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New Feature Proposals - Trading, Crafting, Economy



Please propose your ideas in the following way.

  • 1 Post = 1 Proposal.
    • Players will vote on 1 proposals only. Multiple proposals will mix different subjects and confuse.
    • Multitiered or multi subject proposals will be removed.
  • Keep the proposals on the topic subjects
  • Do not comment. The thread is for proposals only
  • If you want to improve on other people proposals contact them so they can update the post. 
  • Best proposals will be brought up by the system based on likes and we will comment on them once in a while. Proposals which dont get community attention will be ignored and will sink to the bottom.


Example of formatting 
Correct example

  • Cannon crafting proposals
    • Cannon crafting change rationale
    • Cannon crafting current version and whats wrong
    • Proposal on cannon crafting change

Incorrect version

One post 

  • Cannon crafting proposal (should be a separate in a economy section)
  • Trading proposal (should be a separate post in an economy section)
  • Hostility proposal (should be a separate post in RVR section)
  • DLC ship proposal (should be a separate post in DLC section)


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AI trading (DLC)

It would be great to have OW full of ships owned by players and not by AIs.
I realize that implementing a player-controlled automation system is a not indifferent effort, but I think it could be solved by making a dlc.
My proposal is to be able to command a trader ship in my port to navigate to another port (where I have a base). This activates an AI that navigates through preset points on the map using the shortest route between them. To do this you have to pay a price (let's say the price of hiring a captain), and therefore it must be done only for goods and materials for which it is worth it (in practice sailing personally must give a much greater profit than using this system) . You can activate as many ships as you can have in fleet. AI ships only navigate if the player is online, and they behave exactly like ships commanded by ppl, 2 min for log out and all the rest.
What are the advantages?
1. Ships that really matter in OW, with real loads and purposes!
2. Possibility of creating escort fleets and convoys and therefore greater pvp
3. Greater possibilities for lazy players, but with greater risks

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Port bonuses must be tied to the player. The player himself decides which bonuses to improve and which workers to train, finance.
In case of loss of the city. The player can evacuate workers and save work papers (permit). And deploy in another city. Naturally, you will have to pay for it.

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Give more hold to Gros Ventre, to place it better between Trader Brig (too close) and Indiaman (too far).


Now Gros Ventre is not enough appreciated as not offering substantially more cargo space than a trader brig, which is even preferable because the brig can go into shallow waters.

So, to add new attraction to Gros Ventre, the hold should be enlarged to something like 2600, which seems fitting with ship size if you compare once again with trader brig and Indiaman.

On a side note: that would imply also Gros Ventre Refit needs to be a little larger in hold, say 1500.

Edited by Cetric de Cornusiac
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Tax on Crafting

Every monetary transaction in a port between player and AI is currently taxed. With one exception. 

So it seems an oversight that when doubloons in crafting receipts were replaced with Reals, taxation was not applied. After all a good crafting port is the most valuable commodity a clan can offer. And the most expensive investment. So taxing crafting makes even more sense than taxation on random trade resources that the clan does not even control or affect.

Who wouldn't tax labourers in their harbours shipyards? And shouldn't port owners get paid for players using their port to craft.

Basic Mechanic:

When you craft a ship, you pay 10% tax to the port from the Reals cost in the receipt. 

Like this:


You could potentially lower the base reals cost for crafting a ship by approximately 9% accordingly so that crafting costs to the individual player would not increase.

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  • Ship Crafting proposal
    • Make absolutely all ships craftable
    • Want to make them rare = require permit that drop as RNG in loot or permit available in admiralty shop 
    • Want to make them extremely rare adjust drop chance or make the permit extremely expensive in the admiralty shop
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XP gain for Trader ships:

  • As of today, you gain small amounts of XP just for saling around in OW. This XP could also be used for unlocking the knowledge slots on the specific ship used. In addition, this XP gain could be raised the more cargo your vessel holds during the voyage.
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simple suggestion:
more slots in the clan warehouse

it's more of an adjustment for in between, but before it doesn't come anymore, i suggest it here.

we now have s-wood, blueprints for these, one for each type of wood, new types of guns for each caliber, lots of new fancy boarding mods, permits .... and so on

... and still the same number of slots as two years ago

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Make it so you get xp from crafting cannons again. It obviously doesn't have to be alot. Crafting is tedious enough (especially with limited outposts) and the real time consumer is gathering materials TO craft. Make it just a bit easier to progress in crafting level, this game is about sailing ship combat. This makes it a little easier to get there.

