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  1. I expect one of our skilled players will sink a 1st rate with a Snow or a Herc using this damage model. Stern rakes with Carros will be very telling. (I cant test any more since i'll be in the actual Caribbean for the next couple of weeks)
  2. Speed. The balancer should be speed. Speed cap the big boys and the smaller ships can dance around them. Just don't dance too close...
  3. This is the root of the argument and something that I hope Devs will take into account. I am a fan of realistic broadsides doing crippling damage to much smaller ships, but that in itself should not be the only thing modified. As you say, there are many aspects to a naval battle and modding only one puts a serious imbalance into the equation. They have not addressed the manoeuvrability of the smaller ships with this mod. A snow with carros will be able to sit behind a 1st rate and destroy it with raking broadsides.
  4. I don't think it should have any effect. Many players (those who read) have the expectation that a 5th rate going against a 3rd rate is suicide. It certainly never crossed my mind until I saw it happening in this game. Most new players will accept this without question. Old players who cannot adapt to change are the only problem. There will always be a certain amount of turnover with this thing.
  5. Absolutely not true. But it is selective. When I cap a trader I look at the cargo and decide if it is worth my time to bring it to port. If I am deep in enemy waters and there is no consuming port nearby, then yes I will sink it for the doubloons (player traders). I have gleefully taken well loaded traders back to my ports regardless of time is the cargo is worth it. There is no malice in killing a player trader. It's simply economics. Sinking an Indiaman has given me 2600 Doubloons, but sometimes their cargo is not very valuable, or they're empty. If I engage 3 Indiamen with my Herc, then i'm not looking to capture (cause I can't!). I just want the battle, cause y'know...it's a PVP game.
  6. You're just ignoring what people are saying here. Trading is easy. Making money is easy. Yes, trade ships will be killed/captured, but more will get through and that is a fun aspect of the game. Solo trade is very rewarding once you figure it out. Figuring it out is extremely rewarding and satisfying. Why you gotta be so negative, man?
  7. To hunt other 5th rates and traders. 5th rates won't fade away. They can avoid any SOL and are way more fun to fight in (IMHO).
  8. That makes laser carros as stern chasers a nightmare. Indiaman with 68lb Carros??!!
  9. This is why partial realism can be a nightmare. If you're going to have realistic gunnery, then you really need realistic comparative sailing qualities. No Bellona should catch a frigate.
  10. I still haven't heard anything about Frigate v Frigate. Its all 1st rate love.
  11. I think this is great for a test. There's no question that they have given us something very close to realistic with this damage model. Another example from the Battle of the Nile is the Brit 74, Bellerophon took a serious beating from Orient, showing that a lone 74 cannot stand up to a 1st rate. Of course, orient was ganged up on and sunk. Now we have to decide if this is what we want for the game. Full realism is very lopsided and you are right that no-one will bring a lone Bellona near a 1st rate (never mind a 5th rate). I'm thinking that two 1st rates trading broadsides will be "mutually assured destruction". Do we want this?
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