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51 minutes ago, Immersive Ganking said:

Fixed it for you. It's obvious though that gankers have no balls because they only fight 10v1.

Sorry never seen you in a battle in game, you seem to be only a forum Fighter!

Or perhaps you must hide beyond fake name because you don t have enough balls!

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Don´t we all gank? :) I don´t mind losing a fir/crew space shabby one-slot ocean like in the short fight shown below. It doesn´t seem correct that full broadsides on 3rd rates don´t happen to do a lot of damage, but that´s part of the far too high gear value we have now. What I do mind instead is the offensive language from always the same - and many - players. will there ever be done something aganist this? for sekiro and zulu it is not enough to just win quick and dirty. no, they need to brag how great they would´ve fought it at our place. sure. these people are just toxic - forgive the words - scumbags. they can all nicely hide behind the anonymity of the internet. in real life some hefty blows would come over them. here it hast to be public shaming only. shame on you! be superior players and have some dignity!



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