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  1. Sven Silberbart

    Deep waters PBs since last wipe

    Exactly. You nailed it. A port isn't worth to capture. Big grind, long travels, organisational work, big risk for .. having a worthless port, or more bad: a port you have to pay for every day wich makes grind once more needed.
  2. Sven Silberbart

    Battle's Closing Uneven BR

    I dont like BR Limit factor. If we start playing in the evening, me and my mates always try to play this game as group. That needs some organisational work to make that happen. When we start sailing and after some miles we found enemy ships to hunt, we dont want our group to split up because of such a BR Limit thing. Such a limit would bring more even fights, that could be. But that is most interesting for people who play alone or dont care about the other group members. And that would remove the fear and the danger of beeing deep in enemy waters.
  3. Sven Silberbart

    Patch 27 - Trading feedback

    @admin: It would be nice if the port owning clan could have something like a tax report. That could have the following Information: 15.11.1615: Danish Captain bought 38 Iron Ore. Tax: 15.000 reals 15.11.1615: Danish Captain sold ship "Trader Brig". Tax: 140 reals ...
  4. Sven Silberbart

    Patch 27 - Trading feedback

    We have the ports "St. Johns" and "Codrington". Before patch "St. Johns" was generating more money than "Codrington". Yesterday we saw very few income in "St. Johns" and very high (about 350k) in "Codrington" and we really dont have a clue what happens or how the new trading affect this ports. The new system is very confusing
  5. Sven Silberbart

    Patch 27 - Trading feedback

    Dont know where are all the trading goods. Noone of my contracts for trading goods has been filled since patch. Everyone at amount 0. If i cant get the trading goods then i cant trade. Means I stopped trading completely
  6. Sven Silberbart

    holding in battles and offensive "revenge" fleets

    "After Battle Screen" with teleport option was a shitty thing in the past and it will be shit in the future.
  7. Sven Silberbart

    Kurländer Kaper

    Ahoy Kapitäne. wer sich ein Bild über uns machen möchte kann gern auf unseren Kanal vorbeischauen. Hier ein Beispiel (Screening vor Puerto de Espana) was man mit einer Wappen nicht machen sollte: Wappen von Hamburg geschreddert
  8. Sven Silberbart

    Probleme mit AI-Kampftaktik aber 5rd

    ..und denk dran: Du kannst reppen, der gegner tut es aber nicht. Also pack HullReps ein und nutze sie wenn es nicht so gut läuft früh genug.
  9. i fear you are right and port costs will kill the last lucrative ports and the intention to conquer the carribean with it.
  10. Sven Silberbart

    Free Ports & PvP Zones

    more reinforment zones...noooo please. What comes next in this game? Changing ammunition from balls to flowers?
  11. Sven Silberbart

    Clarification needed on Tribunal vs Ingame Chat Report

    I would like to see the "Insult Chat" removed from game.
  12. Sven Silberbart

    Solution to keep A global server ?

    Why not doing two timezones? I like the idea. Would fix the night flip probem
  13. Random Fire Mode ..it is always a pain for me. Since i am playing i never found a useful case for that option and often activate it by misclick. (If not removed, maybe an option in game settings to auto switch over it)
  14. Sven Silberbart

    Flags Flags Flags

    the glorious duchy of courland (carribean settlement: New Courland) The Flag wich was shown in "Total War : Empire" : Source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Flag_of_Courland_(Empire_Total_War).svg
  15. Sven Silberbart

    Kurländer Kaper

    Wir hatten Admin angeschrieben ob der Clan Tag geändert werden könnte...aber leider nein. Eine Änderung hätte also auch den Verlust und die Rückeroberung der Häfen zur Folge, daher schon viel Arbeit. Natürlich hast du Recht dass wir schon sehr eigenständig unterwegs waren, daher ist es auch konsequent das nun auch endgültig und offiziell zu machen. Und ich bin momentan nicht sicher wer hier von welcher Namensgleichheit mehr profitiert.