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  1. There are a lot more GB players because they have more options. All Nations get farmed to a degree. The US player base is stuck up in a corner and that is a separate issue.
  2. I think this is incredibly important. The US time zone have a huge potential player base and by their nature, they (mostly) will only sail under a US flag. Parking them up it the corner of the map has got to be hurting player population.
  3. I'm starting to see a small issue with the excellent doubloon drops from AI traders. My buddy just scored a big one and when he pulled into the nearest port to upload it to his chest, he found that he couldn't, because the chest can only hold 10k. Now I understand that Devs are happy for us to loot the hold of a captured/sunk ship and then have to transport it. If we have to bring it back to an outpost that has a warehouse, however, that means we will often have to cut short a cruise in order to get all of our doubloons safely home. And really, I only want my doubloons to be stored where my production exists, not in any outlying outpost warehouse. The other alternative is to not hunt AI traders if there is a chance that it will send you home before you are ready to finish. Is it possible to have more than 10k in your chest? There are 4 slots there, after all.
  4. Angus MacDuff

    We want outlaw battles!

    lol, le troll francais...
  5. Angus MacDuff

    We want outlaw battles!

    I agree that it's an interesting concept and I would enjoy testing it also. The issue would be the existing players who have set themselves up as Pirates in a more "care bear" existence. Simply turning the Pirate nation into something else would be very harsh on those players. You would almost have to introduce another faction who are "Outlaw". Yes, I also agree that we already have too many nations already, but how do you bring in something like this without hurting a lot of established players? A new faction? A special flag?
  6. Angus MacDuff

    We want outlaw battles!

    Where did that fact come from? There is a prevailing opinion on this forum about that, but I don't think we speak for all players here. The majority on the forum are experienced players who have a very distinct bias towards their own ideas. I wouldn't presume to speak for the whole community. Many of the players in the Pirate nation are casuals or new players who like to sail under the Jolly Roger. They are very happy with their 'Pirate Nation". I personally think it might be a fun experiment (I wasn't here for the last one), but I guarantee that it would hurt a large percentage of players who are currently Pirate. Maybe this is something that could be optional, similar to the old smuggler flag.
  7. Angus MacDuff

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    This is such a simple solution to all the complaints regarding safety of new players. Cant understand why we don't do it...
  8. Angus MacDuff

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    Not so sure about this. It is ridiculously easy to make money on the Peace server. Why would anyone trade on the War server if you could transfer yourself with Reals and Doubloons back and forth. I think you would lose content on the War server if this were to happen. Path of least resistance and all...
  9. Since you can get 6000 Doubloons from a single AI trader, the bet might be quite high
  10. I like this attitude and hope it affects other things beyond money. The "two hour a day" player also needs to acquire the rare books and mods if he wants to survive against the elite vets. Increased doubloons will allow us to purchase some good stuff in the Admiralty, but the more attractive books still seem very difficult to get. And please...I don't want to hear "books and mods don't matter" from anyone who has them all
  11. Angus MacDuff

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    Yeah, I love my Herc and the ability to replace it....Because I do lose out to the better Captain, in various ships, on occasion. The funny thing is (and i'm sure this fuels the OP argument) that when I beat someone, they always blame it on the OP DLC ship I'm sailing. Y'know, sometimes I get it right and the other skipper gets it wrong.
  12. Angus MacDuff

    Back after 2 years

  13. Angus MacDuff

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    Historically, if you cant see the sun, you don't get to fix. Same rule should apply here.
  14. Angus MacDuff

    Back after 2 years

    When you said this, I thought you had done the tutorials once already. Now that you've cleared that up , I hope that you enjoy all the lovely loot that you get from the tutorial! Ask for advice on chat if you're having trouble with the exams and there is a great youtube (somewhere) on these forums which will tell you how to pass the final. many players find it impossible. Stay away from the capitol!
  15. Angus MacDuff

    Perk Re-Work

    Different fighting styles would engage a different perk set. I see what you're saying that there would be standard "packages", but they should still vary based on size of ship and personal style. We'd definitely need a larger variety of perks if the Devs ever wanted to institute this.