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  1. I havent seen a Northern Masters since the exit from early access.
  2. Both sides were tired out. The Devs, in their infinite wisdom during this COVID-19 isolation, decided to remove cooldowns did not help. It felt like on both sides it was coming to a desire to end the war. It was a back and forth war with very little to no progress. Would not surprise me if the war continued Russia would have lost their progress like they have in the past and then make gains another day. It was becoming a 10 round boxing match against two pretty even fighters exchanging blows. Game is horribly flawed.
  3. Even calling that alt a clan is a joke. It is one alt with the soul purpose to exploit the holes in the RvR system to prevent a total loss of Truxillo. HAVOC and the other Danish clans burned bridges between one another far in advance and the Danish clans were removed from the Friends list a long time ago as requested by the Swedish clans who were requested to help flip San Juan for HAVOC and their return to Sweden. Hence, why it never went Neutral. It was not something that occurred in a day or even a week. This was going on for a full month after HAVOC had enough with the other clan
  4. Lack of variety in certain aspects of the game. What I mean by this is certain parts of the game like RvR and even PvE have become at times almost a routine. PvE it is a grind. Hard to get new players committed into the game when most go through PvE to grind through the ranks and try to improve themselves safely in the game. The missions do help with this but still are very grinding. Then with RvR there is only one gametype, capture and control. There were other port battles in early battle that did things differently to a degree. Otherwise things become dull and repetitive. It is not th
  5. I just came back from a break since early summer, I bought a bunch of buildings and upgraded my shipyard, A major war is coming, mission rewards have been adjusted, another $40 dlc ship, and the in-game economy has inflated. Screw the economy! Screw this war over a childish hello kitty squabble! Not worth $40 ship! I just want to be a privateer!
  6. Does anyone have that Pirates of the Caribbean gif of him doing a hard turn of the ship with the letter "D" getting spammed across the image? Been looking for that image for a while but cant find it.
  7. And Danmark the same. But without giving it a chance you never know for certain.
  8. You do understand unlike with the Poles, who it was stupid to even make an agreement with those flakes, Sweden was not asking for a complete no PvP OW agreement right? If it was a complete no PvP ow agreement I would side with your opinion that it should not be accepted on the premise of the difficulty in maintaining such an agreement. Without all the major parties involved which Sweden was able to achieve yet Danmark failed to do, there was not going to be an agreement able to be maintained. Sweden would have lived up the agreement as long as it could tolerating for a time DNP attack
  9. No and yes. It increases the chances of a drop does not guarantee a drop.
  10. Good farming there if you do not mind the trip.
  11. They are rare if you ever spot them. France lost a lot a RvR and PvP player base. They are in a very slow rebuild phase. More casual players and new players than anything now.
  12. I dont know if anyone in the swedish nation has volunteered yet. If not since I do not plan on moving I will volunteer for that nation.
  13. DNP is not evil. Frustrating at times, but that is all and who isn't. You guys one v one are some of the more enjoyable battles I have had. Hopefully that continues.
  14. Agreed. Although 1st rates should not be the majority of what is seen in a PB is what I mean.
  15. It is a pity too. A lot of those PB with smaller BR were enjoyable. Now it is just 1st rates galore and it is pretty dull to watch those battles.
  16. Have to ask PURG3 about that really. Both EU and US/Aus timezones player bases in Sweden are about even. Although recently majority of the RvR players in Sweden are more in the US/Aus timezone. It was not much of the second attack by BF that brought the time to that frame anyways. Been a major discussion point in our app chats for this week and decided on one a few hours before BF attacked Puerta Plata Sunday.
  17. We can defend then. We do have a good size US and AUS timezone player base now with TRAP. Otherwise we wouldn't set that time knowing our neighbors have a large US timezone presence.
  18. @Reverse If you guys want to come by with the same sort of fleets every weekend that is awesome. Would love a fight. Hopefully when I am not working. Sweden though only has three regions and cannot afford to lose any. Hence, the time change is placed where majority of the RvR clans player base is available. So again, love to see BF coming down for big PvP battles.
  19. Just asking. If someone is looking for a fight I'd assume odds are better where the population is higher.
  20. Why us though. I mean were one of the smaller population nations. Surely you can get a better fight out of Pirates or Dutch.
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