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  1. there were at least two on the last three pages. please adjust your expectations.
  2. To add some spices here: How do you lose with two Indiamen against a PFrig?
  3. Don't get me wrong I don't think it's a bad idea per se. Though the picture it creates is not too positive. Fighting heated up communications with a "comm stop" creates the feeling of being pushed to hard, being tired of talking or in the worst case abusing ones power to silence critics. I unterstand it, but as Malachy said, it should have happened earlier. The lesson i draw from all this is once again, that people obviously are often unable to find a healthy way of interpersonal communication in social media or the Internet in general. Lack of facial expression and gestures leads to mis
  4. May I offer my service as in game tax consultant? Charging only 10k a day or 250k a month. First advice is for free: simply put money into the clan warehouse to hide it from the authorities. If someone comes up with the idea to tax wealthy clans I request to form a entity model called foundation with legal capacity which donates 5k daily to nationals with socially disadvantaged background, therefore not being taxable at all. Jokes aside, when it comes to taxes it gets complicated to balance things, therefore I can't support @Anolytics ideally nice idea.
  5. According to an old saying there usually is a silent majority, mostly more conservative. To both ends of the spectrum there usually is also a more radical and more noisy crowd. Open communication means to deal especially with these tips of the range. There is three basic points to consider for @admin imo: 1) do you believe to have created a better product thanks to communities feedback or not? 2) do you believe the consequences of open communication are a reason to sell more or less copies of your product? 3) are the ressources you put into open communication (nerves, time
  6. Only battle chat logs if I understood correctly..but yeah that was great indeed!
  7. @HachiRoku man those were the days. I couldn't stop laughing. Draskon and me were in two Frigates roaming around MT when about 8-10 Sorry guys ganked us. And LV started... #sorryneverlostapb Glorious days 😍 @jodgi thx for this thread mate
  8. If I understand you correctly: no restrictions but the 3 minute timers? And what exactly is there much different from now but 1 minute? Now you can join for 2 min and THEN BR restrictions are effective? How does it - under these circumstances - limit you?
  9. That's something entirely different than what you're asking in OP. And I would support a BR based on equipment, at least mods and ship quality. Though it's probably a real mess to calculate it and very difficult for pb commanders. Regarding your OP poll: how is it connected to your example of an Inger and three Indiaman? What further advantage do you need with such a fleet?
  10. Not sure whether pve will also be wiped tbh. @Sunleader pro tip: you can also trade with other players.
  11. Do I assume right then, that e.g. a 3rd rate will drag a 5th rate in a duel including PZ RoE in the frigate PZ? Or does your statement only apply for Nassau Patrol (limited by shallows)?
  12. Nur weil ich den guten Thonys trolle, oder vom PvE Himmel erzähle, heißt das nicht, dass wir irgendwohin wechseln wollen
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