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New Upgrades - Construction time again.

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Captains. Lets have some fun with upgrades. 

Is there an upgrade you always wanted? Propose it!
Is there an upgrade you do not like but want to use - Propose how to change it.

Best proposals will be added to the game - Picked or changed upgrades will receive the name of the proposing clan

Rules are simple

  • Must be crafteable
  • Must use trade goods or looted resources
  • Must not be too crazy.


  • Stats - no more than 4 stats affected (high positive stats must have high negative stats)
  • Bluepring - no more than 5 components
  • Proposing clan


(extra points for integrating fishing into upgrade crafting)

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Flotsam and Jetsam book (or perk, could be either or).  Equipping creates a chance to find "flotsam" debris on the water while Fishing is on.  Debris being seasoned woods, tools, barrels of trade goods/upgrade resources or whatever.  Maybe a couple swedish carpenters from a shipwreck floating around on a couple planks.  Wink wink.  The woods/masts/planks you find would be seasoned wood from some unknown wreckage floating around the ocean.

Increased chance to find flotsam (debris)
Increased crew amount on sailing (lookouts for debris)
Lowers speed by whatever

contest winner right here

edit - A good name would be the "Voodoo Shipping Company Wreckage Finder"    just an FYI

Edited by Mouth of Sauron
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How about new flags that actually provide buffs kinda like in WoWs? They could vary from signal flags to small ensigns that could replace all or just the signal flag on the furthest back mast. That way you get visualisation of the upgrades plus eye candy :)  Is that to hard to code?


Ionian Crew Detachment

Slight morale and Defence buff or etc. Requires: Indigo, Linen (resources that actually used for the colours of the flag) and food

So the flag gets replaced by this:

Σχετική εικόνα


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Drill Instrructor

made by Academy


Melee attack + 0,02

Melee defense + 0.05

Musket Fire + 0.1

Morale + 4

Crew shifting stations to stations + 5 per sec

Blueprint needs:

1x imperial Guards Manual (new book)

5 Nassau Boarders

5 Naval Graduates

1 Giant Ocean Manta Ray (they use them as prestigious trophy)

500 Doubloons


MDRA (Framce)


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ROVER's treatise of proper raiding

  1. 10x madagascar jewels
  2. 5x captured "cargo"
  3. 5x captured "passenger"
  4. 2x Sealed bottle


  • Increases doubloon gain by 0.1 (So if you would loot 100 dbs by RND you actual get 110dbs - doesnt apply to sinking/assist reward)

Unfortunately that requires that captured passenger and cargo need to be flagged as "captured". When I remember correctly Game labs was considering that. Because currently most of those missions are dumped. Its unpractical to keep them.

Clan: SeaRovers [ROVER]


Edited by z4ys
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Congreve Cannon Master

made by Academy and forge (in same port)


turns (unpopular) Congreve cannons, when mounted on same ship, into almost Blomefields (stats-wise) in effect, thanks to genius modifications by this engineer

Blueprint needs:

1x British Gunnery Sergeant

1x French Gunnery Sergeant

1x Sur le Cannonage Book

500 Doubloons



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Your crew with time and travel is getting sick. would manufacture:

medicines to avoid / combat scurvy with sugar and lemons.

It keeps the morale high and if you don't carry medicines you lose crew without being able to recover until you reach port.

In workshop.


Edited by Sento de Benimaclet
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Name: Perfumed handkerchief made of French perfume and fine fabrics (blue print: 20 French perfume and 10 fine fabrics)

Positive effect: reduce by 50% all melee bonus of the attacking ship when boarding.

It's a defensive "weapon". The incredible smell of the perfumed handkerchief will repeal and disorient any ruffian trying to board a ship full of good smelling gentlemen.

