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    The game is too linear. I am forced to follow a path where I Was expecting it to be more sandbox / open world. Naval battles are not fun, land battles are worse. The land battles in UG:CW were outstanding. I have no idea how they managed to regress in this one. I can't quite put my finger on it. I don't want to command a massive fleet, its too much micromanagement. Yet to progress its necessary. Playing the naval battles is like work. Plus, no offense, but the naval AI is straight up dumb. It would be another matter all together if I could assign a majority of my ships to AI mode and leave them alone, but thats not the case. I hate how I have to accomplish certain objectives in previous missions, even though they are not listed as objectives. For example the first mission on the USA campaign. If I dont capture the two enemy ships, I then have the option of fighting bunker hill land battle or doing the naval battle. IF I do the naval battle I Am 3 on 6 trying to stall. If I didn't capture the two ships in the previous mission I am 1 on 6 and get Game over cause 1 ship gets shredded by 6. Thats the sort of lazy and poor design that makes me want to throw your game out the window. That makes me not believe in your game. I came into this game hoping for so many things and having high expectations based upon the previous games you had released and was grossly disappointed.
  2. Was an early access backer. I am not longer a believer in this game. How do I go about requesting a refund?
  3. I have not given up on the game. I am however disappointed. I try to back games that are works in progress if I like the concept. I am just greatly disappointed that its not going to be more open world and ended up falling into an entire script that I must follow with very little room for exploration and free play.
  4. To be fair to the game. Like UG:CW you have fixed encounters that you must do (grand battles). What I was hoping for was more of a Sid Meiers: Pirates where I could sail around take advantage of favorable encounters and play on my terms as opposed to having fixed encounters that I have to select from my arsenal of ships and enter battle that way. I wanted a system where there are more overall objectives (sink X # of enemy ships) or capture 3 5th rates or higher. That kind of stuff without having fixed battles that I must do.
  5. I am gonna preface this message and state that I understand some of what I have to say here is not going to be popular. I have debated writing this because generally when you are dealing with people who pay a premium for alpha you have a rabid following of a game and its tough to give criticism, warranted or not without it turning into an echo chamber of people reassuring themselves that everything is fine and the OP doesn't know what they are talking about. That being said, I am gonna do my best to keep it constructive and go from there. What it comes down to for me is this game is not fun. At all. I have more hours than I care to admit in UG:CW and Gettysburg and as soon as I saw this game was in the works I Had to have it. I loved the concept, I loved the ideas and I love this time period. I came into this excited because based on previous encounters with these dev's I found that they made quality games and I found them to be quite engaging. Not so with this one. I will try to explain why I am so down on things on a point by point basis. Some may agree, many may not, but at the end of the day I feel like I would be remiss if I didn't at least try to give feedback to a studio I respect to keep them from falling into pitfalls. Based upon my experience it only takes one dud of a game to lose many people that you worked so hard to build a following with. That being said, here we go. 1) Linear and forced path: I came into this game hoping like crazy that we would have more of an open world experience and less of a scripted arbitrary timeline that we had to follow. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I absolutely hate the artificially imposed timelines that we have on when we do what activities. Why did you go down this road? A recurring theme you will hear me preach throughout this review is to let the players play how they want to play. I cannot for the life of me understand why I have a limited number of time advances. Let me play through the content at my pace. Let me go do all the side missions. I am a completionist and I hate leaving things undone. The way the game is currently structured I don't have enough ships or time to do what I want to do. The excuse I have heard when I have brought this up previously is "balance" or you will become too strong if they didn't force you to move forward... So what? I get in UG:CW why they had to keep you going at a certain pace. That made sense. This game does not. 2) Sailing / Ship Battles are annoying I Will preface this before people jump all over me and say I understand why the wind has to play a factor. It historically accurate, and generally the single biggest deciding factor of RL naval engagements