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  1. There is no point joining a clan now (and doing all the work to change over) when we'll all be fresh and new at release. I think a lot of us will be looking for a clan at release though
  2. There is actually a place for solos and small clans in this scenario. Once the big clans are localised in their fortresses, you'll know where to find them for......dirty deeds...
  3. You could also inject a "Rate limit on the PB. For instance, with the highest BR PB, you can have 2 x 1st Rate, 3 x 2nd rate and no limit on the rest. You could even balance it more by requiring at least 3 x 5th rate.
  4. Oh I think there will be more than that, but the fortress mentality will prevail with this mechanic.
  5. One or two massive clans per nation... That wasn't a wipe. Just ports. We kept everything else
  6. There is no doubt in my mind that you are correct, however, it seems logical to have a proper test of the full system before release. At release would be a bad time to discover a major problem. Maybe another test bed server, but those don't get a lot of love. Add a reward for the hardcore testers who tough it out, maybe.
  7. A lot of problems seem to be cropping up and that is good for devs to see and take action. I gotta say, one problem with this port wipe is that we still all had our ships and went immediately into PB mode, which is not really giving us an idea of how it will look on wipe. We need to gather whatever feedback we can get for a couple of days, then wipe it all. Having us start from scratch with the new mechanics will tell us a lot more and give us a better idea of how the game will play out.
  8. Yeah, i'm lucky if I can get online at 6pm eastern. Everything has been done by then. Unfortunately, I don't see a solution to this regional thing. Have fun, Euro folks
  9. But they can't build them? Im not ranting about Solo combat here. I enjoy hunting solo and hunting in a group. I PREFER to build my own ships and believe that it should be possible to do that without the permission of another player. If I have to join a big clan I will, and i'll do just fine. I'm making this argument (not ranting) because I truly believe this is a poor path to push the game into. I see it turning into a red/blue contest with massive clans forted up in impregnable fortresses. I also believe that putting the power to exclude a player from anything in the game, into another players hands will cause some serious issues. A realistic experience? Group sports? Group sports are not the only sports in the real world..There are individual sports also. That's real.
  10. So you are required to play in a clan? It's a rule? Too bad. The Devs could easily make this a game for all styles.
  11. Yeah, but all that tax revenue from the other ports may not go to the clan holding the Capitol. Depends on what clan is holding the satellite ports. I've always been a big proponent of solos and small clans getting equal access to resources, but I've also always said that the clan who does the heavy lifting needs to get paid. Taxes will need to funnel back to the port where the timer is kept.
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