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  1. I love the Loki runes, 4/5 times it gives you a mostly sunk ship but the times you get something good it is a lot of fun.
  2. Kills matter, loot just means you have to go back to port instead of continuing killing.
  3. Yeah, you must not have read it. For someone who complains about losing time, you sure do spend a lot of time on the forum.
  4. You can do that now... just get your ships and tell everyone in global what you are in, where you are, and where you are going.
  5. You still have 10 minutes of your life, you didn't die for 10 minutes. Grow up.
  6. No, we need more Spanish ships in game.
  7. So condescending. I take it you don't like people who are not native English speakers. Back on topic... I think players should be able to message anyone in the OW. Just like how offering a trade in the OW works, the player receiving a request to chat needs to accept the request, this way he can stay anonymous in the OW if he wishes. I'm ok if the player names on the OW stay anonymous to enemy nations. Obviously once a conversation has begun, both players will know each other's names.
  8. Yes, let players sell anything they want, even unused DLC ships.
  9. Can we punish players with DLC ships as well, it's obvious that DLC ships are alt ships because they don't have to be crafted. Plus, people spending extra money on the game to gain an advantage should be illegal.
  10. They must not be as good pvp-ers as they think.
  11. Ya no... if it's ok for players to chat through global, then there should be no problem with direct communication. You are welcome to still go through global since you like asinine game mechanics.
  12. When a port I want to buy stuff from is out of goods, my first thought is: it must be the alts.
  13. I would not restrict players from attacking each other, even if they were in an alliance. The only difference would be that you see their name and not the generic "Enemy Player".
  14. We need a clan based alliance system. Nobody would be forced into an alliance they dont want to be a part of.
  15. Because it's a terrible idea. Why punish PvP on a PvP server. Go ****ing play on the PvE server if you want peace.
  16. I'm not aware of any Polish ports in game. (Unless something has changed in the last couple days)
  17. Maybe the homecam needs to be limited to your ship's visual range or slightly less. Also it may not go below water level + a few feet. That way players can still get screenshots but the homecam cant be used to cheat.
  18. Why don't you just do a better job of recruiting and keeping members? If your clan culture sucks and not a lot of players want to hang out with you, then that's your fault...not the game's fault. Clan friends lists are meant to force cooperation. Otherwise, everyone would make their own solo clans to take advantage of the warehouse.
  19. Coincidences can be round numbers too. It's not like the 100 years is a hard cutoff (assuming it is 100), otherwise we would have to remove all the ships that lasted far into the second half of the 1800s. Remember when the devs said no DLC line ships? That was a hard cutoff right?
  20. My idea is better. Less work for the game engine.
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