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  1. So why did you introduce another nation just to spread the playerbase even more? And no it won't bring back skill since some nations won't even be able to bring 25 players to a port battle. Instead of sticking to ONE mechanic and actually improve it you overthrow everything and come up with more and more complicated things. I've got news for you: players will find and actually do exploit this aswell. You should have known better. Instead of setting limits to the whole game mechanics you coming up with this. It won't fix the main issues of the game. You focused on something that will, and that is 100% certain, be exploited again. Because some players spend more time in finding ways to bypass and exploit it than you guys actually spend in testing this game. And by testing I mean YOU guys and not US players. We will test it and we will exploit it. It will always be like this.
  2. Actually it was GameLabs who made the way by offering it. Don't blame the players here. The devs are making the rules and not the players. If the devs intorduce some DLC/premium OP ship it's the dev who are responsible and not the players who will buy it.
  3. How about to actually test it on a test server? This is a released full price title and not a freakin beta test. We are not your testers.
  4. Why should it be illegal? You can have as many DLC as you want as long as they fit into your fleet.
  5. Keep your promises and don't change your mind every 2 weeks.
  6. You have literally no idea about this game, don't you?
  7. Thank you very, very much. It's really getting tired pointing things out. It seems stuff like this only happens on forums of GameLabs and Gaijin. I wonder why.
  8. Unlike you I know both servers and I've been playing since early access. What about you, scrub?
  9. I am amazed how some people respond with "it's your fault". Seriously. The mechanics are dead broken and we pointed this out 4 years ago. Very few things have been done since. Players say this is a "niche game". No, mechanics like this are keeping the numbers low. In no other game I've played so far when I am doing PvE content even on a PvP server enemy players can gank on you. Since the admin pointed out that "MMO is probably nothing for me" (I've been playing MMO for over 20 years now, thanks for pointing this out Karen) let's have a look at WoW PvP server. If you attack an AI ship you are in a dungeon where you fully agree on PvE fight. Like in WoW you can enter a dungeon and you are 100% in PvE content here. Just imagine now when you are doing a mid lvl dungeon or raid and suddenly a group of high lvl opponent players are jumping in ganking you causing your group to wipe over and over again. Sounds fun, doesn't it? That's exactly what this game here is offering. On the other hand we have loki runes on PvE which were only deactivated (not removed, a big difference here) after Steam/Valve intervented because the devs broke their rules. No real PvE on PvP but PvP on PvE. You just have to let it melt on your tongue. That's the kind of programming we are getting here folks. And yes I will point this out over and over again.
  10. Exactly. Picture it: you play WoW. You kill the last boss with your 25 player raid in a dungeon run which took several hours and all you got was a trash item in grey or green with trash specs. Who would do this kind of dungeons/raid again? Exactly. Nobody. Who would play WoW when it would be like this? Exactly. Nobody. But hey, GameLabs are a studio who sold 1 million copies. I mean not exactly the numbers Blizzard sold but still. But they know what's best. And Cetric is trolling, provocating and insulting members because they point this out. And as you mentioned it "getting what we are fighting". Not even talking about the trash guns we often loot from AI. Fighting an elite Victory who hit and penetrade you with ease from long distance and all you got from the loot are 24pd obusier and 2 loki runes. Seriously where is the reasonable reward? Who has the time to sail one hour or two for finding the right enemy ship, risking losing your own ship and then you get no or bad reward? And not even talking about the broken promise the devs made back in February. They blamed the players for not giving good reviews. Now I gave them a Steam review after they announced "no De Ruyter". And it was not a good one. I hope they are happy now.
  11. Lolz prizes or not, fact is the most expensive ships are Lo(s) Wo(s) ships in purple or gold and not some grey or green bermudar cedar/mahogany. We are talking about prizes of ~500.000 vs 50.000.000. If it's not a rare De Ruyter only captured by, wait for it, admirals with Lo/Wo L'Oceans with boarding books and upgrades, no one would care about. No one would sail an Implacable or a Bellona with this specs. It was just because it was a De Ruyter, the ship the devs promised us, and players tried this ship because they where expecting the promised note/permit. But hey, at least this ship was fun till it got destroyed. 🙄
  12. Not exactly. This car is a museum car, a piece of collection and not something you need to win a race with. Just for collection a grey/green De Ruyter would have been enough indeed. It's more like the Steve McQueen car which you only get when you run around the world and then it has the engine of a Ford Focus. Maybe still fun to sit inside but rather useless compared to other cars like this and not worth the effort. And the seller should not expect good reviews for it.
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