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  1. is the first page timber links updated? i mean , is it the values we find in game now?
  2. me too in the group of unlucky accounts 22 november 2014
  3. huliotkd


    finally!! i really didn't want to fight to cap a De Ruyter when i can now have it as compensation
  4. lol. Danes can screen swedish fleet attacking san juan, cannot enter PB yes...but can screen. Truxillo can't be screened because the attack was led by defender's ALT...so it was impossible to stop and this is an abuse of hotility mechanic. you are accusing HAVOC to have used alt to take back san juan but you don't have proofes. all the Forum has proofes of ALT used at Truxillo instead. another fact is that Truxillo would have been owned by ALT Clan instead of main player while San Juan was passed from main account to main account so again...San Juan and Truxillo are 2 different
  5. the Gazette is the most waited newspaper of the moment always good job @Gregory Rainsborough!!!
  6. but again they didn't used alt...they changed nation, and the last of them remained danish as clan leader and then i suppose he removed friendly clan from the ally list...then the swedish attacked san juan and took it...no alt involved. and no broken mechanic, cause the owner clan has all the right to manage the port as they wish. is they take back san juan as swedish clan is because they invested much more than other clans. nothing wrong in this action. truxillo was flipped using an alt instead, and filled with russian fleet....a big difference
  7. but truxillo an san juan are not the same thing. truxillo was flipped using an alt to create hostility mission, san juan was flipped by main account of ex-danes player...so, completely different
  8. @admin can you better explain what is you target? do you will introduce variable dinamic wind power inside battle istance?
  9. fort should attack both sides cause they are enemy of nation's fort.
  10. as the title, i tagged a player and entered istance but we were both flipped
  11. so, how long for @admin answer? proofs are here and in big amount...the PB is just finished and CRC capped Truxillo in a 1 vs 1 PB....
  12. yeah but why we must wait for Redoutable to have Wrecker if Wrecker is a crafted ship? it doesn't have to wai for Valve approvation, devs can patch and introduce it earlier than DLC ship
  13. @admin any news on those 2 points? btw you can already introduce Implacable while waiting for Redoutable
  14. any plans for Multiplayer like actual NA Open World?
  15. there will be any chance to see also an Open World like now in Naval Action? this new project looks like exactly what Naval Action needs now
  16. they wrote also Multi-player and pvp but not at the 1st stage of development
  17. don't forget the most important section of the Gazette @Gregory Rainsborough !! the ''random fun fact'' section!!!
  18. if you want to lose your ships, just switch off survival button...and take damage... and you sink. self destruction in a game where enemy ships are a prize is a gamebreaking idea
  19. 1) Naval Action 2 in the Mediterranean Sea or Europe in general. 2) wind power (dinamic wind changes in OW and battle istance) and wind shadow (stealing wind when chasing another player) 3) Storm Battle istance and storm Open World minigame istance (survive and limiting damages to the ship during a storm istance that starts random inside a storm area on the map a la ''Age of pirates: caribbean tales'' from Akella. 4) Fishing mechanics: new ships (Whaler), new money from fishing, new PVE minigame istance for hunting whales with gunboats like tenders to a Whaler ship 5) new m
  20. WHat about Cartagena turned 55 - Russian Portobelo turned 50 - Russian Bluefields turned 50 - Russian
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