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New "Special guns chest" for PVP missions

With the removal of dubs from crafting there is not much profit by doing pvp. Special guns are pretty rare and expensive so giving adequate number of guns for completing pvp missions could solve that problem (maybe 4 - 10 pieces of random bloom/navy/congreve/obusier of random caliber per chest)

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I think, that crafting XP should also rise by crafting GUNS and Reps, not only by ships. Way slower than with ships, but also with those to increase the amount of Labour Hours (LH)


At the moment you can only get more LH by crafting ships, which makes it very hard for the new people to see the benefit. For myself i didnt even know a long time that u can get more LHs.


-> Gain XP for crafting by crafting GUNS and Repairs too, not as much as u get by crafting Ships, but still a little ammount.

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The Indies Run Event:

https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flota_de_Indias   (sorry did not found a version in english)


  • Since XV century till XVIIII spanish empire created a system of convoys that departed every year from the Caribbean capitals to the Homeland. These were charged with goods and specially gold and silver. The departure dates were always a secret, and of course all type of pirates and enemy fleets tried to intercept them
  • Idea is to Add more dinamic event to the game

Once per week an anouncement is made that rumours  of a large fleet is going to leave from a random port (but unknow). Only clan leads owners from the given source and target  port are notified on the details of the trip (date, hour, destination) .   Along the week, any sunken/captured trader ship from the fleet faction may contain a note with either : departure port, or date of departure, or hour of departure, or destiny port.

The day of departure , a large fleet composed by warships and merchants will leave the origin port at the given hour, will make the trip to the target port. Fleet may be composed by several squadrons travelling separated.

Clan friends from the origin//target port owners  of the fleet may defend it , players from the other clans may try to destroy/capture it, ships from the fleet will try to escape from battles and continue travel.

Benefits for the fleet defenders:  the  port where the fleet departs will receive a temporal bonus during X number of weeks (labour hours reduction, or less taxes) , destination port may receive also bonus (boost on dropped items or even new products that normally only drops on the origin port). As probability that the fleet arrives sound and safe diminishes the closest to the target port, the benefits would be given in a % depending on the total of kms sailed and the number of ships that arrive with their cargo.

Benefits for the fleet attackers:  the traders will be loaded with valuable goods (ingots//doubloons) , so the attackers will have to combine fighting against war ships and capturing the traders. For every enemy ship sunken or captured on the battles, the attacking players would receive combat medals or victory marks...

Edited by DarkValver
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Trade/fleet comfort proposal (Short cut for fleet hold + empty all hold at once button in docks)

  • Difficult to manage feet ship holds effectively in port and OW for transporting/trading when entering port to unload and load
  • Holds are split into 4 separate windows. To open each you have to go to your ships in port and separatly click on each of your ships holds to open the hold window for that ship.  Alt + click works well for main ship hold, but not for fleet ship holds. Need 4K resolution screen get good overview over warehouse inventory and ship holds for easy drag and drop with out having hold windows hide behind other views/windows in port.
  • Single button for emptying hold on all ships in use, main and all fleet ships. And add short cut key for each fleet ship hold, like we have H for hold on main ship. 
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Proposal: New ship crafting system based on XP gained while crafting same kind of ship.

What is wrong now?

we have no control of the quality of the ship we build.

What would be nice to have?

The proposal is to have a crafting system based on past experience building similar ships.
Be able to choose cramped, speed, or any other trim and specialize in it by adding crafting XP for the trim and after enough XP get some consistency in the trim.

For example if I want to specialize in Speed trim, I select it when I craft my first ship and then I get some XP every time I build with Speed. after a certain amount of XP I'll get more chance to get "fast" most of the time, to the point where I'll get fast all the time, and faster once in a while... until I get faster all the time and it goes on until we get the ultimate very fast.

