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  1. there u better ask @Captain Reverse
  2. i fear iam not his type ^^ for further informations contact my agent @Jon Snow lets go
  3. what are u talking about? pretty sure u missed the point
  4. read more carefully --> gf = girl friend (i can confim she is existing ^^)
  5. @Jon Snow lets go look, that game seems to be alive
  6. i want a personal message with a lot of smilies, nice pictures, funny memes and a salary offer via whatsapp!
  7. viel Erfolg, aber dieses Ziel kannst du in diesem Spiel nur mit einem international aufgestellten Clan erreichen
  8. its not because of alts...iam pretty sure compared to the nations populations brits have the lowest rate of alt accounts... its because of the fact that every newbie joins the brits (thats pretty logic as well) and most newbie tend not to join a clan in his early life - and as we all know the game is pretty hard for clanless newbies so they stop playing pretty fast...
  9. Sorry, keine Zeit für eine emotionale Erwiderung. Das Geschenk für mein Patenkind packt sich leider nicht von alleine ein. Und nun b2t!
  10. iam pretty sure he meant an update since the last infos are from end of july.... 🤦‍♂️
  11. sadly there are nearly no danes playing at night....
  12. thx russians, as always an intense fight! sadly someone else stole my kill on berni 😘
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