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  1. pompeyck

    Server Hiccups (Caribbean)

    same here
  2. Let us hope for a full disclosure before the patch comes as it is not only the 44 crafted materials removal affected here , with denomination comes repricing on all items, those under the thresh hold for example if 1000 gold becomes 1 piece of new currency then they will have to be altered too , maybe into packs of 10 or 100 its all a bit unclear. A last minute fire sale of trade goods will fail as markets will drop to 1 gold when limit is reached, some clarity would be nice, will trade items be rounded up to 1 or will we have part loads that can only be sold when a full pack has been made for example an item priced 500 gold today after patch may be worth 0.5 and i dont think we can have prices under one.
  3. pompeyck

    Free Camera Mode tutorial

    good job aero
  4. will there be any trade / craft items added to cover the 50 items we are going to lose , there was some good trading to be had with ships materials, not so much with raw materials.
  5. pompeyck

    Clan Warehouse

    would be good to separate promotions and warehouse access, so you can still reward and promote guys but keep control of the warehouse to only trusted crafters.
  6. pompeyck

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    looking good felix well done
  7. 8 ships are uncraftable now for majority of players , seems a strange decision to me. wapen van hamburg , niagara , ingermanland , l ocean , santisima , heavy rattlesnake , prince and victory all victory mark for permits.
  8. i feel that the combat/victory mark conversion to labour contract removal is the devs way of getting more alt acct into the game so players have to farm hours across multi acct instead of earning the combat marks and spending them on labour contracts in there main account.
  9. pompeyck

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    nice one felix , i know you put a lot of time into this thanks
  10. pompeyck

    HELP: PVPrs need more ways to find PVP

    read combat news see where other pvp'ers are hunting and go there fight them , or do you mean easy pickings like traders.
  11. 22mb patch thru steam just finished , so wont be long now i guess
  12. pompeyck

    New weights system!

    @admin are the prices being reduced by 3 also ?
  13. pompeyck

    Patch monday - urgent.

    @adminwhat is the process for capping back the port your based in , how long does it take, how long is the cool down, i dont think you can move a clan warehouse in 48 hours.
  14. pompeyck

    PVP-EU server issue

    3 times in 2 hours , sort it out.