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  1. Cause your BR was low enough. Cerb is 100BR I believe. Less if you're not fully crewed
  2. Now that trading has been fixed, it is very exciting to invest in an expensive cargo and make sure it gets to a port. Nothing boring about trading.
  3. You can have a ton of fun at the light Frigate stages. If you feel that the only fun available to you is in 1st rates, then you are missing out on very large parts of this game. I can sympathize with most people's wish to get into a Victory, but that fact remains, we all started at zero. Why should this guy get a boost? He quit the game and now wants to be rewarded for it! XP for being logged off??!! Go hunting...git Gud!
  4. It doesn't matter, if they get such a close tag that they are firing broadsides immediately.
  5. Exceptions like that are tough. What seems perfectly reasonable to you (or me) will cause massive rage in another group. I can't imagine having anything vital in those shallow ports, but others might...
  6. Seems a very simple fix. Especially since they already have ports. It would only apply if they were to be completely destroyed. A fun challenge for a clan that is looking for action. Now that @admin is a new parent, he will have plenty of time to do this as he is no longer sleeping
  7. For me, that is the choice that Devs should make. Either remove the entire Front Line concept, or remove the ability to generate hostility from Free Towns. This half way approach is very unsatisfying.
  8. They already have it. We're not going to be wiping the map.....Are we??
  9. I may have just missed it on the thread, but will the use of the Fire Ship mod cause the mandatory reduction in crew? I just don't like the idea of sacrificing crew in order to place a suicide ship amongst the enemy. I can get behind this as a purely game play oriented mod that has no basis in reality (1st rate mission specific Fire Ships never happened), but I dislike throwing away hundreds of crew. IMO, a Fire Ship should only carry a very minimal crew and a part of the process should be "Abandon Ship" which would cause a complete loss of control (of the Fire Ship).
  10. I believe Free towns go directly against the Front Line concept. Free Towns allow one to bypass front lines and parachute hostility in certain areas. The concept of Front Lines SHOULD be that a Nation moves out from a single location, strategically choosing conquest so as to give security to their rear area. We cannot have this with Free Town Hostility. By having this combination, we lose any advantages of a Front Line in some Nations. Other Nations may still have it. It would have been good if Free Towns had never had the ability to generate hostility and all Nations had had a Capitol from which to start, but that ship has sailed (i'm not sure we could survive another wipe!). Might as well drop the whole Front Line concept now. Or get rid of Free Towns...
  11. Interesting. Presumably, a ship with 30% crew will be very slow to change sail, load guns, etc?
  12. Yeah, I've only been tagged once by these guys but they definitely cheated. A fleet with 1st rates can't move as fast as a Trinco but these guys did. And when they tagged me, there were outside the circle (possible lag). Yet when the battle opened, they were right on top of me. Cheaters!
  13. This is the best if you are new. Using a Snow or Prince, stern camp AI LGV's. knock his crew down to 60 or less and board him. Tons of XP for sinking him (over 400) and the possibility of a rich cargo. Note, less xp if you keep the ship.
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