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  1. Any ports being captured by AI should be turned over to the lowest ranking nation rather than becoming neutral
  2. Run multiple PvP zones each day during this time
  3. Elric

    LGV Refit

    I have one of the few LGV Refits in the game - nice ship. It would be nice to craft these.
  4. timer costs should be in line with port BR with capitals getting charged more - for example: 20k - 250k / day for capitals, 200k for other ports 10k - 125k per day for capitals, 100k for other ports 5k - 75k per day for capitals, 50k for other ports 2.9k - 250k / day for capital 900 - 75k / day for capitals, 50k for other ports. Without this, we are going to see more and more empty port battles.
  5. Personally, I feel there should NEVER be 100% crew kill from these explosions - except on the exploding ship. The battles are become more of an arcade game. Not what I expect of a game that promotes itself as a realistic naval combat game.
  6. if fire ships can only have very reduced crew, then their sailing / turning ability will (or at least should) be very reduced - and once set alight, the crew should abandon ship and leave the ship on a fixed course. Won't there be an issue with having very reduced crew, in allowing far more big ships into a PB?
  7. admin, I don't see any of the players in this conversation supporting how the exploding ship mechanic works today. When the majority of players on both the defending and attacking side in the battle today all seem to agree the results are far too extreme, you really should take notice.
  8. Here is an example from today of the extreme nature of fireship damage. 100% of the crew killed, yet in this case very little sail and mast damage. When so many players (some of both sides) are instantly eliminated from battles, it doesn't help the game. While it may technically be possible to kill 100% of the crew on a ship, you would expect some crew members to survive - and the ship to sustain much more physical damage. This mechanic needs to be revised and moderated immediately if you want players to continue playing.
  9. here's one of the ships from the battle outside Cap Francais. All the crew killed, very little damage to masts and sails. 100% of the crew wiped out ( 900 crew ). So much for reducing crew damage and increasing sail & mast damage...
  10. VSC Blockade Runner Module Made in workshop 25 Fir (seasoned), 100 Hemp, 100 Doubloons, a treatise on rigging handling. Only applies to trader ships 2.5% increased speed 20% reduced visibility range - so the ship can see enemy ships before they can see you.
  11. Elric

    Stuck on Loading. AGAIN

    restarting steam a couple of times has not helped. Frustrating.
  12. Yes, I can somewhat agree with this. I can only gauge based on our clan (and a few friends from other clans/nations who are currently not playing). Some are waiting, some are bored or frustrated with the current version of the game, most who have stopped playing will not be coming back. Our clan is 60 players all joining within the past 6 months. 24 members have been at least active in the past 7 days - but that number doesn't reflect how little most of those are now playing the game. Will the game being released help numbers - sure it will - but all the tenured players will quickly drive new members away with the disparity in skill levels, crafting levels and books carried forwards. Personally, I think having two classes of players upon full release will quickly kill the game - UNLESS there is some solid mechanism to protect new players.
  13. How many ports are worth taking? Very, very few. Most are just an expense - so why bother? As I look at the map, 90%+ of the ports are worthless to own. In fact, it now hurts to own a block of ports as there's no enemy AI sailing between them.... where there are large blocks of capturable ports of the same nation, these have largely become dead zones. Since this patch was released, I've not even sailed a 1st rate (and yes, I have multiple). The new missions don't generate enough good rewards to warrant sailing them - and usually all the good ones are taken. I would sail them for Epic events, but too few players are playing when I play to have a 5 or 6 player team. The DLC ships are now too common - and have become the ship of choice for most OW hunters (and yes, I sail both the requin and Herc too). I used to craft many ships - now I've only crafted a few small ships for shallow PB's. With the reduced ship crafting, the need for even more VM's has disappeared - so no need to take more ports... Having a doubloon cost to TP between ports also hurts here. Players are not using as much of the map now as the costs for jumping from port to port adds up quickly. I think this one 'feature' is a cause for much of the games recent stagnation. Players are not travelling outside of a couple of their home ports. As a clan officer, I detest the doubloon charge for TP'ing. It's not unusual for me to jump back to the clan warehouse port to pull materials for a clan member. So... DLC ships have negated the need to craft many ships, TP charges have negated players wanting to move around the map, PB's offer poor rewards. I haven't seem 400+ players in the game recently. Often I see <200 - and only during the peak time around 350. Given probably 30%-40% of those 'players' are alts, the population of 200 actual people is getting too thin for there to be much action of any kind.
  14. That's what I've been doing recently. When players of different nations all join on the easy side against me, I just head for the circle and suicide.
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