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  1. I think that was the goal from the beginning with the nerf of delivery missions, to inflate the market. 😒😢
  2. no I am against your idea, and if it is put into play I will be more broke than I am, after the nerf of the delivery missions I practically stopped playing as before, for me there is no profit to compensate and only expenses.
  3. I think finally now they are seeing what they really wanted when they took profit from the delivery missions.
  4. My vote goes to the delivery buffet for 112K max value, and buff the PvE fighting reward for 150 to 250K. Doing this helps newcomers starting out in the game, helps those who have industry, and encourages those who like PvE (instead of obligating and bugging the loot)
  5. I personally speak of "time x profit" I do not feel rewarded for the work, the gigantic distance I have to carry this is not rewarding the value I receive in reais. before yes, I even qualified the game for having the best deluvery quests I had ever seen in 10 years, and a nerf of about 80% in profit is not acceptable. The PvE is even worse, besides the huge risk of losing the ship, comes with these loads that are worth nothing (2k reais) and super heavy. instead of getting an 80% nerf on delivery missions it could have been a 20/30% nerf, and an 80/95% buff on PvE Combat profit, without having to increase the load or buggy the trades. And to make the market better the only way I know it would be something like EvE Online, everything in the market is made, sold, controlled by the players.
  6. I agree, but the weight of the barrels has to keep up with the 80% nerf together, reduce the weight from 800lb to 160lb, nothing fairer if you won't fix that disgusting value per mission which hinted after the nerf then reduce the weight to match the load.
  7. Not forgetting that the accuracy of Wasa medium to long distance is objectionable unlike the 3rd that in less dispersed practice.
  8. once again. I can't even carry half of it. Please @admin fix this and get back the profit of the delivery missions and increase the reais at the end of the PvE battles, so that solves the problem.
  9. ok, I got it. please stop, it's ugly. look at this: in order to force and force people to hunt ships, they gave OverLoad to ships, in which so heavy no rank 4 or lower can carry even half of it. There is no need for such an act. If I really wanted to make PvE profitable, it was just increasing the profit of Reais when the battle ends, there was no need to nurture the delivery missions, in which now the time x profit per trip is not worth so much. how much for a Rank 2 iron ore mine is 500K, (I don't even want to see the value of a Rank 3) before in a single trip I could make up for that value, now no more. need to review this the best tip i can give would be "Raises Delivery Mission Profit to 100K to 120K and PvE 50K + fights, eg Rank 7/6 50 / 55K. Rank5 / 4 110 / 150K. Rank 3/2 200 / 250K and Rank1 300K" this value is by single combat, 1vs1 if it is squad the sum would be all the ships in the squadron giving this value, it would make the PvE highly profitable and people would want to do it instead of trying to force people this is the best idea. And let's not forget the difficulty of catching the Loot, there is no possibility that you at 50m to 100m can send the crew in boats and collect the loot and the ship sinks before you even get close. You could also have the option of releasing the left or right anchor and turning you instantly very quickly at the expense of a speed brake. Of course you could only do this 1-2-3-4 times depending on the number of anchors the ship has because you will lose it. in port you could get a new one (like ammo) First person option. Put effects and moisture in the game. put a border or shading in the name of cities to be not to be confused with the sky / sun. A lot could be done to make the game better and more enjoyable and not ruin something that was good.
  10. What you said seems to me very much something that happened in the game Taikodom (bankrupt), the players themselves ruined the game and made it impossible to play and the company did nothing to prevent it from happening.
  11. This is not acceptable. from 130 / 140K ~ to less than half and maintaining the same weight, is not acceptable, if they had nerfed from 140 to 100K, 110K, 95K in the smaller would still be acceptable. This is acceptable. if I had made a "nerf" from 1000 to 800, OK, until then np, but for 500, no. Thanks to @admin for this. Thanks for letting me know, @Peter von Friedemach
  12. I don't sell the doubloons! why would I sell something that might be useful to me in the future ?!
  13. 10 missions = 3KK? no, wait, what? I did 10 missions a day and at most I would get 1.5KK with luck. ~ I continue with my opinion, nerf missions deliver, ok, but nerf the load weight too. or take off that nasty nerf.
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