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  1. I think it is a mistake to assume that nothing but combat takes place on the War server. Logistics wins wars and is a crucial part of our War server. I think of it as more of a full service server where everything that goes into war-fighting is required. I like that there are players on this server who relish the supporting roles and act as the suppliers for their fighters. Throughout history, it's the Quartermaster who wins or loses the battle. For me, the peace server is ridiculously artificial and "Disney-like", where you can pretend to be a warrior but need not take any risks.
  2. This burns you when you encounter a player with a fleet. You kill his lead ship and when you jump on his surviving ship in OW it doesn't go towards your mission. Was this intended also?
  3. It would just be an annoyance. I fight AI sometimes, but it's when I choose to. If im being tagged by AI i'll just lose them in the instance. This turns it into an enormous time-sink in a game that takes a lot of time already. So maybe I want to do a final cargo run or PVP sweep before shutting down......with aggressive AI to deal with, I'll decide I don't have time for anything constructive and shut down early. Net result is less players online, because we are not on the PVP server to focus on PVE.
  4. This is something I would have liked to see from the beginning, but the issue is that now the game is heavily focused on this difference in quality. Everything the clans do now is towards developing the super fortress ports with the best crafting bonuses. I don't see a road back from this process now. If we were to go with your proposal, many (most??) would start crafting ships in the uncapturable port to avoid the risk of losing their investments.
  5. I wonder why it's the most Infamous? You're right of course, but Hermoine was far more bloody and they got away with it....and Spithead and The Nore were much larger and actually saw some success for the mutineers! I think it has been romanticised and there is far too much sympathy for Christian and his bunch. Bligh went on to command a 64 (He was at Camperdown and Copenhagen) and also got embroiled in the Nore mutiny....so twice burned. I think what we have here is a reasonably strict Captain who was not unusual for the age, but who had the bad luck to have saddled himself with an entitled liberal in Fletcher Christian. Kinda puts me in mind of our Millenials today. In my military career, I have seen countless young people come into the Navy and rebel against even todays gentle discipline. I actually had one young man in my office crying to get posted off of subs because he had just learned that he can't email his girlfriend every night while the sub is dived!
  6. Classic failed gank attempt, although Shannon got some satisfaction by taking Chesapeake.
  7. Just give DLC owners a choice of redeeming it as a ship note as we do now with no port bonuses, or as a permit, where we can build it with port bonuses. Having said that, a Le Req 6th rate with port bonuses would be ridiculously OP.
  8. It's ironic that players who don't make the kill can steal the loot from another player, but if an AI makes the kill, or the fort...you cant loot that ship.
  9. Spend a few days on the peace server and ask questions there. Learn to kill AI and make money there, first.
  10. If you are making a run into a hunted port (capitol/Free Town), ensure that you have good wind before you are close. The longer you spend in a heavily hunted area (because of bad wind), the longer the wolves have to spot you. Pause well outside the danger area until you are sure you will have your best wind to make your dash.
  11. I actually said, earlier in the thread, that I would not buy an Arena DLC...BUT, I have no problem with other players having it. It's not for me, but I don't believe that my style is for everyone. Whether it works or not would be an issue of which I have very little concern. That would be up to the players that enjoy it. They have reiterated this on several occasions.
  12. It's like that Game of Thrones episode this year that was nothing but a big battle with the walkers...I was bored.
  13. The most annoyed I ever got was when I tagged a Brit TBrig with 2 in fleet. I was in a Herc and assumed he was one of the usual dummies in 3 unescorted TBrigs (maybe even no guns). Easy kills. Turns out the 2 in fleet were a Cerb and a Essex...fully armed. Within a minute my sails were below 70% and I was popping a sail repair and wishing him a polite goodbye.
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