of the era. That being said, whats realistic doesn't always translate to "Fun" and that after all, is what we are trying to achieve, right? Some I am sure, find the wind to be fun, but I personally think its implemented wrong. IT also causes a bunch of issues that make no sense to me. I don't understand why with the wind at my back, my cannons lose range. (see attached picture) I am sure there is some reason for it, but I can't figure it out. Doesn't make sense to me how I can shoot into the wind and have my shot go further than with the wind at my back. 3) Micromanagement: This sort of piggybacks on the previous but I absolutely hate how much micro has to be done to play this game effectively. I enjoyed how with UG:CW we could set our troops, and check on them here in there but could focus on other things and keep the overall strategy in play without having to click like a competitive starcraft player in order to be effective. I don't want to control a massive fleet because every additional ship you give me to control creates that much more micro to do and the AI from my experience is horrid at controlling my ships. 4) Surrender - I appreciate that on land battles I can kill my prisoners. I hate on sea battles how I am in situations where a ship surrenders, I don't have enough sailors to crew both ships effectively so I basically have to leave a ship sitting next to the surrendered ship or they will magically rally and rejoin the battle. If a ship strikes its colors on a sea battle, they should be out for the entirety of the battle unless an enemy ships comes along and boards it or sinks it. Almost every fight I feel like I am outgunned, I certainly dont have time to leave ships babysitting other ships so they wont rally and stab me in the back. 5) Land Battles - Right now I don't enjoy them either. I cant quite put my finger on it either. Cannons feel OP so far from what I can tell. Charge damage doesn't take them out fast enough and rifle volleys don't rattle them and cause them to waiver. The rifle damage seems very underwhelming so far in this game. The AI also seems far more intelligent from my experience and loves to participate in guerilla warfare. 6) National Flavor - Would have been fun if the ships had a bit more distinct flavor based upon the historical values of the ships. If you read 6 frigates you would know that the american frigates were built like brick shithouses and were far superior to the enemy frigates but they could not contend with the ship of the line. British obviously had a more experienced officer corp so it would make sense to have them get a national XP bonus to officers and troop training. 7) Upscaling - In my experience the AI always gets better ships / more ships than you. If I bring a 6th rate, they bring a 5th rate. Again, just my experience. I understand that there are some loop holes and you can capture a few ships early on that will give you a huge advantage, but its very annoying to feel by in large that no matter how well you play, that the AI is always going to be better than you. I get it, the canned excuse, its needed for balance, I don't agree however. Some battles you should be stronger, some you should be worse, The battles should be the battles without the AI shuffling ships to ensure that your at a constant disadvantage. I understand that much of this is personal opinion and many of you will not agree with me. I hope the devs have some time to consider feedback and give options to us as players to customize the game on how we want to play it rather than how you think we should play it. My fear is the game in its current form is going to be so niche that its going to only appeal to a small section of people and even those like myself, some are going to say "Yuck, not for me." If I had the ability to I would refund this game. I personally buy my games almost exclusively based on feedback ratings from players on steam. Anyhow, apologies in advance for any offense to anyone, its not my intention.
  6. Just completed Bunker hill on the USA Campaign. I got the victory and the victory screen came up. I click ok to finish the battle and advance and it doesnt do anything. I can still click on my soldiers but every option to advance out of the game is locked. I cant load, save, go to main menu, or anything. I had to 3 key the game to get out and when i loaded back in, I had to redo bunker hill. Sent the Video to William The III. Can't seem to post on here fort some reason.
  7. Is there a place where alpha players can see what was changed every patch? I was looking around for notes and have not seen anything.
  8. I assume you mean after the battle? I was referring to in battle to free up troops to avoid guarding them.
  9. Any chance of getting an option to execute prisoners at the cost of Fame ?
  10. It was my front most land unit on bunker hill manning the defensive works between the two cannons at the front of the mountain. They got routed and kept retreating down the mountain toward the navy and where the British Troops are landing.
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