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Hey Captains. 

Soon players will be able to purchase a DLC which will let them use a different but of course historical main battle ensign.

You can make a difference.
We need your suggestions on the following flags.

  • Main Battle Flags/Ensigns  (definitily will be added within 2 months)
  • Top mast rectangular ensigns (which most often copy the main battle ensign) (tentative)

Examples for USA could be

United States

Main battle flags



Perfect flag to for Jamaica hunting


For mast Ensigns

Come and get it (and of course dont give the ship banners)



We of course have the flags ideas together already for main nations, but maybe we missed something. 


Best suggestions will just consists of pictures and minimal text.

Something like that

  • Nation name
  • Picture or link to picture (or drawing)
  • explanation why should this flag be considered.

Happy 4th of July



old picture from 2014

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 Gerelateerde afbeeldingAfbeeldingsresultaat voor navy flags emblems penants 1800 to 160093b44924b64cc216b98ab5fa6a32b863.jpgGerelateerde afbeelding

@admin what about flags/emblems and pendants for clans? and communication via flags pendants and emblems?

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Flag of the Holy Roman Empire which i solely propose for historical reasons (it existed until 1806 so it fits the timeframe):



I know, i know, it should actually be a prussian flag... pls dont torture me like that and make it swedish or for everyone ^_^

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One of several privateer ensigns during the american revolutionary war, more varied and valuable examples can be found here: http://www.loeser.us/flags/revolution.html

I would like to see more rare privateer ensigns, trade companies and the like in addition to the main flags of the various countries.


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Is there a possibility that we could submit our own designs for the top mast (aka clan flags) and then possibly have a system where it would wait to be approved and then added to the game?

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Both flags can be used for a Portuguese roleplay.


This one being used since 1707 so pretty much covers the entire period until 1830 and being the Absolutist flag during the civil war.


The Jack for the Absolutists could also make use of red rim


Liberal cause - very much end of the Naval Action period


There's a listed blue rimmed jack for naval pilots during the Liberal Wars ( civil war )  but it conflicts with with eht Absolutist jack as both sides used them.

You can see the flags being used in the following paintings




It is of note that the Liberal cause still used the Kingdom colours, full white field, but under the Liberal cause standard. The picture below shows it very well.

The one above is a detail of the painting about the Battle of Cape S. Vincent. The one below it is battle in the Tagus river.

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My suggestions:

Some Greek flags that could be used as pirate flags or mast pennants:

Some drawings and paintings picturing Greek ships using some of the flags below:


Laskarina Bouboulina's flag:

ÎÏοÏέλεÏμα εικÏÎ½Î±Ï Î³Î¹Î± Ïημαια bouboulina



Andreas Miaoulis' flag:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andreas_Miaoulis

ÎÏοÏέλεÏμα εικÏÎ½Î±Ï Î³Î¹Î± Ïημαια μιαοÏλη


The flag of the island of Psarahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psara

Flag of Psara.svg


The flag of the island of Kastelorizo:

Flag of Kastellorizo.svg


The flag of the island of Hydrahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydra_(island)

Flag of Hydra


The flag of the island of Spetses:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spetses


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1 hour ago, Vile Executioner said:

@admin thank you so much! I literally just made a post this morning as suggestion for the US battle flag!


Old USS INDEPENDENCE (CV 62) I was on her when this pic was taken.  We where the first combatant ship to get the honor in ages.  It's normally some tender or something that has the oldest active duty ship in the Navy.

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French plain white ensign


^ Battle of martinique

And the plain white with the tricolor in the corner, used by ocean in le glorious first of june



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Also i believe that the Venetian war flag is different than the one you guys have. @Fluffy Fishy is the expert on this

The war flag depicts the lion holding a sword. Something like this.

ÎÏοÏέλεÏμα εικÏÎ½Î±Ï Î³Î¹Î± venetian war flag

Compared to this:

ÎÏοÏέλεÏμα εικÏÎ½Î±Ï Î³Î¹Î± venetian war flag

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Some more pirate but Barbary flags


If I ever returned pirate I would remake the "Salee Rovers" Which I think is the Flag of Commander above too.


Barbarossa's Flag


Problem with a lot of the Barbary flags is they are 1600 which was the age of Piracy time.  I would say we should keep the flags to a certain time line too.  Though a little out of it one way or the other wouldn't hurt to much I think.

