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  1. Flags and other decorative aspects? Will they eventually show up here? I love my flag in NA and would hope to have similar abilities to improve the look of my ship. I see ship naming will be available.....does that mean any name or chosen from a list. Many of us (especially navy vets) would like to use the names of ships that we are familiar with, but that can get out of hand. If it is possible to name your ship "Boaty mcBoat Face", someone will do it.....or much worse.
  2. Concur that AI ships should be competent enough to NOT fire torpedoes through a friendly. This should not apply to the player, however. In addition, if an AI ship fires torpedoes and THEN the player decides to alter through the spread...that's okay too.
  3. The main purpose in scuttling a ship is for when the wife says "get off the @#$%^&! computer!" Because it's still a game. Sure, why not? But again, that could be part of the simulation. The game says "you have successfully captured the Ark Royal", and you get some nice bonus (or a great graphic). It's up to the Devs if you actually end up with another ship in your dock.
  4. The best way to scuttle a ship if you're not sinking it from external sources, is with explosives internally (I know how to do this). You're quite right that opening a few cocks would take FOREVER. However, this is a game and we can simulate a scuttle function with one click. The fact that you CAN scuttle a ship in RL means that we should be able to do it in game. The vector doesn't really matter unless Devs want to get into fancy coding.
  5. Love it! If you woke up with a massive hangover, a tattoo and a wedding ring....perhaps the young lady's family is out joyriding in it....
  6. We have 3 cases in Nova Scotia and the province is shut down. Only a few (including me) are going to work.
  7. Base game is a good start and best to begin on the PVE server to learn a few things. Ask lots of questions...PVP is brutal on new comers.
  8. All y'all need to get over to Naval Action and kill somebody while you're waiting...
  9. I kinda like Loki. Twice now, I've been grinding slots against AI and ended up with PVP kills. I don't enjoy using the rune...so I don't.
  10. No, please keep posting medical advice on this forum. It is my only source of information and I follow all advice! (cough....)
  11. Because a gathering of under 100 people cannot infect each other??
  12. Don't let her come home....She's a potential plague carrier...
  13. Yes, I can see that it will cost the loser, but what does the winner gain? If there is no value in crafting ships in a capturable port (IE: Port Bonuses), then everyone will craft in an uncapturable port.
  14. This is already the case. I'm not sure I understand your OP, though. Do you wish no port bonuses at all for crafting and just have a perk tree to get bonuses? I like that as I am not so big on RVR. The issue is the RVR, though. RVR has to accomplish something and it is a big part of many player's game. With your suggestion, what will be the reason to take ports/
  15. Very minor issue and easily fixed. On the port UI with the icons at the bottom. We have the repair icon which is lit if our ship is in need of repairs and dull if there is no need for repairs. Beside it is the crew icon. This one is always lit whether or not we need to purchase new crew. It should no be lit if we have our maximum crew already.
  16. Have you cancelled sports events there? North America has shut down most leagues.
  17. Very true. I'm not minimizing the danger to the old or infirm. Most people will shake this off like a typical flu, but the elderly are at much greater risk.
  18. Being tested and isolated. All the more reason for him to be out of the house and working. He's young and fit. He should be licking doorknobs in Iran to get it over with.
  19. The Canadian Prime Minister is self-isolating already, lol. (he's a clown)
  20. I just came back from a Caribbean cruise on Mar 3. Travelled through Ft Lauderdale and Toronto to Halifax. At that time, there was barely an acknowledgement that there was an issue. I work on a navy base and there is no talk of any shut downs here. The universities here are talking about not letting students back after March break as we have a large international population there. We have zero cases of Covid 19 here and zero toilet paper in our stores. Can't wait to be told to "work from home"!
  21. This has happened many times in the past and clans have gone to Tribunal over it. In all cases, the devs have stated that there is nothing they can do. It was your choice to make this person an officer.
  22. How does the crew in the turret feel when you light off 5 22inch guns at once?
  23. They can just have an alt in Russia and craft their ships there
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