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  1. Good i just recreated an account destroyed pirate created dane no exp
  2. Approximately when will those be able to join who were in battle? The players were not in battle can log into the game but thoose who were in battle can not. According to the asked players.
  3. warriorz

    Le Requin handling

    https://myalbum.com/album/4dMKFA3891oI If you want a guide contact me in game ;)
  4. warriorz

    Technical problems and bugs

    Could you watch my post as well please? sir
  5. warriorz

    Technical problems and bugs

    Hi I got a problem with the new hercules ship. I completed the final exam got the hercules note tried to reedem it. I wanted teak/white oak. Than it became a fir crew space very cramped. I want to get a compensation as a result in getting a teak/White oak Hercules (if possible with the very cramped) With best regards- Warriorz
  6. warriorz


    We had shop ships and you had 7 against our 4 shop ship And after we lost, we came back, and we beat you all again in shop ships gg sweeden.