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  1. @adminI understand that they need to be viable. But rather than just making them OP again, how about a compromise? Make their framing and planking types random like the elite notes.
  2. Yes, my mistake. The post was about San Mateo, not Augustin. So.... A personal attack. Not surprising. Should I start another tribunal post? Perhaps you were not paying attention. First, the fact that you understand the obvious and plain evidence against you is apparent in your own reply. And, secondly, this is not outside the tribunal. I've done nothing to ruin the reputation of any "good" captain. Telling me to get over it doesn't really help much at all. I still don't like it. ☹️
  3. You are in the tribunal. And you are a cheater. You are without honor and I will not apologize.
  4. All members of WO and VCO should be banned for cheating! Continuing to use the ports of Saint Marys and San Augustin Mateo is cheating. That is self-evident. Admin's attempt to change the definition of cheating is lame and completely inappropriate. I would ask if he wants his game to be the poster-child of the coming regulation attempts on the game industry. Pay to win is bad but condoning cheating and favoring cheaters is a whole order of magnitude worse.
  5. As the title of the post says, "the evidence of cheating can't possibly be more obvious".
  6. It is cheating, pure and simple. Not just because I don't like it. It is also dishonorable act for those clans and the players in them who continue using this CHEAT. What you, @admin, are displaying is a total disregard for fair play.
  7. I mostly agree, Vernon. Except that anytime you are not playing a game to win, you are doing it wrong.
  8. They are obviously exploits, doesn't matter what they've been labeled. How obtuse can you be? The reputation of this game suffers because of this, not to mention your own.
  9. But do you really believe new players are going to think being victims of these exploits is fun?
  10. We all know boiling with emotions doesn't help. But please be aware that it's not so easy to control. Consider, if you would, that the US has largely less experienced players than the two rival and allied Pirate/French clans that made these incursions. And consider that the incursions occurred as exploits against the stated goals of the frontlines patch. There is a general feeling among the US players that I've listened too that your decision not to restore the "frontlines balance" through the use of the game rules was because you favor these clans. I'm not sure I agree but it certainly doesn't have a good look to it. I don't see how it can be expected for players who feel this way, and love to play your game, not to be boiling with emotions.
  11. My many thanks to the players who found these exploits. However, this should stop. @admin, @ink, Please tell these clans to give up the ports or else. Even if there are technical reasons for not just resetting the ports, you can still fix it by enforcing the rules. This continued abuse of the exploits is having a serious effect on player morale.
  12. nevermind, i'm in now
  13. With the new hostility system and since the ability to raise hostility in the OW was scrapped, the fortunes of the nations on the edge of the map have declined. I think there needs to be some substitute to replace the OW hostility. I understand it was scrapped due to the possibility of abuse. How about this? Add a couple of items to the loot tables. Make them rare and ultra rare respectively but maybe with a bonus for the nations on the edge. The rare one is a "letter of hostility for <random port>". The ultra rare item is a "authorization for war" and the user may select a port. Upon use, and on the day after next server reset, the clerk will spam a warning in global about the endangered port. Then the following day (in 2 days) the user's clan may take hostility missions there.
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