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  1. None of these suggestions are something that I would support. We all have different ideas about how to make the game better (for ourselves). I respect your opinion on how you would like to see things turn out, but I disagree with them all. The devs have to pick and choose what aspects they want to change and all we can really do on the forums is throw ideas at them and hope something sticks. And really, the devs should only be listening to me....
  2. If you're going to do that (and I agree that it would be good), then no contracts. That was a pain.. You gotta go there and get them when they're available.
  3. Early days. Clans are building for their people and solo crafters are still ramping up. As the huge initial investments in shipbuilding gets paid off, you will see ships on the market.
  4. Risk is fun. If trading were more profitable, more players would engage in trade. Sure, there will be those who just want the easy money, but even then, they are sailing in OW.
  5. Greedy Devs...trying to make money.....Things went to hell over there when they lost Communism!
  6. I don't think we should combat that. There will always be players who become immensely rich in a short time. Multiple alts, unlimited time to play, or both. So what. Let those who want to accumulate money do so. It can't be stopped and designing the game around this hurts all the average players who make a reasonable amount of money in reasonable time.
  7. I get gameplay v reality, but in this case I disagree. A certain amount of realism in this game is necessary for immersion and taking the other guy's sh...stuff is big on the list. Why not? You still have to choose between the PVP kill and keeping the cargo (which I hate...).
  8. Nope. It's whoever does the most damage. What he's saying is that if you take down a quarter of his armour and then I board him and sink him...you get the kill even though you only did 25% damage, because there is no damage credit for sinking after boarding.
  9. I used to see a couple of Brits in heavy warships each with 3 Indiamen in fleet. This is smart play and I always wanted to hunt them down with friends. Really good content that is lost because trading is not worth it.
  10. I think this is why we revised the trading mechanic. I don't agree with it. Trade has meaning in the game just as it had in RL. To make money. This isn't an economy game, but it hovers on the edge of that. We need to make money to carry out our other activities, but I don't care if my Parisian Furniture has any function in the game. it's just a means to an end.
  11. As I said, bring us back to a year ago with trading. I can't remember why it was bad and needed to be changed.
  12. We have to stop worrying about alts. There will always be alts. You can kill alts just the same as their owners.
  13. Depends on the trader. Some of them were real aces and they just don't do it any more. Also as Thor said, it is very satisfying to get a big cargo past the wolves. it's not just about hunting traders.
  14. I would say that the developer target for some trade goods should be: triple your investment in a 30-60 minute run. I remember the Parisian Furniture runs from Les Cayes to KPR. That route was heavily used and equally heavily hunted. There used to be a lot of great trade routes.
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