That knowledge of the Speed trim would be usable for all ships of 7 and 6 rate, then 5 and 4 rates, then 3rd to 1st rate.

But if I acquire the knowledge starting with a 5th rate I won't have the same success with a bigger ship. But if I constantly build newer ships in 3rd rate I will be eventually able to get a very fast 1st rate.

This proposal would make crafters certainly more interesting and enable them to specialize to some high level trim. And specialization in one trim wouldn't stop them from learning another one.

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This is not a proposal for a new mechanic, but an adaptation of an already existing one.

In short, my proposal is this:

Scrap the current clan-missions for woods as they are in-game right now. By now everybody has build farms for Live Oak, White Oak, Teak, and if they have use of it also Bermuda Cedar, Mahogany, Locust (Cauguiran Wood) and Sabicu. The old Clan Mission forests like this one is no longer in use, if they ever were:


Keep the core mechanic however.

-Woods for doubloons exchange.

-24h waiting time.

-Clan & Clan friendlist (optional)

-Depletable forests.

How it should be changed:

-The amount of wood in each forest should be lowered. My suggestion would be rather than 1kk logs per forest, the total amount should top out at 25k logs. Some types of logs could have even smaller stocks.

-Change the price. Instead of 2 doubloons per log, make it 5, maybe 10 doubloons per log. Rarer/more exclusive logs could cost more thanothers. So riga fir could cost a quarter of what Malabar Teak costs per log.

-Have forests despawn and change location every week. Either by making the supply so low that they will be depleted as soon as they are discovered, or by forcing respawn every X days no matter if the forest is depleted or not. If the forest is depleted early, then there would be no supply until it respawns in another port, another nation.

-Optionally, the randomization of spawn location could account for nation ownership, making the spawn each week equal chance for each of the nations in-game - thus giving an advantage to smaller nations with more concentrated territories.

This is how an example clan-mission could look for Malabar Teak:


What this mechanic would achieve:

-exploration gameplay. Players would sail around their nation's ports, looking for forests every week. Players that found the location of a forest could try and empty it themselves/with their clan, or sell information about the location to a bigger clan.

-PvP-players would get currency for their looted and rewarded doubloons.

-A fairer distribution system for logs. With the current system I know almost all of the handful of players on the server with the resources, alts, patience and time to camp each of the current resource spawns and collect usable amounts of the new woods, while normal players without alts, time or reals enough have no chance of ever seeing a ship made of the special new woods. REDS has already started to craft our first ships from the new woods. The current distribution system hugely benefits certain players - players like myself. The system I propose would make it impossible to monopolise the new woods the way they currently are. Distribute them more fairly between nations. And the parameters could still be adjusted to keep the woods as rare as intended.

My rationale for suggestion this is explained in further detail here:


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Ports have to be supplied to keep the port bonus.

For every lvl of the port bonus 500 units of one food (bananas, beans, garlic, tomatoes, etc) has to be supplied weekly. So max. 2000 units for a port with lvl 4 bonus. If only supplied with 3 goods, the port bonus is reduced to 3 for one week.

Same with trade goods, but they shall increase the selling prices (5%) for each 500 units supplied a week ( max. 20%).

This allows a kind of economic warfare and gives the traders a meaning. Those, who live somehow in the shadows today, will become much more important. 

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Let ports also have income from player ships being repaired in local docks. At current state you pay as well - but the money disappears without a trace. It should fund your port instead and contribute to port income, next to taxes. Offer "cheaper repairs" than other ports to become competitive (pretty much like the different tax percentage setting) and thus attract more repair orders in your port. To add attractivity, your port may sometimes (not reliably) add a random port bonus tier to a ship repaired here, if you port has port bonus higher than the ship docked for a repair job.

Example: client ship has gunnery 1, sailing 3, mast/rig 0, crew 2. Your port has gunnery 2, sailing 2, mast/rig 1, crew 3. Here there is a chance your client may receive either gunnery +1 or mast/rig +1 or crew + 1 by the excellent work of your repair workers. To avoid abuse, trigger chance for an improvement only when repair is substantial, not just when repainting scratches, and chance should be low - like 5 % of all repair jobs applicable an improvement will happen.

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