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  1. ^^ great pic. Swordfish would be very (perhaps overly) effective in this game. Certainly, it would be an entirely different game. Naval air power changed the dynamic of naval warfare and I'm not sure it has a place in a "Dreadnoughts" game, since it basically made gun-armed warships obsolete. On the subject though, what about the recon aircraft that were found on major surface combatants prior to WWI?
  2. Anyway..not anyways (source: any dictionary).
  3. Yes. You actually want players to leave the Capitol zone at some point. If loot was great in there, they would never venture forth (and vets would stay in there as well). As many have said, the Capitol zones should be much larger.
  4. Agree that this is a very big deal. Every nation should have a "safe" crafting port. I know all the arguments that nations should fight for their premium ports to keep them but the end result is still going to be players leaving the nation or outright quitting because of the losses in time and effort.
  5. What does that image have to do with Alts?? Alts are an important part of this game. Not only does it add income to Devs, but it lessens the grind for the player base. Frankly, it adds targets to the OW which would not be there if players had only a single account.
  6. Not basic resources. Coal, Iron, etc, anyone in the nation can farm. Things like the Teak forest (investments) require you to be on a friends list.
  7. I've found that I can always get to it by sailing past and tacking.
  8. I like this and agree that everything is lost except rank. The problem is; when does the game decide you are are to become a pirate. We've all hit our friends a few times by accident.
  9. I don't understand why PVE should be different. If you're fighting multiple enemies, you're gonna take some hits when you're looting the first one you sink. Are you proposing that you should be able to sink multiple ships and then , when you've finished fighting, go around and loot them all in peace?
  10. It is definitely a skill and I think it has it's place here. In a battle with more than one enemy, you really should not get automatic loot pick-up. If the other enemy is in close contact, loss of the loot is appropriate.
  11. How does it work for a solo player? If he gets on a friendly clans list, is he then limited in who he can attack? Maybe not the owning clan obviously, but what about all others on the list? Is it effectively an alliance system with all? Can he be kicked off the list by the clan leadership? This is my issue with the current system. Comply or be shunned
  12. Good overall Op but I have a small issue with the above. Just make it so the friends list does not apply to investments or bonuses. However, there has to be some form of profit for the owning clan when everyone piles in to take advantage of this. Could be easily accomplished if the cost of putting up buildings went directly to the owning clan and then taxes would supply a continuing income.
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