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  1. Engineers. You buy a stock ship, fly to an engineer and upgrade it's parts with the resources you collected with the buggy on planets. So all the ships in open are more or less unique (if you have Horizons). In NA you can choose woods, then have your "stock" ship build and add the Upgrades and books you want.
  2. ROVER ist jetzt BASTD und fährt Bellonas
  3. Braucht HANSA etwa noch mehr Leute für die 02-05 timer?
  4. I thought you taught @Lord Vicious how to manuel sail.
  5. Trying to understand that ugly blue UI ... Then I found SAIL button and there was big battle vs French right in front of port with ships like Constitution ect. Holy Moly. Ofc I thought it was French players, but it was just AI.
  6. Can we go back to memes please before EU kills them?
  7. Haters gonna hate. Even now, when I hardly play the game players who changed their names send me messages "Still trying to rule Brit Nation I see." I don't care about people like Capt Hardy or Peccavimus anymore.
  8. Now, good thing admin counts alts as "unique logins". Makes it so much easier hating Britain.
  9. I'm totally calm. If players switch nation and go somewhere else that's it. Nothing you can do about it.
  10. Lasst den Bekloppten bloß nicht rein, der bringt euch ins Armenhaus.
  11. Nobody cares about your trincos. Never did. @NethrosDefectus maybe will explain what happened if he gets unbanned, lol.
  12. Maybe Sheep shouldn't have poked the Lion several times. Lion told sheep to stop poking. Sheep didn't stop poking. But that's in the past now.
  13. We tried it last year with the Poles. Captured Saint Louis and Les Cayes (inofficial Commonwealth capital) and we wanted to continue. Server didn't like it
  14. What should we do? Tell people to leave the nation because we are full? @Christendom, @Gregory Rainsborough and I already made GA switch nations ("66 very active rvr players" - quote from a GA member). Player imbalance is a problem due to low online numbers. Higher pop will naturally bring more players interested in pvp and rvr.
  15. The question arises, if the reinforcement zones are meant to supoort new players, why does a max rank player from another nation cruise around in the trollquin in said reinforcement zone? Certainly not because he's looking for a fair fight.
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