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  1. And you think that trying to run a democracy in this game will not cause infighting and insults? I have never been insulted by a member of my own nation.
  2. So some player that paid the same amount for the game as me can tell me who I can or cannot attack?? That's ridiculous. We already have some diplomacy. Some clans make deals with foreign clans. That does not affect all players in the nation and everybody understands that. Democracy in a war game is silly. 51% to win an election means that 49% are unhappy.
  3. Back in the day, they did it barefoot with sand on the deck.
  4. All the vets will be M&C on day one with a Herc and Pandora (Req too, I guess). Still have to grind open the slots, though.
  5. It turns out that if you buy this game, you can have a character on both servers! This means that when you want peace, you can go to one, and when you want war (PVP), you can go to the other!! Who knew?!
  6. yes, i'm doing short runs with 2 Indiamen and making 50k-60k each way. I'm just not enthusiastic about trading as it stands. I'd rather be doing something else, but you need the big bucks to pay for stuff. Low income, plus high expenses is a buzz kill. Over 100k for a copper plate. Extracting resources costs a fortune. And because things like Mods and ship sales are player driven, we can't hope for lower prices there. Profits must increase. Not that long ago, you could triple your investment on certain runs....those were good times. Did anybody complain about having too much money? No they, spent it and put people out in OW.
  7. Yes, i'm more than happy to support our national clans (or even when I sneak into a Brit port!). I haven't actually asked a friendly clan if I can access the rare woods yet, as I don't have the money, but I feel that I shouldn't have to be on a list. Someone else has already suggested that 50% of the rare woods missions should be available to non-clan national players. I think this is an excellent idea that allows more players to gain these items. I know the old argument about alts, but honestly, we need to stop concerning ourselves with that. Alts are a fact of life in a game and should be ignored. We should certainly not be designing game features around them IOT combat their abuse.
  8. This is a bug mate. You can't open a 4th slot on a LGVR. I've tried. It shows you the XP needed when you hover your mouse, but when you get there, is just stays closed and you feel ripped off. Very sad...
  9. I'm not a clan player, but the clans still need to profit. They do the hard work of capturing the port and keeping it. I help when I can by joining their PB or screening, but that is a lot easier for me alone (as opposed to organising a PB). I agree with you that the solo/casual player also needs incentive (profits) to be engaged. That is why I agree with the suggestions to allow casuals to share in the distribution of rare items and just pay some taxes. @admin has already said that he is looking at the profits for trading. I would like to be able to double my money on a trade run without spending several hours at sea (yawn!). I keep saying this, but more money, more access to rare goods, means more players in OW. (get rid of the word "Rare")
  10. I joined a battle outside Sant Iago last night (in Endy). It was about 12 minutes in and a Brit player (PFrig) was boarding a AI LGV. I was far away but he was so focused on his Boarding mini game that he did not see me coming. I was able to get close and sink him. I'm not liking this 20 minute timer! I feel that my entry into the battle so late was completely unfair. I was probably down by La Navasse when his battle began, which in reality would have been several days sail away.
  11. No player voting, ever. As soon as you allow one group of players to determine the play of another group, you have chaos.
  12. I feel like the rare goods distribution is a major flaw at the moment. I'm against the whole concept of "rare", however. If you can't play because you don't have access to White Oak, then that is a choice you are making. I "can" play without that resource, but I don't believe I should have to. There should be an ability for all players to get any resource they want, with some effort. It should not depend on any other player, though.
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