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  1. Here is the Pirate Endy almost intact (except for my shots) finishing a stopped IA frig. Y sent a F11 Exploit Report. Can sen report number in the screen shot.
  2. I got pulled into a battle just outside La Tortue. Once inside the was a Russian (Vedon) whit 2 frigates (Reno and Essex) in fleet. On the other side was WTF Headgerald pirate. The Russian and Pirate player starter in parallel. No shots. Fleet frigs stopped. After a 2 mins russian player set sails and took a straight course without firing. Pirate Endy moved to the IA frigs and sank them. Russian player didnt make a shot. Nor his IAs.
  3. You can redeem al DLC while there no other docked in any of your outposts. If you put a DLC ship "in Fleet" then its no considered "in Docks". So if you put 1 Requin in fleet you can redeem another. Once you have two, you can still put your 2 Requins in fleet end redeem a 3rd one 24 hours later. As far as i can remember you can have up to 4 DLCs of the same tipe ante the same moment (max number of fleet slots +1). Note: Once you redeemed 2, 3 or 4 Requins, you can send each one to a different port. You don't need to sail with them in fleet.
  4. Sobre los grises y los verdes tengo dudas.. pero sobre verdes. morados y dorados creo que va a sí: Azules: 3 slots permanentes + 1 refit (tipo Cramped, Very fast, Fast, Nassau Refit, etc) Azules: 4 slots permanentes pero sin refit. Morados: 4 slots permanentes + 1 refit (tipo Cramped, Very fast, Fast, Nassau Refit, etc) Morados: 5 slots permanentes pero sin refit. Dorados: 5 slots permanentes + 1 refit (tipo Cramped, Very fast, Fast, Nassau Refit, etc)
  5. Too late. I paid my money for actual conditions. If they limit seasoned crafting I think I would ask for a refund.
  6. Ahora es Veragrado: Deja que el poder del pueblo de Rus crezca en ti...
  7. Please promise to keep paying a visit to spanish coasts. We know is a long journey but we will all have fun. Good luck to all SNOWs!
  8. Make 2 non-capturable counties for Spain then. England has 7 no-capturable ports in 2 counties. USA has 8 in 2 counties. France has 7 in 2 counties. Spain has 5 in 1 county.... which has no reason from a historical pow.
  9. Captains, some of you are mixing concepts. Some screenshots are from revenge fleets instead of ganking fleets.
  10. Yo hasta hace un par de semanas era un experto en Jutlandia gracias al Histocast 181. https://www.histocast.com/podcasts/histocast-181-batalla-de-jutlandia/ Pero se me ha olvidado casi todo.
  11. "Ganar el viento" no es siempre ponerse a barlovento del objetivo. Si estas intentando cazar a una Diana que lleva Elite Spanish Rig "ganerle el viento" es ponerse a sotavento vento. Si estás intentando escapar de un Requin o de una Trinco con Elite Pirate Rig "ganarle el viento" es ponerse de nuevo a sotavento suyo. Si que es verdad que a igualdad de barcos y en una situación en las que las dos partes quieren establecer combate es mejor combatir desde barlovento. Pero ese es un caso entre muchos.
  12. Agree. And Its a fact people behave worse if they are hidden behind anonymity.
  13. Looks like he dropped repairs at a certain moment to speed up. You should have done the same. BTW: the circle you see is a shadow of the circle the server manage certain amount of time ago.
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