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  1. Join the PVE server the waters fine....jk it's meh actually.
  2. I'm sorry, but no some of us need US timers because we are (And I'm sure this will shock you) Americans. We can't fight EU timers because we are at work. What you call night time timers are US prime time game time. You danes are crying cause you lost to the swedes, bruh you didn't stand a chance anyway just accept it.
  3. Yeah, you need better sources on the Prussia/Brit stuff.
  4. Just making peace in one area so they can fight a war in another.
  5. Big ole OOF! That's not a good look, though funny af.
  6. I love reading these so much keep up the great work!
  7. Man this game is full of drama these days. Every time I come back Britain some how is in a bad spot.
  8. I mean we can all just join the Russian Nation and then PVE our hearts out!
  9. Yeah, ban em all so they can buy more copies of the game. Tarkov Devs do it all the time. xP But for real lets all just chill out its a bug and like everyone keeps pointing out the map will wipe soonish. I mean I been waiting for this wipe for gods know how long....
  10. Gods when is this game gonna go full release and wipe already? I can only sip my tea and wait for soooo long.
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