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  1. Angus MacDuff

    Patch 27 - Trading feedback

    Lubricates yer whales!
  2. Angus MacDuff

    Patch 27 - Trading feedback

    They are there sometimes. Just someone is getting them before you. Or else the trader that brings them in is getting captured at sea
  3. Angus MacDuff


    Again, I refer you to the Nore Mutiny (and Portmouth/Plymouth). The entire fleet mutinied because of general conditions aboard. I'm thinking of this more for the economic impact that just a lengthy sailing issue.
  4. Angus MacDuff


    Good link, thanks. I see @admin point in this regard, but that covers only one aspect, with which I agree. I'm talking more about the economic requirement of keeping a crew happy at all times and paying out the overhead required in running a ship. This touches another thread that spoke of high overhead for 1st rates etc.
  5. Angus MacDuff


    So i'm reading one of the Alan Lewrie adventures (King's Captain, Dewey Lambden), which covers the Nore Mutiny of 1797. This was a major issue in the age of sail and i'm wondering if it has a place in the game. As all of you history buffs know, the mutiny was caused by a number of factors. low pay and pay in arrears, brutal officers, no shore leave for years on end and horrible food (issued at 13 ounces to the pound). Many games factor in "keeping the plebes happy". Could we have (and do we want) a "Mutiny" trigger in this game. It's a good add for the realism factor, but of course, gameplay should come first. To do it, the only way I can think is to institute operating costs for each ship you own. Adjustable by the Captain (you), if you pay more, you get a happy crew with high morale. Pay less and you get a surly crew. Leave them surly long enough and you get a Mutiny. Once a ship mutinies in harbour, you'd have to put up a lot of money to get it back. At sea, you could find yourself in a boarding mini game without warning and lose your ship. How will it add to the game? Some players will flat out hate this as they don't want any distraction from PVP, but part of this game is economy and that means covering your overhead as well as making profit. This could make the economic part of the game more vibrant. For your consideration, Messrs.
  6. Angus MacDuff

    Question (looting system sucks)

    That's always been like that. If you approach an AI that has more crew, he will board. He always has boarding prep and always has marines. I was in a fight with an AI Frigate with my Herc and as I was tacking close to him, I got down to 2 Knots...He insta-boarded me and nearly took me. Until he is completely dead (not nearly dead (literary reference here!)) stay away if you have less crew.
  7. For me, I don't take kill missions much as the reward is very low. I always have some 5th and 6th rate hunt missions on the go as I know I will be killing traders so it's just a matter of double payment. I also carry some search and destroy missions for specific ships that I expect to see, for instance, niagras and snows in the Nassau patrol zone. Rule of thumb for me is to find missions that reward a Chest as well as Doubloons.
  8. Angus MacDuff

    Patch 27 - Trading feedback

    I wouldn't say its unprofitable. You have to find it though. I made 600K Reals last night in just over an hour (2 TBrigs with an escort). The issue for me is finding that profitable trade route and then hoping it will stay that way. The biggest complaint that I see coming for traders is that their trade good drops are not consistent. For me, that money that I made should let me hunt for a week without trading
  9. Yeah, I think that if im going to do 5th rate missions, I will kit out a very tanky Indef with long guns in the main battery. Carros on the upper and turn them off at any distance. The AI is too accurate for the Herc
  10. Angus MacDuff

    FPS Limit for Port Interface

    Is it powered by water wheel?
  11. Yeah it seems like hand holding. I already knew not to shoot my own bots.
  12. Everything has an impact on economy. If you focus most of your time on grinding for books, you're not participating in a dynamic economy. If the game is unbalanced because there are "haves" and have-nots", the economy suffers. Loodsman costs 9k Doubloons. That has an effect on the economy.
  13. Angus MacDuff

    Muskets, the new golden marines?

    The problem with muskets is that they have no major disadvantage. In RL if a Captain armed the majority of his crew with muskets, they would get torn apart when they were not firing. They have to be re-loaded and they are just clubs in hand-to-hand. Plus, sailors were notoriously poor with muskets.
  14. Total wipe, back to basic cutter for everyone would be ideal in my opinion. But then, make the "Rare" go away and mission drops cough up some valuable books. Balanced playing field. Good players will always be good players, regardless of gear. Lets see if the economy works
  15. Eight would be the perfect number if Freeports were also Free outposts.