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  1. Imagine an AI fleet that "formed line of battle" and kept the wind gauge.
  2. When you see it in OW it will have a little skull on the card.
  3. Just to be clear.....someone sat around all night in one area waiting for a specific AI fleet to spawn??
  4. At least the Captain on the quarterdeck with maybe a choice of uniforms (for Pirates at least). Your avatar?
  5. Speed and manoeuvrability don't matter? I don't agree.
  6. This is the way it's always been and I can certainly live with it, but the OP is correct. A capture takes the ship out as much as sinking it does. With the exploits already available for getting rid of trash ships, we shouldn't be concerned about that. There is always someone who will "game" the system. Capture should give the same rewards as sinking, as it removes a ship from the enemy's inventory.
  7. That's pretty complicated. Your premise is correct, but we simulate all that you have said by showing holes in the sails. Anything more would take a lot of horsepower that we need for other stuff.
  8. We can't just talk about specific ships and ask for an adjustment. Any adjustments must be done across the entire list of ships. If you adjust the Essex...where does that put the PFrig...etc.
  9. LRQ and Niagara are sixth rates. I don't think we need to worry about this. There is nothing wrong with a variation in the 5th rate class.
  10. The +2989 on the sides illustrates a problem, but Admin has recently stated that port mods are coming down.
  11. We should get extra rewards for hitting enemy uncapturable ports and the most for hitting enemy capitols.
  12. Another option for sure, but when it's a gold ship, it hurts to break it up.
  13. That is a long established fact, my friend. Unless they change their minds, everything but book knowledge will be wiped.
  14. I can do a kind of route amongst ports that my nation owns and usually mange to not run empty. I guess you mean when you are hitting foreign ports?
  15. I know asked this before, but I feel like I want to nag....Can we please have the ability to update (refit) older ships to the level of the port bonuses. This isn't just a short term thing for those of us who have a barn full of unmodded ships. When we are steady state after release, this issue will continue to crop up. We will build ships early and after we start making port investments, these ships will be obsolete. Real life ships get upgraded all the time, because it is cheaper and less time consuming than new build (Look at HMS Victory). It should be part of the game as well.
  16. Bots should be challenging. They have advantages that may seem unfair, but they also have weaknesses that can be exploited. We now know that trading broadsides with a bot is a bad idea. If only there was another option....
  17. I like this a lot. I reject the premise that the War server is PVP only. It has many aspects and as such, you should accomplish many tasks if you want to accelerate the so called grind. In the end though, you shouldn't be forced into anything in order to eventually rank up. I'm okay with max rank players who aren't proficient in their ships...it's their game. So either rank up by straight grind or use AeRoTR's idea and have some incentive tasks. Personally I don't overly care about ranking up as I enjoy playing all aspects and I know I'll get there eventually as I play.
  18. Its yours forever. 15 days is how long you had to collect it.
  19. I would love that. Several times I have joined a battle, only to find out I am on the same side as a player who is farming AI.
  20. Good suggestion, but it opens up another problem. We only have 10 mission slots.
  21. Why cant the port owner have it all? Nobody else gets it.
  22. And a rank called Rover?? A certain clan may have to change their name....
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