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  1. I think this is a case where gameplay should over rule reality. What you say about upper deck hits not causing critical (risk of sinking) damage is true, but it would be difficult, if not impossible to simulate this in the game. We want ships to sink, but in reality, they didn't do that very often. Most ships were defeated when they surrendered after suffering upper deck damage, rigging damage and casualties. Accumulation of hits, regardless of where they strike, seems to me a good simulation.
  2. I have had a wreck near Hispaniola for a week. Sailed past it and looked at it, but haven't been bothered to pick it up.
  3. Angus MacDuff

    A Controversial Subject.

    I want my money back on the PTW Herc. Twice this week I've had to run away from ships that I could not defeat! They were skilfully handled and caused DAMAGE to my PTW Herc!
  4. Angus MacDuff

    A Controversial Subject.

    So punish people for buying DLC?
  5. Angus MacDuff

    A Controversial Subject.

    Do we need a solution for the Herc? With light frigates in the shallows, the Herc is just another light 5th with some advantages...some disadvantages. A skilled player can beat it. The Req, IMO, needs to be a 5th also and take a nerf on sail force and Mods use.
  6. Angus MacDuff

    Questions to developers

    Peace server is perfect for solo play and no pvp
  7. Angus MacDuff

    Travel Experience

    What do we care if a player gets to high rank without engaging in PVP? He wants to run his 4 unarmed Indiamen and make millions (and some hunter will be happy to teach him that this is risky). I like the idea of travel giving xp for the simple reason that my traders never have any slots open. Yes I know I could go out and grind the slots in a PVE fight, but that is no fun at all. We already have to do that for warships. Giving travel xp to traders (including bots) would increase their lethality for those who are able to use them effectively and make it a little less like seal clubbing when you catch unescorted traders in OW.
  8. Angus MacDuff

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Did you spend enough time in purgatory to learn your lesson though?
  9. I think the AI doubloon drop is pretty good right now. It was very high last week. Twice, I got over 6K doubloons from AI traders. Lately, it seem to be around 500-1000. I agree with those who say that kill missions don't pay enough for the effort in comparison. I also think that doubloon drop after PVP kills is pretty good. What I would really like to see is the chest rewards be buffed. More gold and silver chests for killing 15 ships in a class and better books/mods in those chests. Even a mission chest should have something good. I feel let down every time I open one.
  10. Angus MacDuff

    Hercules OW Spam

    And why the complaint about once a day redeeming? That means they are losing at least one ship a day. Good content. I don't redeem once a day....
  11. Angus MacDuff

    Hercules OW Spam

    I fight in Herc a lot. I win when I out skill my opponent and lose when he out skills me. Because I practice, I am a pretty good Herc driver. There are players who have mastered the Snow and can take down a Bellona with them. I can't do that, so I guess I should get my money back, as I paid to win all battles and I cant do what a cheaply crafted snow can do.
  12. Angus MacDuff

    Christmas books list ?

    Anyone who enjoys this game must read this Series.
  13. Angus MacDuff

    Hercules OW Spam

    The point that many have made is that the Herc does not need an adjustment. It is a small fast frigate that can beat other small frigates if skilfully employed. It has a much smaller chance against the larger ships unless there are serious mistakes made. Does this mean the Snow needs to be adjusted because there are several players who routinely take out large ships with it?
  14. Angus MacDuff

    Sealed bottle - loot tables

    You've got some karma biting you in the ass! RNG hates you. I got over 12k Doubloons yesterday from a couple of PVP kills and some AI TBrigs. Biggest AI haul is 6700 and biggest PVP haul (not counting the ones that go to your chest is 2600.
  15. Angus MacDuff

    Hercules OW Spam

    This is a game of aberrations. The Snow is an aberration. Going 32 knots in OW...Going 6 knots against the wind in a square rigger. The Wappen.. Fully Carro armed ships... repair in battle. (I don't think you meant contemporary, btw)