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  1. @admin‌‌‌Is sea legend ready to be released in a beta or alpha stage? That's why you are making room here?
  2. Mean that no more naval action discussion here? No new ideas suggestions combat report, tavern and so on?
  3. i respect your point of view but since in many threads, one also about a flag exploit, alts are more abused than used in a fair way so i dont understand why for the same price we cant have the same dock slot/ ports/ building and basic labor hour on our main account, for main account i mean the ony one used by players that dont have alts.
  4. Nice work, you will replicate also the stars position in different place of the earth?
  5. 1) yes you are right, but I thought that this feature could be a sort of compensation for a fully reworked nation like also new and more flags from different county and empires or companies. 2) yes, sadly alts and possibly to change name could help cheater or toxic player but... Since we are talking about ships captains, admiralty could help us with a great idea: the family tree or the line of succession of every single corsair I think that dev could know how many alts or the old names used by any players. Maybe they could use the AI that is working on Sea Legend missions, and voil
  6. Maybe with Karma system you can turn into pirates people that attack everybody, and makes the actually Pirates Nation into a Corsair Nation where the players could choose from all the flags ( you can add more for them like Portughese, malta, venice and so on ). Maybe you can add the possibility that corsairs could join pb battles of other nation after a hire contract... we are full of alts so i dont see the problem in having one in the corsair nation. Example GB clan XXXXX hire Corsair clan YYYYY for a port battle France ZZZZZ hire Corsair clan JJJJJ
  7. Do you think that now we will have to go for different kind of guns on deck? Long and carros? Engage enemies from distance before going in close combat?
  8. i'm scared to see an increase of price for crafted guns like long ones..we could have the woods rework effect
  9. Except medium gun (DPS) the other cannons will keep the this reload time? How these changes will involve double shot, double charge, grapes and chain?
  10. Boatswain Perk A perk to have over the compass the wind profile of the ship and an advice in the future when you are close to be in shadow wind, or you are inside. Devs could think of increase the cost and move inside the sextant perk too. O7
  11. Awesome work, are you planning to make it usable with VR device?
  12. If i'm not wrong , the hull repair time now depend from the wood..so why not also add the time, a countdown, for the ship building? In this way rare first rate will be very long to craft and they will become more precious..on the other side unusual common woods could be used to build in less time. Same thing about the rate of a ship, a frigate could be crafted in half time respect a 1 rate and so on o7
  13. That's great, well done ! so we could save time traveling around
  14. To be honest don't see in which way the main problems in rvr will be fixed by new woods except giving to rich nation more powerful ships.. So funny to see bumping balls shooed by a first rate over the side of a second rate.. I like to fight against the best players, is a way to learn, but dude i don't have time to live inside a game to be competitive. All the new and seasoned woods for the new players, or back to the old one only. Add npc fleets around the seas to cap the flags, not to travel till a capital, is a time waste, one hour and more to find them with the risk to be tagged
  15. the designer is doing a great job , i like the materials and the color he's using.
  16. nice, you have a very skilled guy that work on your 3d model
  17. What about: Clan dockyard: 5 slot you pay a rent in reals every day If you dont use it to give crafted ship to your mate you place indiamen or an other tship inside one or more slots, flag an option for trade and add an amount of doubloons. Before the maintenance you have the result of the trade with an amount of rare woods and other special rare resource. Like clan warehouse only officers have the rights to move the stuff from the tradeship holds into the clan warehouse only. If you dont pay the clan dockyard you dont have the auto trade service but you can use a da
  18. Is a simple good idea, and for the Nations without a capital is not a problem since is full of ports that are not used
  19. what about make the bermudas a pve area where tow is disabled ?
  20. could be funny also to fight in storms with big waves and more ship movements
  21. I would like to know more about rare woods: quantity and if their will be all available everywhere or just in some places
  22. I dont understand how it work. Just mean that the woods stats are changed? Or also the forest will change too?
  23. I was imagining a design as the devs know how to do, with the style of the time. for example an arsenal with a dry dock, cranes, stacks of timber and, gradually as the various pieces are made up, you can see the ship taking shape .. it does not need to be 3d enough in perspective but with the style of the designs of the time. for each ship the different shapes of the eyelashes of the trees .. maybe just a perspective rendering of the various components of the 3d models that are available with some sepia and artistic filters in the background, a drawing table with inkwell squared compasses
  24. i noticed some post in the forum about that system and i was really sad to dont try it..anyway now a solution like this one will just reward big nation with big clans well organized. is like going to a restaurant, is nice to have new menue with a lot of oprions but if you dont have money you just take a main course and some sides.. if you are rich you can take starter, ,main second ,sides, dessert and coffee and tips for the waitress
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