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Yet another map: Naval Action map

Felix Victor

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1 hour ago, Yngvarr said:

what is the idea behind the "regions" on the map?

and why does sometimes cause difficulty when trying to select a port.

Sometimes, not the correct port gets it's icon enlarged, yet it shows the info from another port.

A highlighted region is a teleport area. The corresponding port icon is shown enlarged. As you can only teleport to a deep water port which is not a county capital, some ports are not enlarged.

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12 minutes ago, CTC_ClanLeader said:

Great work, u got an api for external tools ? - i am developing a better trading tool would like to use ur map instead programming an own. Need to push port, or a list of ports ,,,,,

No API, sorry. BTW: I gave up on trading in the game as I find it more or less useless (not enough money for the effort compared to PVE missions).

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On 21.12.2017 at 4:24 PM, Wraith said:

Functionality is there! I think an improvement would be to reduce the weight of the plotted line, and add ticks or labels to the compass rose.  But one additional piece, if you're going to allow people to plot multiple segments would be to add the compass rose at the intersection of each new segment?

You can add several segments and each has a course noted. Why would you want a compass each time (I can make this but just wondering about the clutter)?

Edited by Felix Victor
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1 minute ago, Wraith said:

Ah, I missed that the course was labeled at each intersection (perhaps make it darker text). The reason I would still argue for adding the compass rose, and one that approximates the in-game ticks, is that many people are math-challenged and a visual may be easier to interpret.  But like I said, great work, these are pretty nit-picky concerns. :) 

I don't mind any suggestion as the map should be helpful to players. And thanks ^^

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