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  1. Palatinose

    Better Ships for All!

    That's a rhetorical one right?
  2. Palatinose

    Better Ships for All!

    Can we invent a new term? SOFT STATS Like soft skills these stats are hard to measure, but of critical importance for communication (here: battles) @admin always wants to see facts. I tell you that there are so many things in this game that can't be discribed by pure facts. This is a good thing, though it also leads to issues as interpretation on non-factual matters is always subjective. Examples for soft stats: - mast hit boxes Hercules: very small compared to other fifth rates - differences in hull shape between Santissima and L'Ocean - stat thickness may be nearly even, the actual penetration of armour is NOT Perhaps these stats fall under that, what devs want the players to explore ingame. As a warning I would say: the less fact based certain things are, the more speculation, suspicion and annoyance will occur. I can deal and live fine with these politics. But there is loads of people who could be pleased with some more explanations and reason. Of course we can continue to wipe them of these forums and the game with a smiple "git gud". The question remains: is this the way?
  3. Palatinose

    Personal diffrents and ugly behavior

    To translate the battle chat to english language: Palatinose: Knuddel Baby Echelon: Knuddel Baby..come to daddy [...] Knuddel the Islandape: lol guys making stupid comments being in superiority in a situation. everybody can do this Gooser: you know this (from yourself - interpretation) Echelon: just thought I'd ape you a bit Echelon: Pala carries handkerchiefs for you Don Juan Dimarco: what do you want now? Gooser: lol Don Juan Dimarco: keep yourself shut up (interpret.) If these are insults falling to tribunal right, so be it. I don't see anything. I have been insulted in many ways in this game - it tends to get somewhat personal - this is more something to laugh about. Yes people should try to behave like in RL, but who does this on the internet?
  4. Palatinose

    Perk for Fleets provides unfair advantages

    @angriff as some veterans stated: don't switch perks. Fleet 1 is one of the most necessary perks. It provides flexibility sufficient for at least 90% of your playtime. Exceptions for re-perking could be port battles or occasions where you move lots of stuff (e.g. new main warehouse), some use carronade master occasionally.
  5. Palatinose

    Got doubloons for sinking my own fleet ship

    Player controlled AI or in general? Yesterday I got in fight with someone who specifically sank my fleet Indiaman just to loot it. It makes sense to me, but could you confirm this as a feature?
  6. Talking about PvP in captured 5ths. Also I would say it shouldn't be three Indefatigables. Imo the Herc is somewhere to set around the Frigate (Cherubim). Also I would like to see you fight two captains on a similar skill level than you. If so I seriously doubt you win against two Hercs.
  7. Would tend to the same result honestly, therefore the testing. And ofc would this test prove something is imbalanced aka Herc still OP or should I rephrase my primary thesis?
  8. Herc is a very good solo ship standing in the middle of 5th rates I would say. But as soon as there is more ships involved in deep water engagements, you will see it's power fade. The higher calibre and the bigger HP pool of other frigates will demand it's toll in fleet fights. Someone willing to test three Hercs vs three NPC captured 5ths? @Havelock @rediii @Captain Reverse @DreamMaker @DesMoines @Polish Privateer @Durin @Jorge @HachiRoku @vazco @Caramon Mayer @Imperator1 @Gregory Rainsborough @Groslulu77
  9. Palatinose

    Battle timer changes.

    What are we discussing then? Battle timer or size of RIZs? Or location of capitals? If I go to the heart of the enemies territory, I must know about the danger. There is a somewhat controlled part on the map where everybody has the same join timers. If I don't like certain mechanics, I avoid areas where they apply. Or I start a fundamental discussion, but... We can have the discussions about RIZ over and over again and finally state: there is too many opinions, and noone will be pleased completely. @Pirate Blackbeard Hundreds of pages on this forum have been filled with the discussion on the RIZ matter. IMO at the moment RoE are fine (patrol areas' are NOT tho), I can finely play according to them.
  10. Palatinose

    Battle timer changes.

    It's your choice to sail into enemy RIZ. Do it and live with the consequences or leave it. Mechanics are clear. We could moan about people not leaving their zone, but that's a different topic.
  11. perhaps try that right after maintenance, I'm uncertain whether and if so - how often new missions "respawn" in ports and whether this is independent for every player or the same
  12. I hope this is what you were searching for. Click "admin replied to a topic" to view the post, click the post to view the whole thread.
  13. Palatinose

    Muskets need to go

    Then let's talk tactics. If your opponent manages what you describe YOU did tactical mistakes before by allowing him what he did.
  14. Palatinose

    Muskets need to go

    An addiction needs solid ground. If I disguised the essence of this game - sailing combat - what's left to being addicted to? Honor is a non-valid value anymore in western civilizations. It's individualism and therefore one the purest of human nature that apply: greed.
  15. Palatinose

    Muskets need to go

    Why do you play this game?