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  1. Much like the Peace server players who hate the thought of forced PVP, we on the PVP server (at least some of us) hate the concept of forced PVE.
  2. Yeah, leave smaller ships as faster or else the meta will become nothing but 3rd rate and above....#savesomelovefor5thrates
  3. They could have just expanded the capitol zone for that...or even better, go back to the green zones.
  4. Don't worry about rank. As you said, it means nothing. There are plenty who have max rank and can't fight. Others with low rank and are surprisingly good (probably alts). Skill comes from experience. I suggest you spend as much time as you can in the PZ with crappy ships (with or without friends). Especially if you can do the Solo zone and find takers.
  5. Well done on hanging in there. Your attitude is very positive. As you begin to get involved in larger group fights, you will find that getting in each other's way is one of the worst sins!
  6. I'm thinking we could use some indication on the map about where their Area of Effect exists.
  7. Fair enough on that. If you find some coding time you may want to consider that the main fear of neighbouring ships when L'Orient blew up was flaming debris.
  8. Just got tagged by one of the big fleets (Privateer Fleet?) and spent 5 minutes escaping, since I cant fight 4000BR in my Herc. Forced PVE that you must run away from... Just not fun. I would have been happy with bigger capitol zones to protect the noobs. I was well away from the capitol though and just passing by. I predict less PVP overall.
  9. One of the issues on the PVE server is that the culture, having never been chased, has them building tanky ships which only need fight when the Captain chooses. This puts them at a disadvantage now that they can be hunted. It's very difficult to adjust a culture...
  10. Full circle. @Ink has already said this will be changed. I'm certainly enjoying this thread, though...
  11. As long as Loki exists, this will be part of the game. Players don't get to pick which fight they join, so its unfair to blame them. They didn't choose to attack you. Having said that, I agree that Loki runes should not place a player into a powerful (some say OP) privateer Fleet. Seems excessive. (P.S. Anger and threats aren't needed here. Save that for your employees)
  12. Not a mod, but a combat option; Captains had to make a choice before going into battle with what to do with their boats. The 3 options were: Keep the boats aboard. No effect on speed, but heavier casualties due to splinters. Tow the boats astern. Reduced splinter casualties, but a reduction in speed. Cast the boats adrift. Reduced splinter casualties and a slight speed increase, but unable to loot enemies unless alongside (actually touching the sinking ship). This could be selected well before entering battle or could be something you pick as the battle instance clock ticks down.
  13. Depends on how close to reality the Devs want to go here. Historically, once a fire reached a certain level, panic ensued and the crew abandoned. They all knew how quickly a fire became uncontrollable. This could be put into the equation.
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