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  1. es sind ne ganze Menge User in den letzten tagen gebannt worden, @troody. Grundemunkey hat z. B. einen Beitrag von admin zitiert, wo dieser sagte XP werden nicht gewiped. Zack, gebannt.
  2. Keine Ahnung ob ich noch großartig Lust habe weiter zu machen, nachdem ja nun selbst die Holzarten RNG mäßig über die Karte verteilt werden ... (Ja ja, ich weiß das es pro Holz auch einen (manche zwei) feste Häfen gibt)
  3. When you find a rare wood port
  4. I was just doing my pve-business like a good Brit when I got visited by a Russian Requin. He tries to take my sides down, I pull him into boarding but he just speeds away (lolwut). I finally demast him (Kiritimati Masts) and that's the end for him. He had repairs in hold, but didn't use them for some reason.
  5. No, I bought a 520€ Graphics Card for the perfect 8-bit experience.
  6. If you're trying to imply the CPU is a bottleneck here I disagree. I'm on a i7-3770 and a MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Armor and I can run all games on 1080p and 1440p with 60 FPS and frametimes between 15 to 17 milliseconds. Also I would rather buy a Ryzen than an i7 these days.
  7. I still like you, even though you're trash!
  8. Braucht HANSA etwa noch mehr Leute für die 02-05 timer?
  9. I thought you taught @Lord Vicious how to manuel sail.
  10. Trying to understand that ugly blue UI ... Then I found SAIL button and there was big battle vs French right in front of port with ships like Constitution ect. Holy Moly. Ofc I thought it was French players, but it was just AI.
  11. Can we go back to memes please before EU kills them?
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