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  1. I do use citrix from time to time
  2. every time I try to load the game It crashes. it says Oops the game crashed this is the crash report Unity Player [version: Unity 5.6.0f3_497a0f351392] Client.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module Client.exe at 0033:5a5c9567. Error occurred at 2020-08-02_193928. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Naval Action\Client.exe, run by larsp_000. 47% memory in use. 8088 MB physical memory [4250 MB free]. 9368 MB paging file [3471 MB free]. 134217728 MB user address space [134213241 MB free]. Read from location 0000000e caused an access vi
  3. I would like to report player Valheres from the French clan LBR for loot stealing, 3 tmis I asked him to leave the battle, He did not respond to my request and proseeded to loot one ship and board and capture the second https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/795387612587515339/D2EB215096AEA21EF2B2E35FAAD503EF977DA82F/ sceenshot for evidence
  4. if you have bought the game on steam you wont get a refund if you have played the game more that 2 hours
  5. my clan dont demand anything from small clans, but if small clans dont wont to contribute or invest in ports. why should they benefit from those ports
  6. it seems to me that you are just angry/ jealous that you clan dont have enough members to take and hold a port of your own. as I remember you startet a tread about the same issue yesterday
  7. if they should change anything to make the game more realistic they should rate the ingame ships correctly. the Aggamemnon a 3 rate and the constitution and uss united 4th rates
  8. another thing you should take into consideration is that many naval battles ended with captains surrendering rather than ships being sunk.
  9. the amount of powder and shot in this game is realistic for a 90 min fight, HMS victor carried 35 tonnes of gun powder and 135 tonnes of round shot when it was fully restocked
  10. The dev has already from the beginning made it clear that whaling and slave trading wont be a part of this game
  11. I'll trade you my gift ocean on pvp for it
  12. according to this list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ship_launches_in_1799 there was no ship Named New York lunched in 1799
  13. thats is kind of the point with skirmishers. to harash the enemy battle line until you own battle line is in place to shoot volleys. 🙂 and you should have your own skrimishers out in front to fight the enemy skirmishers
  14. this game dosen't need more nations just please a few players. instedt they should remove the nations that wasent present in the Caribien at the time of the game, the only nation that might be okay to include in the game is the Kingdom of protugal since the had a colony in Brazil
  15. Just as the title says. I would really like to play this game
  16. maybe this book can help https://www.saxo.com/dk/dutch-warships-in-the-age-of-sail-1600-1714_james-bender_hardback_9781848321571
  17. I see another use for press gang, forcing surviving members of enemy crew to serve on your ship
  18. chief purser New book +10% price increase when selling trade goods -10% price decrease when buying trade goods sailing xp goes to ship knowledges on trade ships made in Academy 5 ship pursers ( new resource ) 500 doubloons RDNN purser
  19. at Trafalgar the victory was armed with Gundeck: 30 × 2.75-ton long pattern Blomefield 32-pounders (15 kg) Middle gundeck: 28 × 2.5-ton long 24-pounders (11 kg) Upper gundeck: 30 × 1.7-ton short 12-pounders (5 kg) Quarterdeck: 12 × 1.7-ton short 12-pounder (5 kg) Forecastle: 2 × medium 12-pounder (5 kg), 2 × 68-pounder (31 kg) carronade
  20. Sweeden did't take SJ you paid for it. dk did't even get the chance to defend it, because HAVOC removed alla dk clans from friend list
  21. I hope russian sink every last swedish ship they encounter. especially redii and the rest of the traitors from HAVOC
  22. if the make it crafteable, then please make it a non permit ship or at least make the permit buyable
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