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  1. What we have now I consider good in this regard. To picturize what I mean by abundancy: we had days when we pumped out ten 1sts and went yolo to the next capital just for fun.
  2. Well the longer it takes for a majority of players to have everything in abundancy - enough teak and other rare woods to pump out fleets of 1sts, pvp upgrades in bulks, basic ressources for crafting, money, marks - the better it is for keeping longterm interest. There are several ways to achieve this. And many of the latest features will help to keep the interest. I posted this, as some players already asked for better accessibilty for woods and cheaper SoLs, to name some. If a majority will reach most "goals" in less than three months, we will see numbers quickly fade after four imo.
  3. Okay let's put it differently: players will search for the highest profit at lowest time effort. You can't blame people for not behaving "morally correct" in a game. If it's a big issue, set rules, if it isn't: accept or leave. To speak in your class picture: if a peasant came to riches, you think he would share it amongst his class or try to rise to Bourgeoisie?
  4. @angriff I somehow understand your grief concerning low margins, but I don't get why clans are to blame for it? As Teutonic, Angus and others said already: the trade profits are not the players fault. The possibility to raise 10% taxes are not the players fault. You talk much about peasants, Bourgeoisie and elites - perhaps it's the system, not the classes or individuals you have to blame? But I give you that: NA is designed primarily around and for clans. That's because they have the biggest lobby, which they have because it's most peoples preferred playstyle. One could compare it to german politics in regard of families: families, especially those in marriages are supported in many ways by the state. It's firstly cultural and secondly simple maths, as most people are still in family units, providing large amount of votes.
  5. If I understand you correctly: no restrictions but the 3 minute timers? And what exactly is there much different from now but 1 minute? Now you can join for 2 min and THEN BR restrictions are effective? How does it - under these circumstances - limit you?
  6. Could you elaborate a bit further on this please? Count the ports in the map. New port features enable clans to give ports value. RNG rare wood distribution makes every port potentially even more valuable. Imo there is enough space for thousands of players to take part in actions they want to take part in, especially after a wipe. In sweden, and I'm very certain in other nations aswell, we had trouble to distribute the ports of lesser interest. No one wanted them, so the bigger clans took them to pay the bills for the sake of a blue-yellow coloured homeland. New mechs: a port is, what those who own it, make of it.
  7. That's something entirely different than what you're asking in OP. And I would support a BR based on equipment, at least mods and ship quality. Though it's probably a real mess to calculate it and very difficult for pb commanders. Regarding your OP poll: how is it connected to your example of an Inger and three Indiaman? What further advantage do you need with such a fleet?
  8. If NPC buys anything for 1 real, the warehouse is filled. Or it's a bug and to be reported. Or I am incorrect, which is tremendously unlikely
  9. Not sure whether pve will also be wiped tbh. @Sunleader pro tip: you can also trade with other players.
  10. Uuuh that's so nice. We can have duels and pew pew everyday
  11. Heyho Tiede just a thought on the currency exchange: if we had that, there would a) be no need for four currencies and b) players would not be able to specialize at the amount we have now. Perhaps I am kind of idealistic here, but imagine the following: post wipe, after some time prices will have settled, ports will be distributed (map is coloured) and many or most will have some access to VM. Trade will probably evolve between players, reducing long distance routes with high profits to half the time. Crafters and traders will be short on VM and combat medals, while PvP guys will need ships and can deliver these currencies. I'm so certain this could be cool, and even better: prevail fun and content (aka I'm not incredibly rich after two months) for a longer time. Imo there was/is nothing worse in NA than abundancy of everything which we had before this and the last wipe. A slow paced game, i ideally hope to be the better.
  12. When players disconnect, after a certain amount of time AI takes over and runs downwind/beam reach to escape (like AI traders basically)
  13. Do I assume right then, that e.g. a 3rd rate will drag a 5th rate in a duel including PZ RoE in the frigate PZ? Or does your statement only apply for Nassau Patrol (limited by shallows)?
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