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    Rubbing Damage needs to Return

    It used to and people just rammed each other to death. There should be a more nuanced approach such as big ships hitting little ships crew shocks continued contact does armor damage extended contact caused loss of guns and leaks. This should be based on weight of ships (which needs to be redone since there are some terrible match ups) the larger the difference the more severe the effects. As ships approach similar weights/size the effects of ramming/hugging should be minimal.
  2. RedNeckMilkMan

    Naval Action Meme collection

  3. RedNeckMilkMan

    5 mod slots all ships.

    When equally skilled players meet the ships decide the fight. 99.99% of the time the players (numbers, coordination, leadership, skill) decide the fight. I have seen hundreds of screenshots that corroborate this.
  4. RedNeckMilkMan

    Sealed bottles

    The chance was reduced when they started giving better rewards. (a few patches ago)
  5. RedNeckMilkMan

    What is happening here?

    Yes but weight is actively calculated into your speed.
  6. RedNeckMilkMan

    What is happening here?

    Loodsman only affects speed in the open world. So in battle you lose 5% speed from 14.45 which puts you at 13.7. Problem solved.
  7. RedNeckMilkMan

    What is happening here?

    Did you have sail force mods or ship knowledge on? Were you running loodsman? A screenshot from the port menu would help determine the issue.
  8. RedNeckMilkMan

    Ship stuck at sea - 0 kts.

    I would assume your tbrig is overloaded.
  9. RedNeckMilkMan

    Black Veil Griefing

    Yeah tagging with no intention of fighting is dumb, outside of RVR (screening specifically). Tagging and holding in battle until reinforcements arrive is a valid tactic. I don't think you should be able to keep a player tagged in battle if you are more than 800m (definitely up to debate) away from them. This would force those annoying little ships within effective cannon range of the ships they are trying to keep tagged. Also make BR matter again. A 200 br ship should not be able to tag a ~1000 br first rate.
  10. RedNeckMilkMan

    Very Low quality PvP

    If ganking takes no skill then how are people so shit at it?
  11. RedNeckMilkMan

    Very Low quality PvP

    Nah that shit would be abused like crazy. No one wants to wait around for 2 ships that just disappeared for a hour and a half. Name one thing that can be abused but hasn't. Even the things that warrant tribunal have been abused.
  12. RedNeckMilkMan

    Very Low quality PvP

    The only issue would be players "dueling" one another to escape their enemies. If dueling is going to be a thing it should be done from within the port and no rewards given/no ship loss like the training room.
  13. RedNeckMilkMan

    safe zones

    My take on safe zones: No tagging of any kind (AI or player). Master and Commander and below missions should spawn within the safe zones. The top 4 ranks should spawn outside the zone. This is of course based on pre patch 27 as I haven't played patch 27.
  14. All this talk about traders being vulnerable yet the Indiaman and LGV refit are excellent combat ships. I have seen many fall the the battle indiaman courtesy of Aster. The main issue is fir fir with no guns or upgrades. For the love of Admin put guns on your traders.
  15. Needs more hate towards Dev team. But really scarcity creates demand we have too many ports and to much open ocean for the player base.
  16. RedNeckMilkMan

    Reward for Enemy Retreating.

    Correct, there are 2 roles in every battle Predator and Prey, these roles may reverse many times in a battle but if the prey escapes the predator has failed. And if the prey defends itself and begins to hunt the predator then the roles have reversed and likewise the responsibilities have reversed. Regardless of these roles you will be rewarded for damage done. But simply defending ones self or failing to catch your prey does not warrant additional rewards.
  17. RedNeckMilkMan

    Reward for Enemy Retreating.

    There are 2 scenarios in relevant to this topic 1) You tag an enemy with the intent to kill them and they escape. (you should not be rewarded for failing) 2) You are attacked by a ship that wants to kill you and fails so it escapes (Congrats you have successfully defended your ship and get to continue on your way with a reward for damage done)
  18. RedNeckMilkMan

    Reward for Enemy Retreating.

    Your reward is getting to keep your ship along with xp and gold for damage (or whatever replaced it).
  19. RedNeckMilkMan

    Never give up French!

    Nations should be an alliance of clans. Clans should hold the real power.
  20. I believe the intent was to allow any ship (including 1st-3rd and dlc) to be captured and sailed in battle but not outside of battle. 5th rate and below would remain the same
  21. RedNeckMilkMan

    Reward for Enemy Retreating.

    So if I jump in to a battle with my Trollquin and the enemies leave I profit. Nice.
  22. RedNeckMilkMan

    Reward for Enemy Retreating.

    Even fights don't exist. Someone always has an advantage. If you fail to kill your enemy you should not be rewarded.
  23. RedNeckMilkMan

    How to promote ganking

    How should the Admin stop players from running? Learn to demast and repairs become much less effective. Likewise shoot at what they aren't repairing. i.e. if they rep sails take them down to structure.
  24. RedNeckMilkMan

    How to promote ganking

    Patrol zones spawn near free ports. How does this favor specific nations?
  25. RedNeckMilkMan

    Reward for Enemy Retreating.

    Nah like Aster said this would be exploited like crazy. And it just seems dumb. You should be rewarded for failing to catch your prey? That's some participation trophy crap.