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  2. not chat related but still salty "right into the fucking wind, and im going almost 0 knots.. damn hackers". well.......
  3. Not salty but kind of funny how different perceptions can be. IMHO only if you fully go past worrying about losing your gear (in a winnable occasion, winnable can also be alone 1v2 at times), you develop more confidence and thus fight better
  4. sank him a few time. quite a few times actually. very upset. one time he called me a hacker in his stream and showed him reporting me for using double shot and chain at the same time. he has since taken down that video i am afraid :/
  5. Had a good laugh, thanks! You guys dont even want to know what CptSvenne was saying - golden moments. Go Liq, go! Hopp Schwiiz!
  6. Favorite ^^ That's a clan mate haha, I can almost hear his voice saying "Fu-ck." desperately.
  7. A place to link your saltiest / funniest chat moments in game. I'll start with a few.
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