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  1. Batman

    Oak and Iron kickstarter

    Play a match with your Co-Pilot while on cruise altitude. Or ask @Polish Privateer.
  2. Vader vs Batman. Sign me up.
  3. Batman

    BAITY + repp.

    Where is the list with baiting clans?
  4. Batman

    HAVOC vanished from clan leaderboard

    Why is this in suggestions, @rediii? Shouldn't it be in support?
  5. Batman

    Insults in nation chat.

    I think at one point @admin said certain kind of insults (wishing somebody to die of cancer ect) should be reported in forum and not with F11, because they can be handled faster this way.
  6. Batman

    Closing ports

    I could make the port FFA, of course.
  7. Batman

    Naval Action Meme collection

  8. Batman

    Atlantic coast shenanigans

    Should I post in your name once you are gone?
  9. Batman

    Atlantic coast shenanigans

    Didn't you want to quit game few days ago already or something like that?
  10. @Trashumi Cubanwara reports he got pulled into boarding at 8 knots several times. Has this been reinroduced, @admin?
  11. Batman

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    I don't need Google. Everybody speaks French. You just need to talk a lot of meaningless bla bla, oui.
  12. Just as long as it took to get Port UI ready 🙈
  13. Batman

    Repair Balancing

    I want the old rep system back tbh. You made a mistake and you got punished for it, for example dismasted or received a horrific sternrake. These days, it doesn't matter if I dismast my enemy or can knock out his crew. Playing smart is not rewarded and mistakes are not punished. I've had battles where an enemy would just start sailing upwind because "rep ready in 5 minutes". Great skill and tactics.