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Most Ridiculous Ganks

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A gank befitting a traitor


From Russia with love


Swedish meatballs


Another traitor gets his due


One of my favorites. Two surprises shadowing each other and I managed to get a friendly AI fleet in to gank my boy Pit.


This one doesn't look like a gank, two cutters and two fifth rates against two fifth rates. So we convince Venum to leave and poor old Jar Jar Pinks gets 2v1'd and his ship capped (cutters incidental). I laughed for ten minutes because of all of the trash talk Jar Jar was doing in what he thought was a 2v2.


Honorable mention to ganking LV in an indiaman outside of LaT, which I heard he raged about for an hour. He had a first rates worth of mats on the indiaman. Obviously cutter and AI did nothing.

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6 hours ago, Wraith said:


In this completely predictable gank we spy what was previously considered to be the extinct TF clan. Was it cloned from cryogenically preserved genetic material?! ;) 

Science bitch! Lol and hey now, that wasn’t a gank it was an express deliver service to port of destination!

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18 minutes ago, Potemkin said:

I didn't know it was possible to be ganked while in a requin

Technically is simply not possible to successfully gank a faster ship. But it's possible to try (to gank).

But ingame Russian nation knows gank far better than anyone at the moment so I bow to the most expert.

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