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  1. RedNeckMilkMan

    Ruby the Reaper griefing

    Remove sail tagging with ball. Only penetrating shots on mast or armor, and chain to sails that does damage. Or tagging should only be possible within give or take 500m.
  2. RedNeckMilkMan

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    It looks like BF joined an unbalanced fight and made it even. Numerous other people joined from other nations and so on. BF decided to peace out. Maybe they were concerned about Havoc trying to kill them after the battle, maybe they didn't want to spend their time ganking. Admin's ruling about starting a fight and fighting doesn't apply here. BF started the fight with every intention of fighting and when the situation changed they decided to leave. Nothing wrong with leaving a battle. This is not an exploit. When you join a fight that has other nations in it, don't expect them to help you. Don't know why Aloha is in trouble here, looks like they did the lion's share of fighting.
  3. RedNeckMilkMan

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    If only the Trinc could escape the requin. Wait a minute...
  4. The docking fees is a great idea. Punishes people for dock humping. Along with port lockdown this would make so many ports valuable since alts could not buy up everything. Clans could cause shortages of resources and to end it RvR would have to take place. Scarcity causes conflict.
  5. RedNeckMilkMan

    Bow guns for frigates without?

    Every 5th rate and up should have at least 2 bow 2 stern imo.
  6. RedNeckMilkMan

    Points of Forts and Towers killed.

    Queue the Benny Hill music.
  7. RedNeckMilkMan

    How much time do you spend playing NA?

    Lol spending time on some floozy when he could be min maxing afk trade runs. Filthy casual.
  8. RedNeckMilkMan

    How much time do you spend playing NA?

    Players that don't spam global after a Victory are casuals.
  9. RedNeckMilkMan

    How much time do you spend playing NA?

    That would be the 1-2 hours a day range
  10. RedNeckMilkMan

    How much time do you spend playing NA?

    The first step is admitting you have a problem
  11. RedNeckMilkMan

    National identity

    The issue is that pirates have all the advantages of a nation, they are not a nation they are Pirates. They should be able to attack anyone and so forth but at the cost of the advantages of being a nation. No one cares how much territory you capture. But having a safe zone in the middle of the map playing as a "nation" is the issue. It should be a confederation of clans that are loosely aligned and each control their territory through might. But this thread is about nation specific ships with the addition of more DLC ships, which in my opinion is a way to make more players leave and is unnecessary. The Requin and Herc have already soiled much of the PVP. DLCs should be cosmetic or quality of life. Not pay to win or in this case Pay to play. Line ships being DLC would absolutely needlessly drive players away.
  12. RedNeckMilkMan

    The time has come to make pirates hardcore choice.

    You have a centralized location near the brits (most populous nation) and Tortue (most populous freeport). You are perfectly placed to dominate the shallows, eastern Cuba, and the north of Hispaniola. The Grand Turk area is perfect for ship building. You have live oak and Teak 10 seconds from your capital. And you have a safe zone in the middle of one of the biggest pvp hot zones/trade routes The size of the island is irrelevant. Fort Royal island is the same as Port Morant island.
  13. RedNeckMilkMan

    National identity

    Line ship DLC will never happen and should never happen. Nation specific ships severely limits what can be sailed, France/GB would have like 90% of the ships. Pirates don't need more advantages they need less. But the Queen Anne's Revenge would be a dope ship to have in game.
  14. RedNeckMilkMan

    The time has come to make pirates hardcore choice.

    Pirates shouldn't start with anything (like the 3 hardcore nations). Pirates are just as easy as any other nation. This should not be the case.