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  1. I am looking for a clan on the British PVE side to join, Rear Admiral with some decent experience, just looking to stay interested in the game.. PM me with discord or post here. Thanks, Shae
  2. Title says all, what am I losing, PVE server, If I switch nations, and how is this done. do I lose my ships and exp and basically reset my account or can someone explain?
  3. Just reached Flag Cap. and can't seem to find a list of ships with stats and min/max crew sizes and such that is up to date? Links anyone?
  4. Looking for a new clan that will help me rank on the PVE server, current clan has few members online and even fewer willing to help, PM or post here and I will contact you. Thanks, by the way I am currently a MC in the US but willing to switch.
  5. Looking for a group to help get my feet wet. I have trouble learning this game because of the huge learning curve and would love to chat on TS and play with people instead looking for ships by myself.
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