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On 7/5/2018 at 6:41 PM, z4ys said:

Regarding prussia:



Ship: Merchant ship König von Preußen  built in London in 1750 for the king of Prussia  and the  "Preußisch Asiatischen Kompanie" (1751)


Brandenburg Navy which can be considered prussian.

The Brandenburg Navy was the navy of the Margraviate of Brandenburg in Germany from the 16th century to 1701, when it became part of the Prussian Navy

dbrand2.gif(thats the naval flag 1657–1701)



I guess that could be the flags on the masts with just the cross changed for the eagle. But couldnt find any better pictures maybe someone else know a better source?


Prussian merchant marine flag ( 1823-1863 )



Maritime flag of stralsund(1695-1815)



Stralsund-Navy War flag  1816


(Stralsund is the place where prussia started to build their first schooners)

Why those flags should be added?:

There are a lot of german clans ingame that already use the name "The Brandenburg Navy" or love to play as merchants guess lot of them would like to see such flags added.





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For the United States, some other interesting flags would be those of the respective Naval Militias that had flags:


New York Naval Ensign, 1775


The New York Naval Ensign 1775

In the early days of the Revolution the New Yorkers adopted a white flag with a black beaver for the armed ships of New York. According to legend, the New Yorkers hauled down the British flag in 1775 and raised a plain white flag with a drawing of a black beaver centered on it to mark the occasion. The symbol of the Beaver dated back to the early Dutch settlers of New Netherlands and was based on the long and important role the fur trade played in the development of New York.

Although no documented illustration of the original Beaver Flag has been yet discovered, modern interpretations exist. The beaver is still the official state animal of New York State, and is still seen on the great seal of the City of New York.


New England Naval Ensigns


Pine Tree Flags and Naval Ensigns

The term Pine Tree flag is a generic name for a number of flags used by the New England and Massachusetts colonies from 1686 to 1778. The Pine Tree has been a popular symbol of American independence in New England for years.

Washington's Cruisers Flag 1775

This flag was used by George Washington on a squadron of six schooners which he outfitted at his own expense in the fall of 1775. This flag was a variation of the New England Pine Tree flag. The Continental Navy, knowing they were up against the greatest naval power in the world, set sail flying a flag with an "APPEAL TO HEAVEN." They needed all the help they could get.






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I presume you already thought about religious order flags?


The obvious one, the flag of the knight hospitaliers :




And the less obvious, but most known one, since the order ceased to exist in 1312, the templars :


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