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  1. Angus MacDuff

    Dynamic BR

    Extra points for stretching an analogy. We've all been asking for improvements that will accomplish what you ask for, but Devs are moving at their own speed. They have told us that new player retention is on their radar and I believe we will see something in this regard....but i'm sure there will be complaints with whatever comes out. For me, it would be simply extending the Capitol zones to 3 times their current size and ensuring there are plenty of low rank AI to farm in there. After that, get out in OW and take your chances. I really have no sympathy for the player in the unescorted (and unarmed) trader. It's not seal clubbing when you kill them...it's moron clubbing. Don't add more complications like a sliding BR scale to it.
  2. Angus MacDuff

    Dynamic BR

    Then its a completely different subject. very few players turn away from an easy kill. I've seen Wasas taking out TBrigs.
  3. Angus MacDuff

    Dynamic BR

    This is already in place. If you sink a TBrig with a Trinco, you get barely any xp, reals, or PVP marks. Players still do it because any kill goes towards your missions (sometimes up to 3 missions at once).
  4. Angus MacDuff

    Dynamic BR

    The problem is, if I see a La Renomee I open world, I assume it's BR is 130. If I tag it in my Herc, (BR 110), I know im under and the battle will close in 2 minutes. With all these convoluted ideas on "improving" the BR, I would not know what im getting into.
  5. Angus MacDuff

    Dynamic BR

    Yes, it breaks the KISS principle. BR is fine. BR should be the same regardless of mods, slots or crew size. It's a player's own fault if he goes out in an undermanned, zero slot ship.
  6. I've captured 3 sealed bottles off of players in the last two weeks. Who needs fishing?
  7. I'm not sure I understand. You're saying that ships are plentiful and players like it? The logical take from that is if gear/mods/books/woods were more easily attainable, players would build more and sail out without fear......that can't be right...
  8. The short answer is No. You can't attack just any shallow port. You must start with county capitols and they are fortified and at this point, heavily defended. It takes an incredible amount of resources/organisation to do RVR and small nations/clans have no chance.
  9. And this is why the population is down and dropping. it's too hard to get the stuff you want. The players that cant get what they want just give up. I've heard all of the arguments for working hard to gain advantage or join the right clan, but none of that will change basic human nature. Many players are simply giving up, because they cant get the gear/mods/books/ships that they feel they need. Sure, some of you will say that you don't actually need the gear to be successful and a few of you have shown this is true with your exceptional skill....but that is a minority. Perception is what matters and if a player perceives he is at a disadvantage with no realistic hope of correcting it, he will walk away.
  10. The port bonuses are not the problem. The friendly clans list is the issue.
  11. This is probably more about when the devs want to do it during their working day in Kiev. I doubt that there is a lot of movement possible on their part.
  12. I don't understand how a naval Clock can't come off of a ship any time the Captain wants to take it.
  13. It should give back the refits and mods!
  14. I would vote for moving it back two hours. Right now its at 7am and i'm usually up at 6. Pain in the ass...
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