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Most Ridiculous Ganks

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Bartas and me where out looking for NPC fleets to farm when we stumble upon a lonely swedish who was doing the same, but with greater success right in front of us. Nothing else around so we decide to join his battle. When we enter the swedish player immediately start to run towards his port/fort and this is understandable, but the two AI ships he originally tagged are very close to him and not slow either. So they help keep him tagged while we chase him towards the fort.

We are talking about this gank on TS when a clan mate decide try to use a loki rune, just to see if RNG is on our side today. On the first attempt he joins in the Indefatigable right behind the Swedish player! What are the chances of this happening!? So have laugh and then a 2. clan mate tries a loki rune. On his 1. try he is in our battle in the Ingermanland..!

Fun fact I learned from that fight, Forts don't shot @loki runes. So running towards those did not help the poor swedish fellow.. (Sorry for the gank mate!) :( 


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