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  1. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. In gunnery, you are firing your salvoes into a box. Range, weather, and quality of fire control will determine the size of the box. After that, it's just statistics. If the box is X size, and the target is Y size, then statistically, Z shells will strike the target. The damage that they cause is a function of bullet quality/technology and target vulnerability. There is always the chance of the golden BB hit on the Hood....statistically.
  2. How DO you get dubs on the PVE server? Is it just by hunting AI traders? That would indeed be soul destroying. Where the PVP server gives dubs for killing player warships, the PVE server should do the same thing for killing AI warships, I would think.
  3. Sigh.... Actually, I would argue that the damage control aspect should be quite a high priority in this game, and I like that graphic. Unlike Naval Action where the priority is throwing cannon balls into the target, or an "Air" heavy game where the planes are the hammer, this game is about throwing the bullets and surviving the hits. We read historical accounts of the damage received to these monsters and the actions taken to keep them fighting. Even on today's warships (which are made of paper), the Damage Control Organisation is a large and vital part of the overall combat strength of a unit.
  4. Yeah, but that would always be the same players. Don't get me wrong, it displays high skill to top the leaderboard, but most of us will never achieve that and I can see bitterness coming from that.
  5. Reading the arguments against, I have to agree. A veteran's level should not be visible for all of the reasons stated above. I would still like to see something done with XP once you reach max rank though. The veteran stars idea would be fine if it's only seen by the player himself. It's like the medal box from Silent Hunter. What if XP above the max rank could be redeemed for something?
  6. You guys are having a personal argument which is off topic. Take to PM, would you please?
  7. I've actually had the tag counter counting down when the player disappeared (just like when he's entering port). I'm sure that that was a mission. I have heard rumours of an exploit, but never witnessed it.
  8. Players disappear (full sails) when they enter their mission. Is there another way?
  9. It sucks. there will be swarms of Snows (like piranha) assaulting everything that moves.
  10. Better than Loran C, i'll give ya that!
  11. Amazing! Roomy! (speaking as a diesel boat submariner)
  12. I'm simply shocked...Shocked...that you would infer that from what I said. Like any other explosive component, I'm just saying that if it is part of the ship, it must be suitably vulnerable (based on location). Gun magazines were generally deep in the citadel and less vulnerable (poor unlucky Hood). Upper deck torpedo tubes and of course, Aircraft (and fuel) must be very vulnerable.
  13. I don't see his coffee. Surely there is coffee!!
  14. I'm not objecting to some enthusiasts having a deep discussion. Just saying it needs to have it's own thread.
  15. I always enjoyed being on the bridge (of a modern destroyer) at this time of day.
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