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  1. It's a great idea, but good luck getting that kind of major change pushed through.
  2. Looks good. I'd hate to be the enemy who ends up joining between two square forts, but that is always the risk when you join an inshore battle.
  3. If you left the battle before it indicated that it was ended, then any of your NPC ships that had not left yet would have surrendered.
  4. They would probably listen to a reasonable argument over a childish ad hominem attack.
  5. I argued hard at the time and many agreed, but the decision was made. I can live with what we have as there are plenty of advantages for my play style in it. I just always thought it was terribly unrealistic. Yes, I understand the irony of using the word "realistic" in a computer game....
  6. I see that and I don't disagree with your proposal to limit friends from joining. There has been numerous occasions where I don't want a friendly to come in.
  7. Hey, i'm a believer in the 2 min timer for both sides. I don't believe in reinforcements at all, but i'm working within the rules that we have. Devs already said that this is the ROE we will go forward with.
  8. Completely disagree with 1 & 2. Solo PVP zone is where you go for fair fights. The rest is the chaos of war. Any military planner worth his salt does his best to ensure that his side wins in the most UNFAIR fight possible. The idea might be interesting on PVP to stop "friends" from inflating the BR and certainly should be mandatory on the Peace server. We need a "swear" jar for people who use the word "fair".
  9. luck of the draw. Its possible that joining a battle late will mean you are not much use. You'll never make everyone happy (i'm sure you didn't know this).
  10. That's a little strong. I can attack a lower br and about half the time, I kill it and am gone before the reinforcement. Another 25% of the time, I am thrilled that the reinforcement is someone that I can fight also. the rest of the time, yes, I run...but even then, they normally are far enough back that I can bolt. A lot of attacking low br is about getting a better fight from whoever joins.
  11. Solo hunting is great, but you have to take precautions. Look around before you tag. if you can see another player, he can join your battle. If you tag near a port, there is a chance for someone to come out and enter your battle. The thing that makes solo hunting so exciting is the danger.
  12. True, but the only value in hitting a TBrig is for the PVP mission (and the Hunt mission). Their cargo is now solely the cargo mission and has no value to the hunter. By making them valueless, we would have countless TBrigs and TSnows trading without risk. I don't think we want that.
  13. That would be good too. Hey, I was happy with the 2 min join timer on both sides, but we play the cards we're dealt. When I tag a Surprise in my Herc or join a higher BR battle, I don't check birthdays. The 20 min timer is designed with the specific intent that players will join the weak side. That has also blown up in my face as recently as last night.
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