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  1. Because I want to reward the developers when they come to the conclusion that the DLC ships must be nerfed. 馃檪
  2. I will NOT buy the DLC ships until they are properly balanced! I don't even want the free Pandora if it's going to be OP like the Herc and Req.
  3. That they are anywhere close to as good as crafted is a big problem. The fact that they are good combined with the fact they are convenient means the demand for 5th and 6th rate crafted ships is too low to support a crafting business. Some kind of nerf is needed. Any of the following would work: 1.) Nerf the hell out of their stats. 2.) Reduce the base quality to 0 or 1 mod slots. 3.) Make them only redeemable once a month.
  4. I play the British and get plenty just from ai traders and warships. It seems most of the ai are British so I'm not sure how it could be more difficult for other factions. I've made a US alt and it seems a lot easier to find prey as a US player.
  5. MegaWars3. This is the game that compares most favorably to that classic. That's why I like it so much .
  6. The relationship of pennies to dollars is fixed. That's not the case with doubs/reals so it's not a fair comparison.
  7. Well, if you are insta-trading it to the port you are doing it wrong. I'll leave it at that.
  8. You may have a point, no need to shout. On the other hand, adding a layer of complexity to a game is not necessarily a bad thing. In this case, it forces the players to figure out how to trade their reals for doubloons most profitably. Some will win, some will loose. Can't that be part of the game?
  9. But you can easily trade your doubs for reals so it really doesn't matter.
  10. Sir, I had this same concern once but the market for trading Reals/Doubloons seems effective enough now and Doubloons are plentiful. I can't say I agree with you anymore.
  11. It is not working for me. It does not seem worth it, so I'm not doing it any more. It does not seem to make much money at all compared to fighting PvE. The clan and friends only access to rare woods is demoralizing and will only end up helping large clans and their friends leaving smaller clans without hope. Their friends lists are all full. The OP, P2W, DLC ships are still the primary cause of ship crafting's demise.
  12. Any chance the clan friend list can be improved as well? I've lost count how many times I've been denied a pb only because the clan's friend list is full.
  13. Yes, I was wrong. Disregard the above post. It's too easy in a t-lynx and the rewards don't need buffing. I like the idea for more baggage requiring bigger ships.
  14. The rewards for the econ missions into enemy territory could use a buff. I haven't seen any mission chests or silver and gold chests as rewards for any of the econ missions. Chests would be more of an incentive to do any of these, especially the long ones. As it is, I see little point in doing any of them.
  15. That's exactly what I'm talking about. The list is full. To add another you would have to remove one. It seems like most of the ports on the map are owned by clans who's lists are full.
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