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  1. XP gain for Trader ships: As of today, you gain small amounts of XP just for saling around in OW. This XP could also be used for unlocking the knowledge slots on the specific ship used. In addition, this XP gain could be raised the more cargo your vessel holds during the voyage.
  2. As of today, one solution could be an alliance system working with major powers plus attached minor powers. For example, these could be: Major power 1: Russia (Alliance: The Baltic Union) --> attached minor powers: Poland, Sweden, Denmark Major power 2: United Provinces (Alliance: Belle Alliance) --> France, Spain Major power 3: England (Alliance: The Commonwealth) --> USA, Prussia In this way, every player could still choose his or her own allegiance but would be part of a "greater goal" within the three alliances. Pirates would remain Pirates but could be attache
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