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  1. So If i remember correctly, the main map will be using a grid system. First thing that comes to mind is Atlantic fleet's main campaign. The issue i find with this is when designing cruisers like ones meant to out run and ship they can't outgun or outgun and ship that they cant outrun. if it's a turn based grid system that could be nulled. For example lets say a hostile raiding squadron comprised of fast cruisers are raiding convoys. Would it be beneficial to build battle cruisers who are supposed to respond quickly (but because its a grid system) or would it take the same time for a battleship to move to intercept because it has to move on a per turn basis. in real life the Renown and Dunkirk were sent to hunt down the Graf Spee because thats what they were designed to do (hunt down cruisers). So my question is how would this be represented on a grid system like the one planned?
  2. As much as battlecruisers are a niche market, I think we should add more dreadnought era and post war battlecruiser hulls. Maybe some believe that its kinda pointless given the historical record of battlecruisers, but I see this game as a opportunity to perfect the battlecruiser idea. As of rn only Britain seems to get the luxury of having a hull that has a lot more freedom in combinations of guns and armor. Everyone else, (especially america) is still stuck with a Invincible hull (battlecruiser III)that will always have a ridiculous fore weight offset if you ever try to make a 8 gun super firing battlecruiser or even a 6 gun 2 fore and 1 aft design and you are also trapped with 10k less displacement. maybe it could be possible to add a battlecruiser V (or anything similar in scale) hull to other nations as well or is the tech tree planning to be open to players being able to research any kind of hull they want no matter the nation?
  3. While I quite enjoy the fact that battles are more realistic in the fact that tight formations have the chance to blow each other out of the water, I am currently testing a cruiser battle to see if battlecruisers can actually turn the tide of a battle until a destroyer (apart of my fleet's screening force) decided to drop a full spread of 10 torpedoes at on of my own heavy cruisers because on the other side of it was a hostile heavy cruiser. With that said, is there a targeting algorithm for friendly ships so that they can avoid sinking their own ships in broad daylight?
  4. @Ink Ran a hardware test and a memory test using memtest, no errors were found anywhere
  5. Yes i am sure its not a heating issue has the computer was not showing any signs of heating before the menu and when I pressed yes the PC didnt even have a chance to process before it switched it
  6. Hi the custom battle crash has returned, but now only when pressing yes to play again. Crash report has been sent under computer "Crash when restarting battle" Yes my computer is up to date and everything
  7. With the advent of The HMS hood, I see great potential ioth possibly adding for WW1 era Battleship and battle cruiser towers designs Firstly the Queen Elizabeth and iron duke class battleships come to mind when I think WW1 British battleships. I really wish we had more British style towers that represent that classic superstructure. the thing is we almost have these designs, advanced tower XII is quite similar to the tower showed above, but maybe we could could make the British modern tower design (Hood) with a barbette (and maybe room for more funnels) much like the one shown on the warspite (also made available in 1914). Now if the Advanced tower is supposed to represent the above tower, maybe we can also try to make the rear towers hold up to 15 in guns. At the moment rear towers cant hold 15 inch guns which kinda doesn't work with the front tower which can hold 16 in guns. next battlecruisers in the 10's and 20's could use a tower which incorporates a barbette with the tower (much like the hood tower with a barbette attached to it) which can make battlecrusier designs possible form that era to be built and used in the game. Would definitely like to see more designs like the German or British battlecruiser designs (prefer British at least) which can add a bit more depth for the super dreadnought era
  8. don't share this issue, using tube powder i can sink most enemy ships through flood damage might wanna check penetration values when you begin to engage. with hits at he belt or below waterline I am sinking ships in a reasonable amount of salvos only time i ran outta round was when ships ran away to regroup then reengaged prolonging the battle
  9. with all that said, I think the damage model is in a really good state at the moment. Battles have a really nice pacing compared to past alphas. AP shells feel about right in my opinion. Now to address the HE complaints the only way to fix this would be to 1. add a greater damage penalty of HE shells if the shells DO NOT penetrate the hull at all. This makes armor actually do its job exploding HE shells before that go deeper into the hull 2. reduce HE penetration greatly so that HE can not cause damage by penetrating and exploding inside the ship as frequently as is. that being said if a ship's armor can not defend against a HE shell penetration after the fact (Lets say a 18 inch gun vs a budget battleship), then yes doing 400 or so damage should be fair. I dont believe we should be drastically changing the damage model again because Alpha 4 was a disaster on release.
  10. Few additional ideas - US Battleship interwar turrets and towers (tripod masts and maybe guns that resemble New York or Pennsylvania class ships) - US and britsh interwar treaty cruiser designs (Really enjoy designing ships with the trento towers, but it would be even cooler with new orlands or county class superstructures) - Boston or Cleveland class hulls - Imperial Japanese Navy interwar pagoda towers - WWI britsh superstructures (queen Elizabeth and renown class launch superstructures and Iron Duke) These are the ones that are off the top of my head and would be really cool to have in the ship builder, but there is one more feature that I would really like, but I'm not holding my breath for is spotting float planes for increased accuracy and scouting.
  11. Yeah might be a glitch thats rare, did 5 cruiser battles and all of them I was able to fire both port and starboard torpedo separately while they were reloading
  12. Something feels off about having Italian heavy cruiser guns on a south Carolina class hull (US 1906 Dreadnought hull), feels like this might need to be changed for nation specific turret designs to the generic guns in my opinion
  13. I dont seem to have this issue with deck torpedo tubes, which torpedo tubes do you use when you encounter this? Definitely agree especially with adding secondaries to the new cruisers
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