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  1. Yes, I can somewhat agree with this. I can only gauge based on our clan (and a few friends from other clans/nations who are currently not playing). Some are waiting, some are bored or frustrated with the current version of the game, most who have stopped playing will not be coming back. Our clan is 60 players all joining within the past 6 months. 24 members have been at least active in the past 7 days - but that number doesn't reflect how little most of those are now playing the game. Will the game being released help numbers - sure it will - but all the tenured players will quickly drive new members away with the disparity in skill levels, crafting levels and books carried forwards. Personally, I think having two classes of players upon full release will quickly kill the game - UNLESS there is some solid mechanism to protect new players.
  2. How many ports are worth taking? Very, very few. Most are just an expense - so why bother? As I look at the map, 90%+ of the ports are worthless to own. In fact, it now hurts to own a block of ports as there's no enemy AI sailing between them.... where there are large blocks of capturable ports of the same nation, these have largely become dead zones. Since this patch was released, I've not even sailed a 1st rate (and yes, I have multiple). The new missions don't generate enough good rewards to warrant sailing them - and usually all the good ones are taken. I would sail them for Epic events, but too few players are playing when I play to have a 5 or 6 player team. The DLC ships are now too common - and have become the ship of choice for most OW hunters (and yes, I sail both the requin and Herc too). I used to craft many ships - now I've only crafted a few small ships for shallow PB's. With the reduced ship crafting, the need for even more VM's has disappeared - so no need to take more ports... Having a doubloon cost to TP between ports also hurts here. Players are not using as much of the map now as the costs for jumping from port to port adds up quickly. I think this one 'feature' is a cause for much of the games recent stagnation. Players are not travelling outside of a couple of their home ports. As a clan officer, I detest the doubloon charge for TP'ing. It's not unusual for me to jump back to the clan warehouse port to pull materials for a clan member. So... DLC ships have negated the need to craft many ships, TP charges have negated players wanting to move around the map, PB's offer poor rewards. I haven't seem 400+ players in the game recently. Often I see <200 - and only during the peak time around 350. Given probably 30%-40% of those 'players' are alts, the population of 200 actual people is getting too thin for there to be much action of any kind.
  3. That's what I've been doing recently. When players of different nations all join on the easy side against me, I just head for the circle and suicide.
  4. My perception is much OW PvP consists of Requins and Hercs hunting noobies. It would be good to see the data behind this list to show the various ships used on both sides.
  5. I feel the number of AI fleets has dropped or is very erratically placed. I sat outside Cayo Romano a couple of times today and yesterday - each for over 1 hour. Not one enemy AI - yet the port is adjacent to Spanish ports. I sailed a Bellona from Cayo Romano to Key West and back to Cayo Romano - sailing past several Spanish ports - and saw just 4 AI in the trip - two of them were cutters or pickles.. Whre are all the AI fleets?
  6. 50 doubloons to make a single copper plating mod - yet carta refit requires none.
  7. 10 Doubloons (pvp marks) for each TP. You are killing trading - and forcing players into hours of extra boring sailing.
  8. I spent time documenting all the TP's I made on my main account during a day - nearly 50 TP's between ports. Why so many? It is the only way to take advantage of the game today. Materials replenish in ports every hour - with limited contracts, the only way to buy many materials is to TP in and out of that port multiple times a day Contracts complete and need to be collected and/or replenished. With 15 day expiration on contracts, you cannot afford to place too many items on sale - plus smaller quantities allow for better cashflow. Very related, is the only way to determine if your bid to buy is still top, is to visit that port. Clan members want supplies from the clan warehouse. 6 TP's alone in one day to help clan members I spent many TP looking for the right ship. The game doesn't allow you to number or name ships - and you cannot see the build or the mods installed unless to TP to the port the ship is in. Weather - I left port to fight some AI - and the weather was poor - so I TP'd to another port, where is was also bad, and on to a third port. Some ports only drop their rare materials when the server comes online or very occasionally during the day - so multiple times a day I'm jumping over to these ports to see what I can get. That was an average day... If I have to start paying with Combat Marks/Doubloons in the future, clearly my playing will change significantly - and not for the better. If you are trying to get players to sail rather than teleport, adding more boring sailing between ports is a mistake. The game should be challenging - but that doesn't mean it should be frustrating - and I think restricting teleporting between ports will just frustrate and kill the game.
  9. Elric

    Server crash

    yup, but back in now.
  10. so are the Danes, the Swedes and the French... hmmm... how many of them have the Prussians killed recently in their daily noobie raiding?
  11. you are rarely online. I get to see the constant Prussian raiding each day - for hours at a time. Proportionally the Prussian raid the Mortimer area far more than other nations raid other areas.
  12. "... what are we supposed to do..." understand the game would be a good start. Most of us want more players - seemingly you don't - and sadly, you are beyond understanding that constantly attacking new players causes them to leave. You and an few other Prussians caused numerous USA players to quit with your constant raiding around Charleston, and now new and casual pirate players get frustrated and quit too - you should be proud of your actions.... You and other gankers are the bane of this game. It used to be players would love to get into battles - now it's rare to even see an even battle. The game itself is part of the problem. The Patrol zones are full of 5 vs 2 and 3 v 1 battles - rather than balanced battles.
  13. The biggest casualty in all of this are the newer pirate players who seem to be constantly ganked by Prussians (Black Sails and others) - and other nation players. For some reason Prussia (Banished) seems to be of the opinion stopping new pirate players from crafting and trading by taking as many pirate ports as possible is good for the game.... it is not. The recent attacks on pirate ports barely matters for the tenured pirate players - few of us ever spend time in the Mortimer area - it just hurts the casual and new players.
  14. when crafting cannon - the cannon BP does not show the cannon class. I know in the live system crafting cannon does not give crafting XP - but why not?
  15. Sigh... everything that is wrong with idiot top ranked captains sailing free basic cutters in PvP. Time to completely stop basic cutters from getting PvP marks.
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