Clan: WO (Wooden Overlords)

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made by Academy

On the map you can see the most distant wind zones after the first one

Wind speed bonus malus: -5%

Wind speed time bonus: +50%

Blueprint needs:

1x Naval Graduate

1x Wind Book

5x European Book

5x Flying Cod ( the fish with the wings )

1000 Doubloons ( to buy the first barometer )


Edited by Conte D. Catellani
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Амбре́ (фр. extrait d'ambre)


1. Эссенция амбры - амбра вылавливается в море (рыбалка) с вероятностью, примерно равной выловить бутылку (в игре уже есть Серая Амбра, можно задействовать её

2. Rum (ром, спирт, в котором размягчали постаревшую амбру)

3. Экстракт ванили (Vanilla planifolia была известна еще ацтекам, трава, произраставшая в Мексике, Ваниль добавить товаром)

Получается ароматическое курение, возбуждающие свойства которого знали еще арабы Средневековья, добавляется в

4. Табак


- 5% к разбросу орудий (и вертикальному, и горизонтальному)

+ 0,2 к точности мушкетов

+ 7 к морали

Перевод команды 3

Клан WTF


Добавил: этот новый перманент будет возглавлять новую группу перманентов с возможной иконкой - курительной трубкой моряка.

Перманентом этой же группы может являться Табак капитана Кавендиша (доставившего на Карибы ром и загрузившего в бочки из под рома листья табака, обнаружившего  позднее что табак стал ароматнее). Возможные бонусы Табака Кавендиша: -3% к разбросу орудий, +0.1 к точности мушкетов, мораль +5, Перевод команды 2,  Крафтится из Табака и Rum. Это я к тому, что табачные плантации в городах можно открыть, но пока ничего из табака не крафтится). Возможный штраф группы перманентов "Курительная трубка моряка" - увеличенная вероятность пожара (10%)

Edited by Rolando
Добавил про табак Кавендиша, бонус ускорения перевода команды и прибавил мораль
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Bulk Cargo Vats

made in Workshop


All material which is bulk cargo, like iron, coal, but also lose grain types of food/merchandise (for example bavarian spice, ukrainian corn), can be stowed in a superior system in your hold, using vats which are fitted perfectly into your hull dimensions, and related loading gadgets like chutes and dredger buckets. Resulting in + 20 % storage room for such cargo, not affecting other cargo types (just a calculation modifier). Only on trader ships.

Blueprint needs:

1x Art of Cargo Distribution book

1x Expert Carpentry Handbook

800 Doubloons

2 labour hour packages



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VSC Blockade Runner Module

Made in workshop

25 Fir (seasoned), 100 Hemp, 100 Doubloons, a treatise on rigging handling.

Only applies to trader ships

  • 2.5% increased speed
  • 20% reduced visibility range - so the ship can see enemy ships before they can see you.
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The phasmid strategy of Jack Aubrey 

made by Academy


Your crew is made up of the best men of the nations present in the Caribbean: 

The best sails  the best gunners and  good carpenters.
thanks to them you can pass undisturbed in enemy waters becoming a phasmid 

Every enemy player that click on your ship to see who you are, see you like a friendly player unless he is in your tag circle.

In the tag circle he can see your true faction and:

the tag time of your ship is 3 second ( kill the traitors! kill the spy! Now!)

Using this upgrade will give to all your ship's stats  random penality from 5% to 10%  since men from different countries dont understand each other

If you tag a ship, all the nation of the prey will know who you are untill your reach a friendly port


Blueprint needs:

1x Grietje van Dick

5xFrenc Gunnery sergant

5xBritish Gunnery sergant

5x Pirate rig refit

5x Spanish Square sail

5x European Book

10x Lumbers

10x bullshark ( you must have bull balls to do that)

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Incendiary grenades

made by workshop


Not a canon amunition type, but equipment for boarding. and melee. Your crew uses grenades which have a good chance to ignite fire on the enemy ship (besides inflicting casualties) or increase an already existing fire during boarding. It is very important for your own survival that you disengage fast in case fire starts spreading, so combination with boarding axes is advised for speedy retreat, lest it results in an explosion and you are still on the ship or close.

Blueprint needs:

10x Almeria gunpowder

5x Chilean saltpeter (trading good)

1x Treatise on Saltpeter Book


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made by workshop

 your ship become  a fishboat able to hunt whales

 you are able to fish 4 time more faster than  normally using nets and  once at  day at sea,  you are able to capture a whale.

example if you capture at 9.30 west indie time  a whale you have to wait 24 hours west indie time, the clock in the fleet menu.

