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  1. Why should it be illegal? You can have as many DLC as you want as long as they fit into your fleet.
  2. Keep your promises and don't change your mind every 2 weeks.
  3. You have literally no idea about this game, don't you?
  4. THIS. EXACTLY THIS!!!! @admin how many people on the forum do you need till you admit that you made a mistake here? How many people do you need who demand the De Ruyter till you react? But I have to write ONE possitve thing about you: you let people more discuss on your forum than the mods at Gaijin allows. That's something I appreciate here. Don't waste that bonus.
  5. Dude, the devs made the promises that we would get that ship back in February. What about that? He just told him what the devs told us. What about the devs should stop making false promises, uh?
  6. You can probably tell him: "Devs don't care, write a review if you don't like it."
  7. Cool. And you demanded that dutch should write reviews, who, and you know that very well, are an absoltuely minority here in the game. In real life and in the game. So what's your point here? This can't be taken out of context. You literally demanded it.
  8. I wonder how on earth they demand a review from an abolsutely minority here. They know the numbers of players from the netherland, they know the numbers of players in the dutch faction. And they know what other players think here on the forum about the De Ruyter. What they demand here is a bloody joke. And in my honest opinion it's trolling. Just pure, simple oldschool trolling. But it's pointless to discuss with this kind of devs. I've been there before. They don't give a damn about the community, they do what they want. They won't give us the De Ruyter. Maybe it will be a 40€ DLC
  9. Exactly. A new ship won't guarantee good reviews. But promising something and slamming it right into the hopeful faces of players is something that will give you bad reviews. Trolls are everywhere, yes. But you can also create your own trolls depending on your own actions.
  10. Are you joking? Is THIS what you say "listening to community"? Did you actually make a vote here? Did you really expect that with this low population your reviews would blow up the roof? Players are demanding this ship, they are begging for this ship. And you consider nobody wants it because of your reviews? Work on the basics if you want good reviews. Maybe I will overwork mine too. But at the moment I don't see any reason why I should do that. Especially the way how you treat people here on the forum. Promising something you consider people don't want because reasons. Btw the Impla
  11. You want a proposal? Make it possible to tow a ship with cargo to ports. Especially on PvE server. Give us crafting xp by crafting random stuff, not only ships. Give us ships like we used to have: the more we invest, the better the ship. We don't like, how mentioned before, to craft a Lo(s) Wo(s) ship just to get only 3 upgrade slots and no bonus. We used to have purple ships if we invested more stuff. Green/grey if we invested minimum stuff.
  12. It would be great if when you click on a fleet you can see which ships are actually inside instead of just the number of ships. Like one Wasa with 2 other ships and if you click on "info" you see two 3rd rates are also inside. It just makes no sense if you can only see one ship but the others are a surprise box. Also bring back the contraband ships. Beeing able the attack smugglers from the own country. At least NPC ships.
  13. The question is: why are all the best ships french? L'Ocean - french, Implaceable - french but captured by the Royal Navy, Redoutable - french, Buccentaure - french. The best 1st, 2nd and 3rd rates are all french. And we know that there have been better ships then them. The Temeraire class was a good ship but there have been also great spanish and british SOL. HMS Superb, Santa Anna, Sovereign of the Seas, HMS Temeraire - a 98 gun 2nd rate.
  14. A thing I want to see: When I am about to close a port and the game ask me if I REALLY wanna do it even if I lose everything and I have to enter a code it still tells me that it can't be done because I have a cutter or something in it. I know there is a cutter. I've been asked if I really wanna close it and I am aware that I will lose everything which means also my ship(s) and I still have to enter a code. What's the point in doing all this stuff just to deny closing a port because there is stupid ship in it I don't need and have been asked before if I really wanna do it and entered a cod
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