brand new US timezone players and offers the least resistance. Maybe 1 in 4 will switch nations (IF they wanna pay for the DLC on top of game purchase) and not just quit. Never mind the game hasn't been released yet and all assets will be wiped in the near future you guys need those easy kills more than the game needs players. By all means continue bitching about low/falling US timezone pop and all these "broken mechanics" that would be helped by higher pop. Lmfao you guys are bad jokes
  2. This is gold. I guess if safe zone pvp IS pvp I have no idea.
  3. Chris talking facts is like trump speaking eloquently, it just doesn't happen if he can't warp the facts to fit his own ends. Seriously how do you still have people logging on in your clan? I love how safe zones have been an issue for a long time but the first time the US uses the mechanic against them the menstrual blood flows like a river on the forum ending with @Christendom posting shitty screens and saying everyone ripping on his bullshit doesn't pvp
  4. If you read my post you'd have understood that I specifically choose not to play when there's no one online dumbass. If I can't log on 12pm-7pm est then I'm trading or I don't play because camping safe zones is pathetic and not worth the time input. I'm surprised you have any players left tbh. Have fun in a dead timezone, we can't all be gods of pvp like you lol.
  5. I'll post a few recents when I get home from work for ya. Most of the time I don't screenshot because my first thought after a battle isn't to run to the forums like a douchebag. I'll admit a lot of my time is spent trying to trade for money to craft. It's a pain in the ass when you don't have crafting and res alts in every nation, though I wouldn't expect you would understand that with your fleet of alts. When I do actually play I like to play when there's actually people online so I don't have to skulk around safe zones looking for noobs like a scumbag. You talk big but I've never seen you in the ow not in a DLC ship or in a group that doesn't run from long odds. I mean if you really think I can't find pvp with reds and reverse, well, you must be used to playing at night with no one on. Maybe you guys should try fighting the French again? You must have gotten better from all the US lieutenants you've sunk...
  6. How would they post awesome screenshots on the forum otherwise?
  7. Lol risking those dlc ships against lieutenants is heavy work
  8. Lol, hunting noobs in a safe zone with a trollquin is meaningful pvp?
  9. don't see any reason to not have more room in chest but there's certainly no real drawbacks. Everyone has access to free ports or safe zone ports both of which cannot be capped. Honestly wouldn't mind seeing the tp fee go away but the chest itself is quite handy if you craft in Bermuda
  10. This would help quite a bit. One player with alts can and do dry up entire regions. There's no way a new player without starting capital can have access to trade goods unless they spend hours capping traders or grinding while a select few players (and their alts) make millions in one trade run. I'd rather see the game be easier for newer players (and have an environment where they can actually learn trade routes and at least be aware there are easier ways to make money. As it is most never bother because all trade goods are filling massive contracts not port stocks) than see people hoarding millions of reals on their 5th alt and then coming to the forums bitching about the economy being broken.
  11. Six frigates was an excellent read. Agreed with OP on econ diversity. Idk how much can really be done as far as crafting econ goes considering how much its swung back and forth over the last few years between more and less in-depth but something should be done about trade goods being funneled to a few player through contracts. A wealthy player (with alts) can utterly dry up whole regions of any worthwhile trade goods. I hope upcoming trade changes on the agenda address this, perhaps eliminating buy contracts for trade goods entirely.
  12. I can post the screens from the last couple days of me "jumping into port" if you like. I just find it funny that your friend offered up the classic "duel defense". I also find it funny you chose to have a spontaneous duel with a clan mate while in front a busy Russian port where you constantly raid, while at the same time being chased by a gank squad. We've all been ganked, we've mostly all ganked others, no one likes it, least of all me. It's not an excuse to pull cheesy shit like that though, not after the success you've had down there, and especially not over a replaceable dlc ship.
  13. Tell us then, where exactly did they choose to have this duel?
  14. Indeed, see you around 'caibo no doubt
  15. I think he was saying that they were chasing you but you and a clan mate tagged each other far away to avoid battle....tbh I don't care I'm just havin a chuckle over it. I don't see how you can be surprised that there are plenty of Russians who want to sink you. You hunt in the same area every day with that alt
  16. Didn't think you'd stoop this low, I'm disappointed in you. The alt must be sacrificed (reset) to the admin gods.
  17. The peninsular war could make a game by itself, much less other napoleonic era campaigns. Really enjoyed both Gettysburg and civil war, hope to see a new title in the future.
  18. Haha they complain about having no one to fight in their timezone yet are still too afraid to hello kitty with WO.
  19. Or make it so you can't delete dubs in hold in the OS to grief other players.
  20. Honestly cant imagine why they decided to add these mods as they currently are. Last i checked, mid/late 18th century model muskets weren't too accurate fired from a listing ship in a cloud of gunsmoke. Give it a few days for more people to get abused, lose ships, and get to the forums. Imho the devs should make some changes asap.
  21. The forums are entertainment for me. This specific instance is me calling you out for acting like your shit doesnt stink as you try to preach to everyone else. Nothing new there. You're one of the biggest try-hards out there, the key difference being you tend to fail epicly no matter where you end up yet you still act like you're the shit. You wont find a single post on this forum by me, of me trying to wave my own banner, and ill be the first to admit theres not much for me to brag about. Its just too easy and entertaining to bash the swollen egos. Dont ever change bud i need you, 12hr shifts get boring when theres sub par football on
  22. Lul says the guy with alts in every nation and probably 5k + hours deep and more initiated tribunals than anyone else. If only we could all be as pragmatic and enlightened as chris.
  23. Toxic nationalism, despite what you make of it in real life made this game fun/amusing as hell. With clans (with current playerbase) its devolved into a circlejerk between the most populous nations and particularly the shot callers of those nations. That being said, more players in time will probably right the ship.
  24. The small battle challenge was 100 times more fun than pvp zones. On top of that it was player created. Bring it back!!!
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