You can convert the whale into Ambergris, provision and whale oil, but you can use this option once at  day at sea, see the whale capture time.

The result of the convertion is 75% provision, 20% oil and 5% Ambergris. During the conversion of the whale, the ship must be at 0 knot.

Maybe a timer on the left top corner of the screen with a fish to see how much we have wait till the next conversion.

If the player during the  20 minutes of the  countdown is attacked and  start to run,  the countdown stop and will start from the beginning.


Since our ship are not made to be used like that we have malus:

  1.  the cargo space is halved to have room to work the whales 
  2.  all the battle perk have no effect  since the cannons are all moved on sides to have space
  3.  reload time and aiming are all more slow +10% 
  4. since there is infamable oil and tools,  the ship is very flammable and is more hard to control fire for the crew so


Blueprint needs:

1x Sea Book

1000x Hemp ( to make nets)

1000x Iron ore ( for the harpoons)

1000x Coal       ( for the harpoons)

1000x white oak ( for harpoon and to build shallops)

1x Textile machinery ( for nets)

2000 Doubloons ( fish licence permit)


This upgrade need the Whale Oil like resource , different whales to add at the fishes list and a counter to see how is available again the conversion


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10 minutes ago, Reorx Redbeard said:

chief purser New book 

+10% price increase when selling trade goods  

-10% price decrease when buying trade goods

You can change books at any time at zero cost, hence its obsolete - could perhaps be a perk

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This is a really cool thread.  Reminds me of early days when players were contributing interesting ideas for game development.

I know  a bunch of us are waiting for salt to be added back into crafting.  (extra points for integrating fishing into upgrade crafting)  Hoping that this could be it.

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No doubt mentioned many times before.

Food Provisions required daily at sea.

Food trade goods including fish are expanded and can be turned into food provisions if you build/own a provisions warehouse

  1. Biscuits
  2. Beer
  3. Wine
  4. Brandy
  5. Rum
  6. Beef
  7. Flour
  8. Currants
  9. Mutton
  10.  Salted Pork
  11.  Butter
  12. Cheese
  13. Olive Oil

Lack of Provisions crew lose morale each day at sea effect: Sail slower, guns reload slower, boarding morale reduced etc. If severe morale risk mutiny and loss of ship it becomes NPC.


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Reinforced Bowsprite and Ram (1-3rd, 4-5th, 6-7th rate versions)

manufactured at workshop


Reduces risk of breaking your bowsprites (some are prone to break easily, for example Prince de Neufchatel's) and increases damage to enemy ship you collided with, by your armored prow. Comes at a price for ship handling with such heavy bow.

Bowsprite Durability + 70 %

Bow Armor + 20 %

Damage to side of enemy ship, depending on ramming speed, increased by factor 0,3 (?)

Speed - 1,5 %

Turnrate - 0, 5 %

Blueprint needs:

1-3rd Rate

- 50x iron, 20x coal, 10x liveoak logs

- 5 tools

- 1x Art of Ship Handling Book

- 1000 Doubloons

4-5th Rate

- 20x iron, 10x coal, 5x caguairan logs

- 3 tools

- 1x Art of Ship Handling Book

- 500 Doubloons

6-7th Rate

- 10x iron, 5x coal, 3x caguairan logs

- 1x Art of Ship Handling Book

. 200 Doubloons

Edited by Cetric de Cornusiac
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Анти абордажник.

Скорость каробля - 10%

Атака абордажа -100

Защита абордажа +100

Атака мушкетов -100

Защита от мушкетов +100

Атака от пушек -100

Защита от пушек +100

Атака от гранат -100

Защита от гранат +100

Делается из:

1. 1000 лайфа

2. 1000 вайта

3. 1000 тика

4. 1000 железа

5. 1000 хемпа

6. 1000 hull repairs

7. 1000 rig repairs

8. 5 000 rum

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