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  1. Why even play the game if there's no Global PVP from the safety of port?
  2. I personally don't care about the historical accuracy of nations in the Caribbean (the Chinese flags are dope looking) but what would be ideal in my opinion follows. All nations are grouped in to 3 Alliances based on Pop of nations and Nations would just be a flag you fly. Perhaps you could have Russia and their allies in one Alliance against the forces of Nato and a third Alliance made up of the smaller nations and privateer style nations like Poland, China, Pirate. Just an idea but in reality a 3 way split of the player pop would likely be best OR Nations become
  3. Admin has stated that starting a fight with no intention of fighting is griefing. Quit trying to muddy the waters by saying "b-but if I tag a player and can't win then am I griefing?" This is smooth brain logic. If you tag a ship and can't win against it you do not repeatedly tag said ship in to consecutive battles. The delaying tactics claim is also horse shit, what was he delaying for? There was no port battle and it wouldn't take an hour for back up to arrive. Anyone with more than 2 brain cells can see this is griefing. Plain and simple. If you tag and keep people in consecutive batt
  4. Chain range is about 250-300 so if you have a feel for how far you can chain then you can estimate the exact number.
  5. Seeing as how the Constitution and her sister ship are now 3rd rates they should not longer spawn in 4th rate epic events. Cheers.
  6. So you need 5000 xp to rank up, when you achieve a new rank you need 12,000 xp to reach the subsequent rank. Cumulative XP is not shown for simplicity's sake.
  7. New players don't sail around afk min crewing trade ships loaded with passenger missions.
  8. I love the implication that these low level traders are majority players and not alts doing cargo and passenger missions.
  9. Then smaller clans could not hold ports or grind ports. It's already hard enough to flip a port.
  10. Populating the open world with t-lynxes and trade ships sailing in their own waters. They need to be nerfed and other forms of money making need to become viable competitors.
  11. While these missions are a great addition to the game they have killed the old system of buy here and sell there.This in turn has all but made port tax non-existent. Ports like Santo Domingo and Puerto de Espana which in the past were trade hubs and hunting grounds have lost much of their value. My suggestion is to make delivery missions cost reals as an investment in the product that you will be moving to another port to sell for a profit. Then, once in the destination port, the officials there would undoubtedly want the tariffs set by the most noble Pissants. For passenger mission
  12. Do you think game balance is someone with 10 hours being able to compete against someone with thousands? I'll give you a hint: No game ever made has done this because it's not feasible and downright stupid.
  13. Pretty much every suggestion you made sounds awful. There is a reason for the state of the current RVR mechanics. We tried all of what you suggested and it was a shit show.
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