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Yet another map: Naval Action map

Felix Victor

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3 minutes ago, Felix Victor said:

It might be a memory problem as it uses a lot of it. Can you please check if the memory is eaten up?

Here's the before and after, only that tab open


Noted, zooming in to roughly where the picture filled the top of the bahamas and the bottom of cuba the lag virtually disappeared.

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7 hours ago, Felix Victor said:

Can you please detail how a line tool should work? Do you want just a line between two points or a journey with a number of lines?

  • I like the accuracy of Prater's map (it allows for the variable wind direction).  Versatile & customized for each ship's top speed.    I find the timings to be very close and it's nice to be able to include multiple legs of a journey.
  • Domox's Burning Sail is easy fast access when a distance and time is needed quickly.  Good for short distances with one leg.

The most important feature for navigation is to be able to input the ship's speed.

The map you have created contains lots if information and works very quickly for me.  Both loading and access times are almost instant.  I would like it more  if the refresh did not recenter the view:  perhaps add a clear button that holds the screen position but removes the co-ordinates that are displayed with double left mouse clicks.


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