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  1. there were at least two on the last three pages. please adjust your expectations.
  2. Sir this is a summary of great ideas. Might be one of the best posts in the last years, as it provides soooo much content for an average player, probably prolonging the mediocre playtime by hundreds of hours I take my hat off to you!
  3. To add some spices here: How do you lose with two Indiamen against a PFrig?
  4. @Teutonics answer is correct. You can't insta win a battle when the enemy is still able to join. I'm pretty certain battle is won automatically when join timer is over and all enemies are sunk. No guaranty of course
  5. Don't get me wrong I don't think it's a bad idea per se. Though the picture it creates is not too positive. Fighting heated up communications with a "comm stop" creates the feeling of being pushed to hard, being tired of talking or in the worst case abusing ones power to silence critics. I unterstand it, but as Malachy said, it should have happened earlier. The lesson i draw from all this is once again, that people obviously are often unable to find a healthy way of interpersonal communication in social media or the Internet in general. Lack of facial expression and gestures leads to misunderstandings, but instead of asking further, assumptions are made leading to even more mistaken interpretations. So yes I understand the move, it's just sad it has come so far.
  6. May I offer my service as in game tax consultant? Charging only 10k a day or 250k a month. First advice is for free: simply put money into the clan warehouse to hide it from the authorities. If someone comes up with the idea to tax wealthy clans I request to form a entity model called foundation with legal capacity which donates 5k daily to nationals with socially disadvantaged background, therefore not being taxable at all. Jokes aside, when it comes to taxes it gets complicated to balance things, therefore I can't support @Anolytics ideally nice idea.
  7. According to an old saying there usually is a silent majority, mostly more conservative. To both ends of the spectrum there usually is also a more radical and more noisy crowd. Open communication means to deal especially with these tips of the range. There is three basic points to consider for @admin imo: 1) do you believe to have created a better product thanks to communities feedback or not? 2) do you believe the consequences of open communication are a reason to sell more or less copies of your product? 3) are the ressources you put into open communication (nerves, time,...- as non-PR person it's not primary your job) worth it?
  8. Only battle chat logs if I understood correctly..but yeah that was great indeed!
  9. @HachiRoku man those were the days. I couldn't stop laughing. Draskon and me were in two Frigates roaming around MT when about 8-10 Sorry guys ganked us. And LV started... #sorryneverlostapb Glorious days 😍 @jodgi thx for this thread mate
  10. As many fair points as you might have it's many things, but obvious or logical, mmh I don't know..bet there are loads of players who would never play NA on peace server, but hey, who am I to know that to be obvious. On the other hand, who are you? Oh yeah, the voice of the people..
  11. What we have now I consider good in this regard. To picturize what I mean by abundancy: we had days when we pumped out ten 1sts and went yolo to the next capital just for fun.
  12. Well the longer it takes for a majority of players to have everything in abundancy - enough teak and other rare woods to pump out fleets of 1sts, pvp upgrades in bulks, basic ressources for crafting, money, marks - the better it is for keeping longterm interest. There are several ways to achieve this. And many of the latest features will help to keep the interest. I posted this, as some players already asked for better accessibilty for woods and cheaper SoLs, to name some. If a majority will reach most "goals" in less than three months, we will see numbers quickly fade after four imo.
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