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This colorful flag was a unique Naval Ensign (or Jack) of the Polish Navy. Poland has had naval traditions since 1558 when the Polish King Sigismund August (Zygmund August) created the first Polish fleet under the command of Admiral Thomas Sierpinek.

In 1624, the first Polish dockyard was founded at Puck and on November 28, 1627, the Polish Navy, under Admiral Dickman, fought off the Swedish fleet at Oliwa, near Gdansk (Danzig) using this battle ensign.


Also merchant flags:

1783 — about 1864    So-called Polish merchant ensign. Used on ships of Cherson Trade Company 1783-1793 and on Congress Poland's vessels on the Vistula in the first half of the 19th century, under Russian protectorate:


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania polish navy flag ensign XVII XVIII



Duchy of Courland and Semigallia 1562-1791 (Ksiestwo Kurlandii i Semigalii)

In 1562, the "Livonian Order of the Brothers of the Sword" was secularized and the last Grand Master, Gotthardt Kettler became the Duke of Courland and Semigallia and the vassal of the Polish King. The Duchy benefited greatly from its relations with the Commonwealth, being an important outlet for Polish and Lithuanian exports. The Polish rule was benevolent, with little interference into the local affairs.

In the middle of the 1600s, the Duchy became a major mercantile European power with the formidable fleet and the colonial ambitions. It established a colony at St. Andrews Island at the Gambia River and on the island of Tobago in the Caribbean. Sweden, and later Russia showed an intense interest in the Duchy, and in 1795 Russia prevailed in the acquisition of it in the conniving way, when the last Duke, Peter von Biron signed off his rights to the Russian Empress Catherine the Great at the time of the last partition of Poland.

The third flag was the Polish flag intended for this territory, as it was a Polish-Lithuanian fief (vasal state), and not an independent country. This flag with its coat-of-arms, was for the Duchy of Livonia, but what the Poles were commonly calling simply "Inflanty." Of course, its formal name was the "Duchy of Livonia" in English, "Ksiestwo Inflanckie" in Polish, and "Herzogtum Livland" in German.

Courtland Merchant Flag 1650:



Courtland-Tobago Flag 1650:


Duchy of Livonia Flag:


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The dutch used hundreds of flags and therefore a very difficult nation 

also a VERY  interesting article about the blood flags used by pirates and barbary pirates late in time (a must read)



LINK TO OTHER FLAGS http://fotw.fivestarflags.com/nl-indco.html#ro

but in general:

first state flag 






 the "Halve Maen" belonged to the Dutch East India Company (he was supposed to find a new route to East India), and his flag would have been a Dutch one. I've attached a picture of what historians think his ship might have looked like.
Jeroen van Leeuwen, 5 August 2010

wic.gif images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRVDEHXxdisYwdS5eP2q-7

prinsenvlagmaritiemdigitaal.jpg images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQVC0bZHrLynnzgOkfN6xz 

CSI1822.jpg on the state jachts

450px-Statenvlag.svg.png dutch republic flag

900px-Flag_of_the_Dutch_East_India_Compa voc


se republic era

L5rimBE.jpgFLAG NR 70 THE RED BLOOD FLAG (war flag)


LINK TO OTHER FLAGS http://fotw.fivestarflags.com/nl-indco.html#ro


Battle flags :

(see also the link in the https://buccaneersreef.com/category/forum/sea-paintings/ )



the blood flag at the back (look also at the 5 th ship from the left  a yellow flag with a red lion and sword )






Yes ...this is DUTCH

all about the flag you need to know


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1 hour ago, Sir Texas Sir said:

Problem with a lot of the Barbary flags is they are 1600

Last record of Barbary pirate being in combat with the RN is from 1850. So they were in place already way well before NA scope start ( 1670's - 1700 ) and fairly beyond (1820's ).

Barbary states - morocco, algiers, tunis, etc, were fairly distinct with a fairly unique pack of flags.


some paintings



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I have a huge panel of flags from the 1756 year. I wanted to take a picture of every flag but I have no time to do it now because of the exams, but I founded it in web. It is in spanish language. All courtesy to the Naval Museum of Madrid, Spain.

Resultado de imagen de 1756  banderas museo naval

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