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  1. tonyxyx

    Freedom Fighters of Philipsburg

    The Family gives You the blessing.
  2. No just no,this is your team abomination.I think we're exagerating here,no way in the universe this should have happened with all those guns and ships but yet it happened.Have you wonder what mistakes your team made to let this happen?Have you examinated your gameplay to see mistakes and to correct them?No, why should i bother doing this when i can simply blame the Admin?
  3. I was clearly exagerating when i said give them everything and of course i understood you were suggesting me something.Which part of I don't need your suggestions you don't get?
  4. Yes I did and I respect anybody opinion even if i do not share it.Keep your suggestions for you,I do not need any.
  5. If you put it this way...let's go and make every nub on the server happy and give him everything he wants when he wants so he won't quit,then you gonna have 2 pve servers,mission accomplished.
  6. I know that I'm gonna make somebody upset but here's my toughts: NO safety should be provided to players in the pvp server apart the capital area.People do not quit the game because they got sunk in reinf zone,they quit because they do not want to learn this game,they quit because the game is hard,as it should be,they quit because this game simply is not for everyone.I am playing from 2015 and back then we had no safe zones,forts or magic ai reinforcements and yet here I am.Do you know why I am still here?Because I LIKE the game,i like the naval combat(there is nothing on the market comparable to NA ship combat)I like to improve myself facing the difficulties and not fleeing from them,using my brain to elaborate tactics and applying 'em.I've got sunk billion times when i started to play,even just outside the harbour, but i ve never complained,i took those battles as lessons and learnt how to play the hard way. Everybody complains about nubs getting sunk and quitting the game but I'll tell you a secret: Nubs will remain nubs because they already have too much protection and absolutely no reason to leave the reinf zones,they will learn nothing.Removing RZ will eventually make some nubs quit the game but some nubs,who actually like the game no matter how hard it is,will learn to play and finally enjoy it. Ready for crucifixion.
  7. tonyxyx

    What are your favorite myths?

    Yordi is a good player
  8. tonyxyx

    Abuso del uso de los barcos DLC

    Estoy de acuerdo con Pepe,le Trollquin en particular el no tiene counter en el juego.Creo che cometieron un grave error con estos 2 barcos.#DLCsoloparacosmeticos.
  9. tonyxyx

    Naval Action FACT CHECK

    Agree,can't name a precise time now,i'll contact you on global for more info.
  10. tonyxyx

    Naval Action FACT CHECK

    As i said,your skill is not in doubt here.You ask me to explain his loss,well, he understimated you and did not look at your guns,he fucked up hard.Sounds familiar?But that's not the point.Point is everybody fucks up,everybody can be beaten.At a certain skill level who fucks up less wins. I can't really remember the 2v2 you're referring to,but if we lost was because retardo3000 did understimate you and did not look at the guns
  11. tonyxyx

    Naval Action FACT CHECK

    I know you're a good player but that's a bit exaggerated,you did never sink me(not telling that you're not able to,it just has not happened yet) plus not long time ago i saw my friend retardo3000 aka Yordi stomping you live on twitch.I don't want to attack you or offend,just being the voice of those poor beaten players on the server.
  12. tonyxyx

    LV NA needs you

    Yea we need somebody who TARNS the tables here.
  13. Don't think Reverse has nothing to do with it.Sniping masts is part of the game,it requires skill,it requires practice. It is way more efficient than chaining and players,noobs or not,should practice and learn it.There will always be players better than others like you can see in any other game\sport ecc...