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  1. Hello together, ive already the working launcher version, so could you (ink) write some Information about the arrival of the steamkey email? Thx alot and go on with your excellent work!
  2. WilliamThelll describes the bugs perfectly. I just want to say that i love the campaign so far, played the first chapter and cant wait for the next part. Great work so far!
  3. All problems solved, was not fault of the company but the provider. Thx for fast help, now ive to enjoy the Alpha. Cya, Viceadmiral Bartas11
  4. Nothing changed so far, hope to get some answers before weekend starts?
  5. I answered, hope to hear from you soon👍
  6. Hello, i bought Yesteday the Admirals Edition. I used the buy link for Admirals Edition on your offical Website for Ultimate Admiral. I payed with Paypal and got a Email from Paypal confirming that Xsolla Inc got it. But i got no other Email that comfirmed my Order or gave me a link to download the Alpha. If it takes a while its ok for me but it would be nice to know if my Order is in progress? C. Weimann
  7. Like the ideas, but what if Common Nation "Trolls" ( every Nation had some) use the mechanics to troll and sabotage their community in collect h. points to get into Pb on first Place? Only a few of them could destroy the Game for many? Only want to adress this to avoid the usuall flamewars if such problem happen.
  8. Hey Anolytic, now the ideas were patched into Game, did you get a massage or at least some notice from mods or Devs? It would be so nice to know, if our idea was noticed and used for this fantastic Patch?
  9. Thanks Devs, fantastic work, well designed Map and conquest system!
  10. I like this so much, thank you admins/devs! You prof that every played hour is a good investion in future of this Game! Go ahead with this awesome job, i know this Game will be a hit if released! (Other more pirate style Beta games grow up in steam, but to much in fantasy direction, so your Game is still uniqe) Bartas11 [VIE] Danish Kontreadmiral
  11. Dont like this, it is finest handholding. New Player generation is learning in this aera how comfortable it is and promote it later in the open world too. Why you not trust into Clan structure and community to help their newbies? New players are very welcome in our clans and get help there in every thing, ships, crafting, tactics open world, sail handling, pvp and finally port battles. So i think devs react on a small but very loud community part in forum. Please overthink it and better try to find a way to bring back 80% of old veteran players that left the game so far. (our clan 85member, maybe 15 online over the day, but most veterans lost for month now), they leave not in the hard beginning, as they learn their lessons, they leave in higher ranks!
  12. As i wrote in other topic before: I dont see any problems with 1rd ingame. To build them, you need a well organized Clan/Player structure or sec account/perfect self organisation. Even so it is very expensive to lose them. So in this topic we find a old whine Thread again. The players that are not interested in teamplay learn how hard it is to get the first, sec or even 3rd bring stuff like 1rd problem, everyone in Game with Max Rank would use 1rd everywhere. Last time (about 3rd) this whine brought all day 4rd battles, so this players could take part with their cheaper connis. I dont like it until today. Iam max rank for a while now, i use ships from Rattle, suprise over Essex, Trinc, conni, inger up to 3/2/1rd of needed or just for fun. It is horrible to go alone Open World with a 1rd normaly a clanmember escort me in frigate. So what 1rd problem were talkin about?? At least 1rd battles are really rare and expensive and you cant use your best upgrades because they are dura 1. So here is no issue with 1rd. Not Even historical, all big powerchanging battles include 1/2/3 rd (battleships). Frigates where used for scouting, trade lane raiding, defending and communication Cya open World Bartas11 Danish Kontreadmiral
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