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  1. Join the PVE server the waters fine....jk it's meh actually.
  2. I'm sorry, but no some of us need US timers because we are (And I'm sure this will shock you) Americans. We can't fight EU timers because we are at work. What you call night time timers are US prime time game time. You danes are crying cause you lost to the swedes, bruh you didn't stand a chance anyway just accept it.
  3. Yeah, you need better sources on the Prussia/Brit stuff.
  4. Don't listen to them Admin let your whales be free I need more reasons to give you my paycheck.
  5. Just making peace in one area so they can fight a war in another.
  6. Big ole OOF! That's not a good look, though funny af.
  7. I love reading these so much keep up the great work!
  8. Man this game is full of drama these days. Every time I come back Britain some how is in a bad spot.
  9. I'm in the minority, but I think it won't be bad and maybe interesting. Who knows AI ships are rather dull atm.
  10. This thread is getting spicy. In the end I don't see much of a issue with the patch. Us noobs need rate ships we can learn in.
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