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  1. The Admiralty should sell Perk Reset Permits.
  2. This is hype as hello kitty, I've been asking for exactly this for so long. Looks very promising guys.
  3. Are you not seeing rigging in battle or just open world? The ship models are scaled back in open world for performance purposes.
  4. You have permanently damaged my retinas Galt.
  5. What will inevitably happen is one nation's bonus will be slightly better than another nation's bonus. This will be especially noticeable by limiting ships to certain nations. Every player in the game needs access to the same items for balancing purposes. Ideally nations would disappear and be replaced by clans creating more content for everyone.
  6. BR has been a serious issue in the game since before the UI update. Ships BR needs overhauling to prevent small ships from tagging big ships repeatedly until allies arrive.
  7. Remove sail tagging with ball. Only penetrating shots on mast or armor, and chain to sails that does damage. Or tagging should only be possible within give or take 500m.
  8. It looks like BF joined an unbalanced fight and made it even. Numerous other people joined from other nations and so on. BF decided to peace out. Maybe they were concerned about Havoc trying to kill them after the battle, maybe they didn't want to spend their time ganking. Admin's ruling about starting a fight and fighting doesn't apply here. BF started the fight with every intention of fighting and when the situation changed they decided to leave. Nothing wrong with leaving a battle. This is not an exploit. When you join a fight that has other nations in it, don't expect them to help you. Don't know why Aloha is in trouble here, looks like they did the lion's share of fighting.
  9. If only the Trinc could escape the requin. Wait a minute...
  10. The docking fees is a great idea. Punishes people for dock humping. Along with port lockdown this would make so many ports valuable since alts could not buy up everything. Clans could cause shortages of resources and to end it RvR would have to take place. Scarcity causes conflict.
  11. Every 5th rate and up should have at least 2 bow 2 stern imo.
  12. Lol spending time on some floozy when he could be min maxing afk trade runs. Filthy casual.
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