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    are you having problums whit your login server ? PVE Coudent leave port, exit game. Restarted computer, problums conecteing to my steam id to login a lot. (steam works ) get to pve select now im in a endless loading. PVP i login right away
  2. when clicking on a player shoud all so say what ship it is (maby the logo off ship is the right on as well )
  3. open world whale hunting ( find whales like the wind icon then pop to a instence ) need whael boat food and oil loot, oil is high demand trade goods diving after lost cheasures
  4. open world random events. (ship pop dead ship by plauge can colletct it and its goods, ship destroyed by pirates can loot goods , high pay transport mission "person of high importence" or is it a pirat and now they are boarding you. crew size as ship that is strandet, pay for infomation ship permit ship wreck location )
  5. walk arround in side the ship decorate it and make it your home. (you can then make a cash shop whit items to put inside and normal and rara randomly drops on the Ocean after fights) i whod love walking inside a Victory or a gallion
  6. Quest: Contracts to players to move your goods and ships from a to b (loos it and you loos your deposit)
  7. Hi A kind person who can explane the damaged system. for a dummy ? How do you know what canno is best ? to me it seems that the shop item is better in damage and everything ?. and what is the diffrence in navy guns and medium / long and so on, and why do you choose the cannons your using and what upgrades and books are the best ? this is 2 exampels: 18pd medium Gun 18pD Congreve Base Damaged 104 Base Damaged 94 Reload 53sec
  8. Hi So i started this game, the other day, in pvp even i love do lot and lots off pve. i was a early acess and had a lot off fun back then, but pople was polite back then, i coud be in a trade ship visiting sweeden france gb spain, im a Danish by nationality. and to start and not be abel to do anything really and watching how ru, se, de kind off have ruied it all and lots off ganking, just like in eve. so i startede over as a ru but for me thats not a great feeling for me this game is all ready lost and no fun as a new player. So what do you do on the pve server ? for me it seems
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