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  1. Has anyone noticed that the AI uses smaller guns now?
  2. Praise & Appreciation They are very good looking indeed I cannot wait.
  3. Will destroyers gain the ability to mount 5 Dual inch guns on barbettes?
  4. Are night battles in game yet? I see a lot of bonuses for fighting at night or in bad weather, but i have encountered neither of the two.
  5. Admin you say this is a game of what IF, so what IF you removed all the new nations and went back to the originals.
  6. Loot system There should be a more efficient way for ships to be looted. Could the loot be all in one place at the end of combat? The loot system seems catered to 1 v 1's.
  7. If seasoned woods remain in the game, could you at least make them like clan delivery missions instead? But reduce quantity of the amount available,etc?
  8. Much appreciation admin , thank you for the nice gifts for the upcoming holiday.
  9. @admin just out of curiosity will any of the ships in the poll, obviously excluding the leopard be making an appearing in the game?
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