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  3. That moment when you go out levelling a ship, supposedly PvE, and run into a player. He really does live up to his name
  4. Man sometimes I feel bad for Gamelabs, having to deal with this crap
  5. LOL come on Liq it's not a bad nick name after all.
  6. you dont like it? Royal Photographer maybe? You have so many screenshots on steam )))
  7. @admin what (/why) is this?
  8. There is a difference between making fun of triggered low skill and new players and straight griefing / bullying them. No wonder the player retention rate of NA is close to 0.
  9. This club has not gotten some love in a while. The stages of loss when loosing multiple fights to a Indiaman on a trade run. (No iron was harmed in the making of this.)
  10. not chat related but still salty "right into the fucking wind, and im going almost 0 knots.. damn hackers". well.......
  11. Not salty but kind of funny how different perceptions can be. IMHO only if you fully go past worrying about losing your gear (in a winnable occasion, winnable can also be alone 1v2 at times), you develop more confidence and thus fight better

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