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  1. Palatinose

    Determined defender

    Denied 2.0: when you are graped down even boarding won't help you against the "big boys". You argue against a denial of boarding though this is exactly what DD is used for. It has been discussed, a (for once) balanced solution has been found and here you are, once again argueing to support your playstyle without seeing the whole picture. An already sinking vessel and peeps just jump over highly motivated to kill the foes' crew. Sure, makes sense entirely.
  2. Palatinose

    Combat feedback

    @Timbo could you be a bit more precise? Which ship vs which ship? For basic cutters and 7th rates in general: always use single shot, try to stabalize your vessels by depowering. As rediii said: do the tutorial (youtube vids are available) and don't mind the lower rates. Tho I can only recommend to try them, as sailing them really trains basic shooting skills.
  3. Palatinose

    Determined defender

    Denied. Reason: already tremendously high crew amount on 5th rate trading vessels.
  4. Palatinose

    Suspect alt/friend farming

    @admin do these events work properly? Or is the stated rate buggy aka it does not matter so far?
  5. Palatinose

    Nation Policy System

    There is a very fundamental system called "red is dead". And it works. See e.g. the second attack on Philipsburg where HAVOC decided not to join a 18v2 gank in the superior side. If swedes hadn't assumed brits as friendly but had straightly followed the system, no harm, but only fun would have been gained. A clan based diplo system: Go for it. Nation-wide: oh please not. Also, what about patrol zones? How so you want to implement it there?
  6. Palatinose

    Price of the Night Timers

    I feel you @OjK it is quite annoying to see some european clans setting timers to obviously hide (or not get mutliflipped). Though, your proposal has too many negative side effects as I could agree with it. Like others said multi time zone clans would suffer and also clans from one time zone with high numbers in eg. morning (CET) created by mainly pve players with families and a lower peak of pvp players in the evenings. Just as an example. As I think @Wyy pointed out, it's generell speaking just a matter of player numbers!
  7. Exactly. Dubs are easy to get. So why use something like victory marks to, yes, flood the market even more. There should be different objectives for vm's. Why? There is +300 capturable ports aka +7500 possible lord protector stati (double the number with the still active possible exploit). So vm will be abundant and, as being delivered weekly leading to more and more dubs. I just don't consider filling mostly empty PBs as an effort high enough to be credited with something players should really play for. I admit I'm not without prejudice, as I only get a couple of vm for contested PBs. Those hoarding, are usually mostly active when there is no enemy to fight. I hope to please you though by saying eg paints would be proper incentives to be traded for vm's.
  8. Palatinose

    Freedom Fighters of Philipsburg

    Yeah because We van tell the guys that seek for action: nice to have you here but plz go and find action elsewhere. Who are we to tell people what to do? If it was for me (and also CABAL) we would fight the pb to have a nice battle. That I can assure you. Edit: @Captain Reverse no worries We will fight someday to see about our skills
  9. Yeah give everybody more dubs. And don't forget to make SOLs cheaper, set fleet perk 1 and prepared and control by default, more trade good supply, more rewards in missions, more npcs right in front of my capital to farm. More is all we need.. Edit: forgot the consequences: when we have everything please regularly provide us with new content because otherwise after one or two month the game gets boring
  10. Palatinose

    look out perk

    Could you be precise?
  11. Palatinose


    Was trying to help. Sorry won't happen again.
  12. Palatinose


    Did you by any chance forget to skill the ship? And can you define "non-boarding vessel"?
  13. Palatinose

    Good job killing off solo players.

    @Sir Max Magic Hello. The issue you are discribing has been discussed on this forum multiple times. As NA is a full loot pvp game on war server the RoE on OW are what they are to a certain degree. The harm and grief done by TP back to port after battle was bigger than what we have now - in my opinion. As for your specific situation: bad luck, because formally you did what good traders would do by sailing at night. For the battle instance I can only recommend to only use one fleet ship (you have more combat perks then) or if you want to take four, fit your fleet ships with guns and make proper use of the commands available. You yourself should take a ship you have leveled to a certain degree perhaps. Three Indiaman have a good punch and can cause trouble to every frigate, even two or three of them. Dont go for rigging first, you wont be able to escape anyway. Go for hull on one of the enemies, stay with your fleet all the time. This sometimes requires "follow me" function to get the fleet in row again. As soon as the target has to repair hull, you go for the rigging until sails are down to ~60-70%. Protect your own rigging by using battle sails. When the sails of the target are down there should be about 5 minutes left till his next repair, so you focus his hull again, making it hard of a choice which repair to use. When one target is down or chased off, the second one is much easier. After all: even if you finally get killed and lose a lot: perhaps you took one with you or at least had a good fight. Sorry to say but in this situation, that's the best thing you can achieve.
  14. Palatinose

    Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction at the Margins

    Would you mind explaining what your post is supposed to actaully mean? You condemn both systems being duscussed here and don't propose an alternative. Thanks for your participation.
  15. Palatinose

    Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction at the Margins

    It were 3/5 ships and the regional trim could be built in in 5 quality classes. If I'm not mistaken one needed bronze, silver and gold coins to build small, medium and large carriages (might be something different than carriages, really I'm uncertain) for unrated vessels, frigates and SOLs respectively. As the resources were easy to get (they were mineable) it was not hard to build golden ships, that's why everybody sailed them. The basic advantage of the RNG crafting system is, that everybody who grinded the crafting XP to the degree necessary for a certain ship is able to build an exceptional vessel (permanent slot and trim wise - woods are always players choice). In that regard, people earned this aswell by getting up their crafting level. In NA the "gear gap" is a prejudice - only partly true. This feeling is presumably easiest countered by serving some delicous sweets to everybody - only dependant to luck. Everyone has an equal chance, therefore it's "fair". I perfectly understand your approach, that someone should "work" for something to achieve things. I share it to certain degree. And I also share the opinion of RNG being an easy way to invent for crafting. It's a rudimentary system or as @admin called it after removing intermediate materials: "streamlined". And no, I don't know many people who actually like to be dependant on luck. BUT as @Suppenkelle said, the developers won't prioritize this system to be overhauled anytime soon, if ever, which is something we need to live with (I don't even have a problem with it, but carfting is not my personal priority in this game either).