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  1. i havent read all pages (sorry) but is there an NDA or something or can I record/stream legends?
  2. Amendus

    Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?

    is it still possible to sign up somewhere?
  3. Amendus

    character disappear

    Thank you. At least I know what happened now. I'm going to have to talk with my brother.
  4. Amendus

    missing exp redeemable

    its not about global, its about pvp EU. I'm talking about the first wipe. I'm very dissapointed other topics get reactions from devs and admins, but these exp topics keep getting ignored. Like i posted in my steam review: I loved this game, but the support side is horrible. I played from sea trials to open world, at least give me an answer what happened or fix the issue
  5. Amendus

    missing exp redeemable

    During furst wipe I never got my exp redeemable, did get the papers, but also did not get the ships. I asked a bazillion times but I never get an answer, so once again (and this time in its own topic). Can I please get my exp? I dont care about the other stuff, I just do not want to grind all over again. Also reported it with F11. Comon you do have tech support or someone handling these cases right? ive been waiting for an answer for months.
  6. Amendus

    EXP Didnt Transfer

    I wonder if they will do something about it. I posted my problem juse 15th but have not been helped since. I completely regret putting 493 hours into this game. Just help your members, its not that hard. I dont care that I dont receive the other redeemables, but comon im not going to put in weeks to get back to flag captain. I also have to work and have a social life.
  7. Amendus

    EXP Didnt Transfer

    i never got ,my exp redeemable. i did get the forged papers tough
  8. Amendus

    character disappear

    can someone please give my exp back? I dont care about the redeemables, but im not going to grind all over again.
  9. Amendus

    character disappear

    just to clear up and revive this post, i did not use the redeemabled (except yacht)
  10. Amendus

    character disappear

    yes I'm sure I had 6 or 7 redeemables, then created new character
  11. Amendus

    character disappear

    Steam account Amendus, old character name was Sam Flint. Deleted Sam flint to change name to Amendus, i did not receive all redeemables. So no exp, ships (only yacht) and 2 papers. So i got some redeemables but not all?
  12. Amendus

    character disappear

    So could you also check the logs for Sam Flint?
  13. Amendus

    Skull & Bones, by Ubisoft

    Am I the only one who hates the cannon mechanics of these games? Alot of other sailing games also have this mechanic. an arc that you can see + major cannon drop. it looks so arcady I do love the visuals tough, but the gameplay itself is a major turnoff.
  14. I had an account on pvp one and pve servers, but my main issue is my pvp one account (pvp eu now) and if i would have deleted my character before the wipe than i would not get an exp redeemable, so i dont see why i had to delete or rename a character before the wipe?
  15. Going to try it here aswell, but I received only 3 redeemables. My character in pve is gone, but i never played there so its not a major issue. The redeemables I got are: yacht and 2x forged papers. Never got the exp or crafting exp. I deleted character, remade it (same nation + same name) = no solution. I deleted character, new name + new nations = no solution I deleted character, new name + original nation = no solution. I'm kind of sad that i lost my flag captain rank (valggenkapitein) and I have to start all over. I don't care about the ships, I just want my exp back