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  1. It's a video game. Not war.
  2. Pretty much every suggestion you made sounds awful. There is a reason for the state of the current RVR mechanics. We tried all of what you suggested and it was a shit show.
  3. ITT, 60-70% of the population complain that only 90% of the ports have timers within their prime time. I'm losing brain cells reading this.
  4. Or at all seeing as how he was an Admiral not a shipwright.
  5. Enjoy, thanks for letting us know this pertinent information in a tribunal thread. I feel like people have actually just switched off their brains when they come to the forums. They seem to be actively working to get themselves banned.
  6. And the broken record keeps on turning.
  7. Privateer: I was told WO would not attack me Aster: you attacked them Privateer: I attacked BLANC LUL
  8. ROE is pretty forgiving now for getting ganked. I'm a big fan of the changes to ROE.
  9. Yep, most of us have school, day jobs, companies, and families to worry about. I'm sure you're familiar with these responsibilities. Thus the most likely time that we are all able to get on without one of these things popping up is between 10 PM - 1 AM. Also you may want to look in to Savannah before you try to call us out for timer dodging. Anyone getting up at 8 AM to flip a port?
  10. The game existed for years allowing players to take any port they wanted. No one complained then. The only people complaining now are those that think they deserve to own ports which they do not currently own. Here's a wild idea, fight for the ports you want like everyone else.
  11. What a lovely speech on morals. Good thing this video game in no way whatsoever reflects the real world and in which I regularly do things that I otherwise would not be able to do i.e. sailing a giant wooden ship, killing people, making fun of Msk's awful football team. Your analogy goes bust because there are consequences to breaking rules but you can do what ever you want as long as your play within the rules. Which we are. Sorry that doesn't line up with your moralistic ideology of the world but it's a game.
  12. What about French, Swede, and Spain? Are they sold as hard mode? US has always had a massive advantage over the other nations yet they just can't seem to capitalize on it.
  13. And that right there is why we do it, it ain't much but it's honest salt.
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