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  1. I'm in the minority, but I think it won't be bad and maybe interesting. Who knows AI ships are rather dull atm.
  2. This thread is getting spicy. In the end I don't see much of a issue with the patch. Us noobs need rate ships we can learn in.
  3. I mean we can all just join the Russian Nation and then PVE our hearts out!
  4. Yeah, ban em all so they can buy more copies of the game. Tarkov Devs do it all the time. xP But for real lets all just chill out its a bug and like everyone keeps pointing out the map will wipe soonish. I mean I been waiting for this wipe for gods know how long....
  5. Gods when is this game gonna go full release and wipe already? I can only sip my tea and wait for soooo long.
  6. Yeah, that's a big "NO" from me. I'm sorry to say this, but I paid for a ship that I don't have to build. If they changed it they really would be breaking steam rules.
  7. Good read I'm enjoying it very much. Keep it up man.
  8. I get the feeling the vast majority of you have not played a game transitioning from beta to full release. Generally speaking they do a full wipe upon release, that being said in the age of "Founder's Pack" and "Early Starts" I guess I can see why yall are cry babies. I think a full wipe would be fair for new and returning players and be a bit more fun for us all.
  9. I don't think it really matters much with AI fleets what weapons you go with. I will say personally I would go with Carros just because of the damage output up close.
  10. Mission system is not good if you're a new player or a returning one. Hard to find missions and if you happen to be in a nation without a shallow port you are SOL.
  11. I have seen quite a few good suggestions to the game. More engaging PVE and from what I can tell the new mission system is a good start. I personally think that for the current population I think the ECON needs to be reduced or fixed. Lower crafting costs for now due to low population and raise them once you have a larger playerbase or alternatively you could let us cap 4-1st rate ships. If you're afraid of us spamming capped ships just lower capped 4-1st rates stats compared to crafted ones. Funny enough a lot of our issues mirror that of POTBS.
  12. Problem with legends it takes away from the main focus of the game player base and probably the Dev's which is the base game.
  13. The founder and creator of Tapatio was born in Mexico City actually a pretty cool story of a guy who started out in his home making hot sauce to creating a company living the "American Dream". Though I prefer Valentina for my food that and Sriracha. Now the hottest sauce I have ever tried and will not try again is Carolina Reaper's I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemies.
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