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  1. I, and several other players have noticed lately that combat news isnt always displaying messages properly. Specifically regarding boarding and sinking, it isnt always showing the sink message after the boarding. For example: "BeStPvPeRl33t Boarded Russian Player in the arse end of nowhere" is showing fine but "BeStPvPeRl33t Sank Russian Player in the arse end of nowhere" is not always showing
  2. Here's what you do! Let the Russians have those ports, russian trader gets tagged by Danish defense fleet at Fort Baai, complains and dev fixes it within days. Up until that point, not a bug, it's a feature
  3. oak/oak wasas, doooooooooooooooooooooo it
  4. They kicked your arse all over GB so wind your gob in
  5. - Do not post private conversations - Hethwill, the moderation team Lier says what now?
  6. You made a proposal of peace once already, I believe you were told to shove it up your arse
  7. You seem to be under the impression I am Liam?
  8. Well no, but that could something to do with Bastey not passing the message along for some reason have
  9. So do I You were given the deadline AFTER a snarky comment, NOT before
  10. So Russians asking for screening at Conttoy, the plan to open cayo de sal (if they ever capture it) so that prussians can raid the spanish from that side is Prussia staying "neutral"? I'll update the dictionary accordingly
  11. Bollocks, it has already been proven that Russians and Prussians are/have been working together. @Knuddel Needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. Or at least check who he is sending messages to before he sends them
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