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  1. Agree. And Its a fact people behave worse if they are hidden behind anonymity.
  2. Looks like he dropped repairs at a certain moment to speed up. You should have done the same. BTW: the circle you see is a shadow of the circle the server manage certain amount of time ago.
  3. Did the result window show once you where in OW?
  4. Long/mediums 24p in the lower deck and 24p carros in the middle deck... Thats too little for a 4th rate... A Diana, Endy, Indef have much more punch.
  5. I know. @HachiRoku But at least its not the Requin or Hercules case.. where you were actually buying killer ships. This 4th rate has less dps than many 5ths rates. Its slow and dosent turn very well.
  6. This are the stats of the Rattvian. Look at the guns it can take. With this stats and cannons is pay 2 lose. Worst 4th rate ever IMHO:
  7. I will not pay 30€ for a 4th rate! ...oh wait, I already did. You can keep the hermione, thou.
  8. friday 28th march?? still with the gregorian calendar?
  9. If they change the Hercules and Requin DLCs from Notes to Permits, and limit it to certain common woods, I will ask for a refund. @admin
  10. If best ships are very rare they will become very valuable and most of players will refuse to risk them... and many battles wont take place. This game was really funny when you were prone to enter en combat even if odds were against. Right know, with anonymous OW system, with no OW direct inter-player chat, with no inter-nation coordination, etc... many players prefer not to take risks. And this makes this game less enjoyable and more boring. Much more boring.
  11. You should create a mechanic that punish overextension. Right now, with diplomatic layer sadly removed, a powerfull clan/nation can expand too easily as weak clans/nations barely have a chance.
  12. NA post wipe situations have always been the one I had most fun. But its dangerous to promise something and then do another thing. Based in previous promises many players have grinded hundred of hours that will be useless now, and this is not good.
  13. I guess it depends in each case. Sometimes you need to cross the wind quick for some reason... like beeing able to gain speed again quickly because the enemy is close and might board you. Or you are in the middle of a melee and its not important if you loose some distance upwind.
  14. And bring OW chat back. With the diplo layer removed this is supposedly a clan based game. You can be friend of an Russian clan but enemy of others. Right now its imposible to create inter-nation cooperation because you never know if that russian is friend of you you or not. I would accept the following solution. Names and clan are hidden until you are in tag distance in which case it will appear and last fo 5 mins in OW. But OW chat button always active, please.
  15. IMHO.... New combat interface its quite quite poor. Boarding interface is less than poor.
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