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  1. A N D I

    Bug report

    habe das ganze auch nochmal im englischen verfasst, hoffe man kann es dort lesen und checkt es *
  2. A N D I

    Bug report

    When i boarded a player in PZ today, i took control over his ship. So far, so normal. I shot a broadside with it to the enemy next to that captured ship and changed back to mine, cause i wanted to check if the rep is still active on that ship. When i changed BACK to the one i boarded from the enemy (a few seconds after, maybe 3 sec.) the whole broadside was loaded again (42pd, 24pds, and so on). Basecily i was able to shoot a whole broadside each 2-3 seconds just by changeing from my ship to the captured one and back. please fix this!!
  3. A N D I

    Bug report

    Habe in der Patrolzone heute gegen zwei spieler gekämpft. Habe einen davon geentert, woraufhin ich die kontrolle über dieses übernommen habe. Habe mit diesem geenterten schiff dann eine breitseite auf den gegenspieler geschossen und nochmal kurz mein schiff übernommen (um zu schauen ob die reperatur weiter läuft). Als ich daraufhin 3 sekunden später wieder auf das geenterte schiff bin, war die komplette breitseite nachgeladen und feuerbereit. Somit wäre ich tendenziell in der lage gewesen, alle 2 sekunden eine breitseite abzufeuern. bitte behebt diesen bug.
  4. Part of HYDRA Clan will appear there too - dont know the exact amount of people, me personal cant be there because of private stuff.. Pls include them into the ceremony. o7
  5. Finde ich super, ist schon eine uhrzeit bekannt? ich selbst kann sonntags nur bis ca. 18/ 19 uhr dabei sein. würde es gerne. ich kannte ihn nicht, noch habe ich mit ihm bewusst zusammen gespielt, aber dieses spiel hat eine kleine community und die muss zusammenhalten. Und sich gegenseitig unterstützen.
  6. to get everyone involved, we can also form up in OW - with all the players who want to take part in that - might be even more impressive and also a sign of respect in my opinion. Also i think there will be defnetly more than 50 players...
  7. Thats what we thought about too. LT would be prefered i think, because more use that port than any other
  8. Hey Despe, we had the idea of doing that in black-painted ships (pfrigs for example) British HYDRA clan would be up for that - also as far as i heard RHB from pirates. Maybe we can come all together, get a full "fight" of 50 people - and then salute him.
  9. I've noticed that too, several times...just because i knew there was one kill missing, i boarded the player and then sank it.. and all of a sudden it was no PvP kill for the kill mission.
  10. I think, that crafting XP should also rise by crafting GUNS and Reps, not only by ships. Way slower than with ships, but also with those to increase the amount of Labour Hours (LH) At the moment you can only get more LH by crafting ships, which makes it very hard for the new people to see the benefit. For myself i didnt even know a long time that u can get more LHs. -> Gain XP for crafting by crafting GUNS and Repairs too, not as much as u get by crafting Ships, but still a little ammount.
  11. Me for myself, i craft and do PvP. Get the ressources due the help of clan mates or the market. The doubs i got from PvP'ing and also for selling ships i capturedf for doubs. For me the crafting system itself worked kinda fine, the only issue i see is, that even with the DLC which gives u more slots, u cant get all the buildings which are required to get all ressources for yourself by crafting. But the doub system as it is, should stay in my eyes. i pretty like how everything with the doubs is atm.
  12. Ich finde es ja super das es hier ein deutsches forum gibt lol. Gar nicht gewusst. Aber mal ne andere frage, weniger zu den patch notes. Wird es für den 4 stündigen Server-crash vor einigen tagen eine entschädigung geben? Nicht das sie nötig ist, wäre aber eine kleine geste 🙂 gruß
  13. i agree you sekiro, its the best income a PvP player can have.... also its good to have a stack of doubs ready for tradeing.. and 350 reals a doub which is the current price, is totally fine..
  14. A N D I

    Server down

    Global server crash i guess...
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