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  1. Trade good (and rare fish) collections in exchange for some cosmetic, like sail colors or something. Each piece of the collection is in different areas of the map so to complete a collection, you pretty much have to have been all over the map.
  2. I live in the US. All schools are closed in my state. My boss is keeping the tutoring center where I work open. You think parents would want to keep their kids home. But nope, today we were crazy busy. People have been buying out all necessities at the stores. I had to actually buy toilet paper through Amazon bc there is none at any stores.
  3. Or perhaps, in the shallow water make goods that are reduced weight.
  4. Wednesday, I believe, I capped an AI trader snow. It was so overloaded I could not move in the open world. Had to destroy everything. I forgot what was in the snow but it was 13 of one type of thing and 12 of another but the snow could only carry 1 at most. Would it be possible to reduce the weight of some goods or make sure the AI traders are not overloaded?
  5. Personally, I’d prefer none or reverting back to the original few. That includes getting rid of port bonuses. Make port bonuses econ related only.
  6. Still hit AI for nothing else but not get points for the damage. Personally, I prefer to hunt but thought to give patrol zones a try.
  7. One thing I found out this weekend is that damage done on AI in patrol zones count towards the patrol zone event. In my opinion, this should not be the case as the patrol zone is meant for Player vs Player. During the Nassau patrol, I took a basic cutter out, hit an AI snow and all the damage I did counted towards the event. In AI battles, I got enough damage to get three of those marks, whatever they are called. If a player attacks an AI in the patrol zone, it should not start a patrol zone battle. On another topic, I’d love to see the ability to flee patrol zone battles as wel
  8. Getting off topic here. Can you bring the grind discussion to a different forum topic please. Personally, I’m still hitting AI in a basic cutter and patrolling neighboring waters in a privateer. Although I don’t have the gusto that Rainsborough has.
  9. Would like to see Raiding, Pirate mechanics, Exploration missions or collections to trade in for paint jobs (such as a rare fish collection or a trade good collection) 7th rate AI traders brought back to the open world. Reduced weight on trade goods. Of course I’d love to get rid of books/upgrades/bonuses and bring back the wysiwyg roe but that’s not going to happen. Increase in the drop of sealed bottles (has anyone found one since release?) Small battle room with no loss and no reward, good for training. The moon at night ...
  10. The purpose of these deliveries was to help people get back on their feet if they lose. Maybe the deliveries that offer reals only should be locked if a person has 100k reals which would then require them to do trading to earn more?
  11. I’m just hoping somehow they rebalance all the ship bonuses from mods, port bonuses, etc. I really enjoy the possibility of sinking another player with a captured or store bought ship. But all the bonuses makes that seem very very unlikely.
  12. With the wipe coming, I’ve been thinking about crafting and having to level up crafting. I’ve been max crafting level so long that I haven’t put much thought to it. My question is: where do you get ship crafting recipes from? Is it from admiralty? I’m interested in ship recipes in general, not necessarily those that may be locked behind permits.
  13. Personally, I’m excited about starting fresh. Crossing my fingers though they keep the date of Jun 10-14 and not push it back.
  14. Would you mind buying me a few DLCs? The only redeemable ship I have is the yacht. 😕 Oops, and the pandora we got. Screw the tutorial. Personally, the first thing I’m going to do is sail from the US capital to Shroud Cay and make an outpost, cap a lynx or privateer and find some PvP even though I’ll lose due to no repairs.
  15. I’m excited, and lucky, a few months ago I requested that week off work.
  16. Not that I disagree but if you are a newbie, you are going to be in a small ship that can easily get away from a first rate. New players that hop into undercrewed SOLs are asking for trouble. Congrats on leaving EA! Personally, I don’t feel the game is ready for release. Mods, books, crafting bonuses all need balancing (personally I would get rid of them all but that’s me).
  17. Personally I believe to truly test the frontline system, we should have had a ship/material/outpost wipe with it.
  18. The issue with frontlines and impossible nations, imho, is that the map reset didn’t go with a wipe. I think things will be different at release.
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